Another Inspiring Blogging Award


Thank you Melody at the The Donkey Whisperer for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award. The fact that I can still win an award when the rest of my life seems to be melting all around me is kind of cool.

Seven facts about me:

(1) I was born in Austin, Texas.

(2) I think I would be an excellent stalker if my pride would allow me to sink that low.

(3)  I am equally a Cat Person and a Dog Person. I love animals.

(4) I have a deathly fear of medians on a highway. I’ve never hit one, but I figure the odds that I eventually will are going up.

(5) I have had every single one of my ribs broken.

(6) I pray the Lord helps me go through this separation without letting me turn hateful and bitter.

(7) I dream of writing a book one day. I really, really want to be a writer.

Another day in the ghetto…


In return, I’d like to nominate the following bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Terry 1954


Wat Matters Most


I literally have hundreds of people I could give this award to, but since I don’t have that kind of patience right now, I’m going with these three. But please know, I love you all!!

Thanks again, Melody!!

— Bird

24 responses to “Another Inspiring Blogging Award”

  1. thank you know how much this means to me as i am still a new blogger pretty much. hope you are alright tonight……………..i think about u all the time, cuz remember,,,,u were my first…………


      • then you will be alright, and one day you will see the sadness fade into the midnite skies, and you will once again smile. here is a hug from me to you as someone who has walked in your shoes. i just gave u credit and once again, thank u. i am always here my friend, always, tellmenolies2004@yahoo if u ever wanna email


  2. Rock on, sister Bird!! B and I are praying for and with you. hope you are ok with this, but i’m still holding out for the restoration of the marriage. would chef be open to you and he seeing a christian marriage counselor from a church you can both agree to be ‘accountable’ to?


    • I’m still hopeful that we will be restored also. He’s in the midst of his own problems, and frankly, I’m going to just have to wait it out until he feels able to deal with this problem as well. But it isn’t over until its over, right? I’m trying to focus on staying busy and not freaking out about all of this every five minutes. The Lord knows how to deal with this, and I trust he has both of our best interests at heart. Thank you both for all of the prayers!


      • by the way, i’m having the darndest time trying to figure out why, even though my blog articles, poems and vid’s seem to get ‘likes’, they don’t get many ‘comments’. not deterred, but a bit confused. even so, Rock On, Bird!!


        • I used to comment all the time on other people’s site. I’ve fallen behind because I’m working now, but I would think if you talk to people, they’ll feel a little more prone to talking back. Just my suggestion…


  3. Thank you so much Bird, I am humbled by this word from you! You deserve this award, as you are really inspiring to me in the way you stand up straight under adversity. I do realize that you’ve got Help, but still, a lot of people would have crumbled under the pressure (I probably would have!)


  4. Thank you for the post, and congrats on the award! You should never worry about the passing on of these awards. They eventually circulate enough so that at some point we are all saying, “Oh dear Lord, don’t pick me” under our breaths. :-). Keep strong. Hugs and prayers to you.


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