Ripples in A Body of Water

Ripples (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, because I was basically choking to death due to the flu, I decided to give up trying to sleep and pulled up my computer. It was 4:30am  in the morning, and I was greeted with Caitlyn’s masterpiece — Peeing in the Pool. It was a timely moment for me to read that because I’d been bombarded with the phrase “You don’t know the whole story” for days now, from people who have begun to pool around Chef. Evidently, Chef has a different version of what has happened, and it seems to resonate some kind of logic with a few of these people. I, of course, don’t know what that story is. I will say, however, that there is always two sides to a story, and of course, Chef is entitled to see things from the prism of his own life. I don’t begrudge him his side. However, after talking to Caitlyn a bit, she mentioned that even though he was a schmuck, she was going to keep talking to him. I expected nothing less. Caitlyn has always been a Daddy’s girl, and it would cause her tremendous pain to have to cut him out of her life. But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered if this had something to do with this “Other Side of the Story”. I told her that was fine, of course. He is her dad.

This  morning, I was greeted with her story, and I have to say that I laughed and laughed and laughed. No one can tell a story like Caitie Bug. Then, because Bekkie was dealing with some painful things with her friend Emily, who has begun dating a member of The Other Side, she was inspired to write her contribution. And then my heart-broken son, DJ,  wanted to say his bit. And in one day, my children laid out their hearts on this matter.

As a wife, this has been horrifying. As a mother, this has been shaming and disappointing. But as a Christian, I am one pretty proud mama right now. I feel like the Lord has fashioned my children into arrows that can wound the adversary, Satan, and so I must say, this day is ending on a good note.

To My Children: I’m sorry all of this has cost you so much as well. But I love you, and I am so proud and honored to be your mother. I love each of you with all of my heart. Love, Mom

— Catherine

26 responses to “Ripples in A Body of Water”

  1. Hi Bird! We’ve followed the progress of this thing with prayers and concern. In selfishness, we’ve longed for the Bird of old… you know, the one who laughs so hard she snorts! 🙂 Now, we instead pray for the Bird God will bring through this mess. You obviously have many friends, even beyond those who were no friends at all. Should things get difficult beyond control (financially, or whatever), be real enough to say “I need help.” You’ll be amazed by what grace-driven love accomplishes. Blessings good friend.


    • I laughed a lot today, starting with my daughter’s post. Things are settling in my spirit, and I’m feeling like my old self more and more each day. I know I have a hard time asking for help, but so far, God has provided for me every step of the way. I’m positive He’s got a plan for me, and I’m learning to trust Him. Thank you for all the prayers!! They really do make all the difference!


  2. You’ve raised strong and amazing kids, you should be proud..
    “Teach your children the ways of the Lord, and when they grow older they will not depart from it..”
    Even though they are also going through the pain of losing their father..I feel like them having you as a mother is a blessing beyond any kind of measure.


  3. Catherine . . .I was thinking the same thing (or close to it) as I read your children’s posts. What an amazing family you still have, sweet friend. Blessings and love!


    • I am one really blessed person. I may have lost something here, but overall, I still have so much to be thankful for. And today, I’m really, really realizing that! Blessings and love to you, my friend!!


  4. We raise our children with hopefully some wisdom and faith and they grow into these wonderful human beings…that we can’t help but love and have some ‘pride’ in the people they have become …Diane


  5. I can tell from your children’s posts that God is holding you close and answering your prayers. I am very happy for you that you have such wise and loving children that are supporting you through these tough times. My advice is continue to hold them close in your loving embrace as God has done to you. They are truly among his greatest blessings to you. My prayers are still with you and your family. God Bless.


  6. Take a look to the left Bird, see all those awards that you posted? 9 blogging awards and almost 40K in visitors. They didn’t stop here to read a daily dirge of bad news or 2,000 words based on self loathing, they came because you had something else to offer.

    But as much as I hate to say it, I am not reading any more, this steady consistent diet of failed marriage issues and negativity is draggin me down.

    I really hope you make it, but I have got to check out on this. I cannot read any more. Let us hope at some point in time you get it all together, and things turn around for you.

    That you find a space in your heart for forgiveness, for all those people you claim that have done you wrong. Perhaps find the path to putting it all behind you and moving on … to a more peaceful and better life.



  7. Bird,
    Have missed your posts. Been busy working on a NON POLITICALLY CORRECT site so I can have a place to be honest and more open. My family read this blog and I needed a place to be able to be me when me was ugly. 🙂 You an dI seem to live paralell lives..and seeing that you are making it through is encouraging for me…i appreciate the time you take to write. So, here I am, secretly – i never told anyone about the other site…) which is
    See you soon 🙂


  8. Hi Cathy,

    I’ve missed you. Just got caught up on your postings and that of the kids, bless them, and I feel for you. It dredged up old garbage from my past, and frankly, I have a hard time writing because she was a Cathy ( with a C she always said). I remembered all the garbage she did, even sending her mom’s pastor after me because she told him I was having an affair, though it was she that was doing the running around. I’m blessed that your kids took the road less traveled and support you and Christ, mine followed the ex’s lure of the world, or as she used to put it, ” I know it’s wrong but God knows my heart”.

    Take this, God loves you and will see you through this and bring joy. He did me. For the longest time, though, I had a hard time with trusting again, so I was always on the lookout for the next because the present was going to dump like the last one. I even struggled that God was going to do the dumping. But He had other plans, to bring me fully into His grace and love. And it took Sue, who I was preparing for being dumped all the time, to show me the Father’s love. And I realized how much I was depriving her of my love by holding back 15% just in case she dumped me. Now she has 100% as does the Father.

    In fact, He took me through a scary thing this last week. If you remember the Word given to Glynda about closing doors, He prevailed on me that I was harboring, still, the hurt and distrust from the past that He delivered me from. I had boxes of files and court records, over 20 years worth, proving my “innocence” in a number of things and He said it’s time to let go of the baggage. So I hauled the “proof” to the dump, and let my vindication be from God and not from men.

    So hey girl, let’s get going. I’m waiting to snort my coffee all over the screen again 😉



    • lol…I appreciate you sharing this with me, Dan. I too am ready to snort when I laugh again, so I’m on the look out for my next fun piece. The pain is really, really fading, and I just keep bringing my mind back around to the things of the Lord, and stop it from travelling down that painful road anymore. I know trust has always been an issue with me, and I can already feel that distrust in the back of my mind. But, it hasn’t been very long, and I’m determined to let it all go. I got rid of some of my evidence too, though I kept just the pertinent stuff. I want to be able to defend myself, but I do not want to be vindictive. I know the Lord has my back! Thanks for sharing with me, Dan!!


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