Updated: Hun Has An Opinion About My Posts

As Paula had hoped, someone from the the club has answered my post OMG! I’ve Lost 15 Facebook Friends, and here is our interchange

Hun September 12, 2012 at 12:51 pm · Edit

This is so very interesting, no matter how far from the truth it may be. Right now, if the Equator was the truth, and I was standing on it, Bird would be so far to the South, I could not see her, and Chef would be so far to the North I would not be able to see him either! The reason myself and many others have “86′d” BOTH of them, is because they are living in a fantasy, each in a different fantasy. Out of tough LOVE, we have turned our backs to both of them, because neither is right. We will not pick sides, they must sort this out for themselves. And to all of you that have taken a side, your not helping, your just enabling. They BOTH MUST come to grips with reality!
And here is my reply:

Bird said,

September 12, 2012 at 2:00 pm · Edit

Hi, Hun.

Let me be really blunt with you. Had you pulled your “tough love” crap back at the beginning of this year when I told you that these people NEEDED to stop feeding him that crap, maybe we wouldn’t be in this position right now. I went to several of you, and no one did a damn thing for months. By then, it was so pervasive here , he just found a local source, and you and I both know who it is. Funny. You did nothing to fix that problem, leader.

So, first, you have no idea what is going on in the dynamic of my marriage. Who are you to assume you do?

Second, it is pretty presumptuous to assume you would have a better idea about what was going on in it than I do, or even Chef does. We lived in it…where were you again? Oh, that’s right. You were recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Third, you 86ed me on Chef’s word that I was having an affair…one that couldn’t be proven because it never happened. Yet. you spent plenty of time with Chef and knew he was plastered most of the time, screwing around, and driving blitzed all over town in the early morning hours in his cut. Oh, but I’m a problem for you? Oh, spare me.

You didn’t pull any tough love on me…What were you trying to get me to learn? Let my husband die if he wanted to? Let him be a meth addict if he wants? Let him screw whoever wants behind my back? Let him hit me, chase me with weapons? What exactly was this tough love suppose to teach me? And the day I need a daddy I’ll let you know. Ok?

Butt your noses out of my business, because you and I both know, I can be a very worthy enemy. I don’t want problems with any of you, but I’m not going to tolerate intimidation. It isn’t hard to figure out who this is — only about 4 of you even know what the equator is, and only two of you own a computer. :-)

Chef just found that out yesterday not to threaten me. Would you like to also be included on that list? I’ve been leaving you alone…do you really want to do this with me? I go to court in a couple of weeks, and it is no problem for me to add some of you to the list if you really want to provoke me. Disappear from my life, and I’ll disappear from yours.

And here’s my advice. For once, someone grow some balls and use your own names. This little pop up throw away alias is pathetic. I find you guys laughable anymore.


Hun said,

September 12, 2012 at 3:01 pm · Edit

Thanks for proving my point. To my knowledge, no one ever accused you of having an affair. You AND Chef were “86′d”, cause no one wanted in your business. Now if you think someone is threatening you, trying to intimidate you, stalk you, or anything of the like, PLEASE use every means (legally) to stop it, and to protect yourself. But I am sure, eventually everyone will see that this big “conspiracy” is only in your mind. IMHO, you should seek professional help ASAP. And in this case, Just because your paranoid, NO one is following you, NO one knows where you live, and furthermore, NO one cares!
  • Bird said,

    September 12, 2012 at 3:44 pm · Edit

    I love how people say “to my knowledge” when they want to give the appearance that they were innocent of that kind of gossip, but know full well that was what was being said. You proved my point. I got that little nugget from more than one source, including Chef, and you go ahead and spin it any way you want to. Yes. You knew it was being said. You 86′ed me for it, remember?

    And if you were 86ing both of us out of tough love and to stay out of our business, what are you doing here on my blog, writing out your opinions? You have no problems jumping smack in the middle of people’s business. Why was it necessary this time? I’ll tell you why. I went public with the crap threats to protect myself, and you guys got some attention that you didn’t like. So, Chef had to go ’cause his ole lady was not controllable. Lee used to talk to me all the time about stuff like this. And if this was you guys not taking sides, why wasn’t Chef out at the same time as I was? Please. That is a lie and you know it. I guess you aren’t on the Equator of Truth after all.

    As for the threats, I already have taken care of them legally. :-) And I’ll continue to be wary of any of you that come near me. You know full well this was a cluster because you lost control of your group. Leadership is a skill I’m thinking you don’t have. And believe me, it isn’t any of you I’m afraid of. It is the morons you guys attract that I’m careful around. You guys I know very, very well.

    One thing you might have forgotten is that I have some stuff sent to me in texts that have my motel and my car description in them. So, was I actually being paranoid, or did I have a reason to be careful? I mean, Gangland says you guys are badasses, right?

    Maybe, Hun, you might want to check with your club, support clubs, and riding clubs and make sure that no one is actually threatening me before you go blowing your wind on here. This just shows me I bruised your ego and you just had to have the last word.


22 responses to “Updated: Hun Has An Opinion About My Posts”

  1. How idiotic ..the reasoning behind ‘dropping’ you as a ‘friend’…Some people think they are so smart and know it all when in fact they know …nothing….I know you won’t lose any sleep over their comments..at least I hope not…Diane


    • lol…I’m not afraid of some anonymous guy typing behind a screen. If Hun will remember, he called me and then hung up, and when I tried to call him back, he wouldn’t answer. I’m not dealing with a lot of bravery here.


  2. Well i will take sides if I choose so there, even if your pain had altered your perception of events it would not matter (please note I said if I am not saying it has) your pain is real, the events that caused the pain are real, unless they are suggesting you are hallucinating and that Chef has really been going to sleep cuddling a pillow not his bit on the side (because that is all she actually is until you get the divorce). He is right about one thing though maybe you should make sure that all the things on your phone are legally documented though personally I would skip the local police who they are likely to know and ensure that higher authorities have the documented evidence should it be required at a later date


    • Hun just likes to hear himself talk. He is really book smart, but he’s lost on most of the subjects I write about. He’s on like his 4th or 5th marriage now, and was cheating with his present wife on his last one. His opinions mean nothing to me. He is smarting a bit because he knows this all could have been avoided if he had taken a hard stand a year ago when everything started reeling out of control. But the threats are dangerous for the club, and me writing them down means he has to do something to make me look like some kind of paranoid nut or else there could be repercussions. I’ve already gotten a ton of evidence together, and I have some witnesses, so I’m ready. 🙂 At least you got to tell them off yourself!


      • What I really would wish would be to get through to the that they do not have to live the sons of anarchy stereotype life that actually real men prize family and their loved ones above all else, here in the UK there are motorcycle clubs who undertake epic rides to raise money for childrens hospitals, they use their love of the open road while being positive and upstanding members of communities and believe me that sort of biker will always have far more respect than one who lives the wild life style


        • They aren’t all like this. At one time, this was a really good club here in Tulsa. Now, it is just sad. I am glad Chef is out of it, but not for the reasons Hun thinks. It isn’t vengeance on my part. Chef had been completely clean for decades before he got around that junk. And under the prior leadership, that crap wasn’t tolerated at all. Under this leadership, it is rampant. I’m sad for a lot of these men, but Chef was my husband and I tried to save him. I failed, and now I’m finished trying. Only God can save this mess. I’ve always thought it was sad that some people mistake intimidation for respect. It isn’t the same, and I’ll take respect any day!


  3. I thought it was funny when this person posted you all got 86’d because they wanted to stay out of your business…then why are they posting on your blog–happy to see you caught that too and called them on it. Only way to handle a bully is to stand up to them. And yes, like Paula said..I will chose sides thank you very much if I feel like and I do. BTW I’m on your side my dear. You got another cheerleader in me all the way in Long Beach, Ca.


  4. I can really sympathise… In fact, I doubt there is anyone who has been through a divorce or marital problems that can’t sympathise. I separated from my husband, then took him back, then divorced him, then took him back again and remarried him. The critisism from both sides of the family was brutal. He had his family believing a crap ton of poop that I won’t even go into. I wish I could give you advice, the only thing I can tell you is that whenever we fixed things his family treated me like nothing happened, but every time it went down the drain they acted worse than the time before.

    Unfortunately for me, he was always extremely charming and popular while I was always awkward and weird, so I spent 3 years completely alone with our daughter while he went into the military and got stationed in Hawaii where he partied it up drinking and doing a different girl every night. I get the impression you already have a much larger fan base than I did, so you are ahead of the game compared to where I was lol. And yes, I lost a lot of facebook friends too, some of which I have never regained since we got re-married almost a year ago. (not necessarily a bad thing!)

    While he has been sober now for over 100 days, your situation grimly reminds me that the fear of going back to the way things were will always haunt me.


    • My husband is an extremely charming guy himself, and he lies like a rug. It is hard for people to see through to the truth. Even Audra, my best friend since we were children, says it is hard not to be drawn into his web of lies. However, it is really hard for me to understand how people aren’t seeing the fruit he’s bearing. It takes me all of two seconds to tell his high. And when he is high, he fidgets, won’t be still, won’t make eye contact for more than a few seconds, clenches and releases his jaws over and over…it is very easy to tell he’s on something. Add to that, he has lost everything now. No family, no job, no club, no real friends. Every time I turn around, someone will say I don’t know the whole story. I really wish I knew what this whole story was because it must be a whopper for people to be believing it when the evidence that he is an addict is right there in front of their faces. I don’t really care. If people fall for his lines of crap, then more power to them. He won’t be there for them when they need him to be; he’ll use them until they are no longer useful, then he’ll move on. Unfortunately, I had to really open my eyes and acknowledge that this person was all about himself and what is good for him…exclusively. There is no empathy left in him at this point. I doubt we’ll ever be together again. I can’t imagine trusting him enough to talk to him on a phone again, much less anything more.


      • I know how you feel. Mine was never on drugs while we were together (that I know of!) but he was a major alcoholic. I mean major, he drank until he threw up every day. And he also lost everything. He went through so many jobs he had to leave the state to find one, and then he lost everything there too which is why he joined the military. Then the military put him through AA, he finished it but at the end he said, and I quote, “AA is for quitters” and went right back to drinking… Except he never really stopped because he drank after every AA meeting…. His family does not think he is an alcoholic (mostly because they are all alcoholics too). And they are all mad at me and think I am horrible because I made him quit drinking. Boy, I am just such a party pooper (rolls eyes).

        He hasn’t had a drink for over 100 days, which to some does not sound like a lot but when you realize he never went a day with out drinking until he threw up and passed out for about 5 years, you realize quitting cold turkey like that is pretty huge.

        If he hadn’t quit, we would have sufferred another divorce, I can promise you that. And if he ever goes back to it we still will. I worry because I am 25 now, and I think what if just when I think I do not have to worry about him starting up again he goes back to it. I don’t think it will ever be over. The idea that I can never trust him really makes me want to leave, because I think it is such an unfair situation to be in.


  5. Hi Bird, I am praying for peace for you and for GOD to show you where he wants to plant you.

    I thought this might be a good time to share something with you and everyone. After suffering from trauma a semi truck almost killing me, not only did I endure the physical pain and financial. I lost many long time friends of 15 to 30 years.

    Why? People cant handle a world that is not fitting into their world when things change they go away. Very few friends will stand with a friend in the fire storms of life. The ones that do are true friends the rest were never meant to stay.

    Better to be all alone than to have people who do not love you and support you 100% for who you are and all your gifts and talents GOD given. Big hug!

    Just a little bit of hard experience I have learned. GOD is amazing he will provide everything you need if you give all to him. GOD bless you and your family! Melody


    • Thank you, Melody. I am blessed because I still have solid, true friends who have had my back all along the way. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with me. And I’m giving you a big hug right back.


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