Peeing in the Pool – Buggers


As strange as it may seem, this home-life drama seems like a bunch of children in the pool.

Dad peed in that nice, cool, comfortable pool right next to mom. None of the other kids were sure who did it and both parties deny that it was themselves. So the kids in the pool take sides. Ugly names like ‘Liar’ are thrown around. Feelings get hurt. And then Scut Farkus decides that he doesn’t want to play with who he thinks it was. Because he’s the cool kid, his friends stop hanging out with her.  BUT WAIT, Dad peed in the pool again. So now, Scut knows he messed up and stops playing with Dad too. As usual, the sheep follow their shepherd.

Now Mom and Dad have no one to play with. Image

That isn’t Mom’s fault. She was an innocent bystander, but she still got shunned. So instead of crying about it, she went and made new friends with the people who were on her side during the ‘pool pee’ scare. This makes Scut Farkus mad when he sees other kids are still playing with her and decides that they are all losers and starts making fun of them.

Well, Mom doesn’t want anyone who was nice to her to get bullied so she stood up to him. She verbally pummeled Scut Farkus. And now he is licking his wounds with all the cool kids telling them what a meanie she is. The situation is childish. And though the circumstances are much more serious than this story leads you to believe, its basically the same.

I don’t think anyone should care if they get kicked out of a group. If they don’t see you for how awesome you are then they don’t deserve to have you in their ranks. There are other people out there will play with you despite you no longer being in ‘the cool kids club’. Peer pressure is a joke, the only way to control the tide is to be indifferent to it. You’ll be surprised how that tactic alone will be enough to get people to follow you.

My mother is a fighter, and one day my father will stop peeing in pools. One cares what others think, the other doesn’t. See for yourself who is doing better.

What I saw when I came home and assessed myself, though some parts may be colored in anger and pain, mom remained very close to the truth. I wouldn’t have believed the whole thing had I not witnessed with my own eyes the disintegration of the man who is my father.

And for those who think their two cents need to be announced, if you don’t like the game…. then stop playing it. Grow up, Scut. Don’t pretend like you know anything about this situation or try to save face. Nothing came out of you that I didn’t already expect, you’re a coward. Now go play with the cool kids and remember that 86’ing applies to EVERYONE in the club.



19 responses to “Peeing in the Pool – Buggers”

  1. haha only you bug. thanks for this. in future, i can just picture dad peeing in the pool and im sure this whole thing will seem as comical as it is.i love you 🙂


  2. What a cool way to describe what has been happening in your family. I loved it. Your mom is a fighter and she has 3 wonderful children who love Jesus supporting her. Praise The Lord for each of you.


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