No Repeat Performances

I want to thank all of you for the advice you gave me. I think it confirms what I was thinking that God was showing me.

While it is right for me to forgive, and show kindness, gentleness, peace, patience, etc. there is a line between us that makes me have limits to what I can and can’t do

Don’t worry. I’m happy, peaceful, and feeling well…and still smoking, like I’m doing in this picture…lol. But I’m going to try to quit again!!

for Chef and T. I don’t mind the texts for scriptures, but I need to not be manipulated into them feeling okay with what they are doing. You guys are right. I hadn’t even realized I am the perfect kind of person to do just that. I avoid giving them scriptures about adultery, because they might feel judged, but I give them all the scriptures about mercy, grace, forgiveness, etc. I’m stepping between God and Chef again, even though I thought my motives were correct.

The real problem is that I don’t feel any jealousy anymore, and I’m so appalled at how little T understands the true nature of God, the teacher/mother in me just flips out. I don’t want anyone trying to live under the Law, because we all know, it won’t work as a means of salvation. However, you guys are also right in that I’m not the only person that can show her these things. That would be arrogant of me to think so, and I don’t believe for a second God doesn’t have other workers out there to do just that.

Without that fleshly jealousy, anger, and burning need to hurt them back, I get sucked into things I probably should just stay out of. I’m a “fixer” when it comes to problems, and I can see now that Chef depended on me way more that I had remembered, and T is not a “fixer”. They have some serious problems with finances, her parents, his family, etc. and I need to stay out of it; not try to “fix” it.

Thank you all so much for your advice and wisdom. I knew God would confirm through all of you. 🙂




15 responses to “No Repeat Performances”

  1. Catherine
    As someone is also somewhat of a fixer, maybe it is best for you to just get out of the way & let God do His thing? You are too close to the situation and my concern is that you will indeed be sucked in to their vortex of confusion with what appears to be MANY problems. Let it go
    and just let God heal you and your children! It is so very hard to watch someone you love and want to protect spiral but sometimes it truly is the will of God at this point!
    I have confidence that you are gonna be fine.
    I will continue to pray and know that you are in tune to God’s will for your future…….


    • Sometimes, Joyce, I wish you lived nearby. You’re one of my fond childhood memories. And I agree with you. It seems that since I made this decision, satan is hacked and already the decision is being tested. So, you know, that’s generally a sign that I’m on the right track…lol. 🙂


  2. Yes! Yes and YES!

    I should have read this post before I commented on the last, because you already got the message loud and clear! Good for you.. again!! 🙂

    Although a little extra confirmation never hurt anyone! 😉
    God is smiling, Blessings to you!


    • lol…Thanks, Sis. I just think it shows me when I’m happy, but I’m making a goofy face..Still, I don’t want ya’ll thinking I’m regressing. I’m not. I’m pretty peaceful and genuinely happy these days. 🙂


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