Windows – Bugletto

It's a little strange to think about how our lives progress.

We live in endless halls of windows. We look in on other people's
lives, and yet, our viewpoint is narrow and obstructed. Some windows
you just pass without thought, and some you come back to.

Some are foggy and some are cracked. Sometimes we stop just long
enough to get a clear view of the people living inside those temporary
portals. In those short times, those moments of clarity, we see things
that change us. Events that will stay with you forever. Our windows
line up with theirs.

As we pass through these halls with these windows upon windows we
witness the hardships and lives of others, but also have to see
through our own.

With a cracked window to block your view from an already shattered
window, sometimes we don't see things the way they are. Our skewed
perspectives can cause even more damage. Sometimes the damage is only
in a single pane of glass, but sometimes the cracks originate from the
very center and color every inch of it.

People are like that. Sometimes we forget that their lives are being
led from the experiences and we judge them too harshly. Their window
does not show everything, and you paint your view through your own
experience. Lives are fragile, and glass is very hard to repair
without being replaced.

This is out of character for me, so I'm trying to explain the best way
I can. Treat others as you want to be treated, because you haven't
seen everything they've lived through. Don't cause more damage, they
don't need it. Be kind to everyone, especially those you don't like,
because they're looking at your through their own shattered windows too.


5 responses to “Windows – Bugletto”

    • its nice to know it reached someone, i don’t know why it felt imperative that i impart these words of wisdom to anyone. but it looks like every time i do, it is something someone very specific needs to hear.


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