An Explanation and Apology


I’ve been receiving some public and private messages wondering if I had been offended by what they were saying because I haven’t been responding. I


Tulsa Skyline
Tulsa Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


want to tell you all that no one has been anything but kind, supportive, encouraging, and genuinely concerned for me, and I am not responding only because I’m tired of sounding whiny and I have the flu right now. I feel mentally and physically horrible, though last night I slept for 4 hours straight, which is a small miracle for me.


I intend to respond to everyone who takes the time to send me a message, and I will try to get better at doing that in a timely manner. But until that time, please know that I really, really appreciate all my readers/friends who always show up here and give me their wisdom, encouragement, and kindness. I’ve developed a real love for all of you — Christian and non-Christian, and even though I’m really sick right now, my heart is peaceful this morning. There were no text messages or phone calls in the middle of the night, and as I relax more, I imagine I will be resting more. My doctor, Dr. R., who I love with all of my heart has me on a regiment of medicines that really make a huge difference in me these days. If you ever move to Tulsa, check with me about doctors, because I have the best one in the whole city.


I’ve had to postpone leaving Oklahoma until the PO order is finalized, and my divorce, which I’m told is going to be pretty easy to get considering all of the evidence I’ve amassed about what has been going on, is complete. So, while yes, I eventually plan to leave, it looks like I’m going to be here for a while longer. I really felt the Lord was letting me walk away, but it would seem some things must be handled first. I’m okay with now. Chef is no longer allowed to contact me in any shape, form, or fashion…He is not allowed to send me messages even through a third-party. I really, really believe that will make things easier now.


I am still looking for a home right now, and the vile landlord that schemed with Chef is not going to allow me to return home, nor will he let me collect my stuff. When Chef and his girlfriend T were driving away from the house, the landlord hugged Chef, and then followed him in his own truck. So, again, I’m in limbo. I have consulted an attorney about this mess, and am confident that the Lord who loves justice, will sort all of this out for me.


Today, I’m going to try to get some work done as I’ve been neglectful of my job lately, get some rest, and await for word from my lawyers. Even with the flu, I’m feeling kind of excited about my new life. A perfect stranger I met the other day told me she thought God wanted me to write a book. That is about the 20th person to tell me this in the last few weeks, and after I get caught up with my job-related work, I’m going to begin writing it in earnest. I’m tossing out what I was working on before. I have a better one in mind, and I think God wants me to write it.


Please know that I don’t think I could have made it through this mess without all of you. Thank you so very much!


Love always,












8 responses to “An Explanation and Apology”

  1. You’re so traumatized, hon. We understand. We’ll survive without you’re replies back. You just do what you need to do to get thru the day. It’s ok. We all love you and understand. I’m glad you’ve been to the Doctor! 🙂


  2. Hi..Of course no apology is necessary… I think most would understand with what you are going through and facing so many decisions that there is only so many hours in the day to handle them of course the emotional aspect of it all …So just take care of yourself. You’ll post etc. when you are able…Diane


  3. Tulsa is so pretty and clean.
    Sorry you had such a horrible flu on top of everything else. Probably the stress beat down your immunities. Ah, the fun.
    Well, I know you’ll be glad to get the whole episode behind you and regain some normalcy. I don’t blame you. Take good care of you. ❤ K


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