Top 10 Things I’m Enjoying About Being Alone Right Now

QuikTrip (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The site that a guy made a pass at me and ensured that I was still in the game when I wanted to be. 🙂 Thanks, Random Guy. It’s a no-go, but you made me feel better.

I’ve been given a lot of advice.

And I value every single word of it, because whether or not I will be able to follow it or not, I know it was given to me because someone cared about what was going on in my life. That is very precious to me. So, today I decided to put into practice one of the tidbits of advice I’d been given. I’m going to write about the things in my life that are going well.

1. I’m all caught up on my shows because I don’t have to share my tv remote with anyone anymore.

2. I haven’t had to watch one single Cops episode all week. This might be what heaven feels like.

3. My bedroom had been blessedly free of gaseous emissions all week. 🙂 (You guys can be pretty gross. I’m just saying….)

4. I’ve taken many a two-hour bath without anyone pounding on my bathroom door wanting to use the facilities.

5. I eat whatever I want to eat. Chef’s favorite is fried chicken. Fried chicken is my least favorite. 🙂

6. The kitchen stays clean because I clean up after myself. As a matter of fact, so does the entire rest of the house.

7. Turns out, I’m less expensive when I’m only paying for myself.

8. I went one whole day without brushing my hair. It is really long, curly, tangley and I just let it fly free and wild. The neighbors looked at me weird when I went outside to check the mail.

9. I’m wearing my oldest, rattiest shirt ever right now, and it feels like the finest silk. It is torn, stained, and about 4 sizes too big. In other words, it is perfect for mourning.

10. A guy hit on me today when I was buying coffee at Quik-Trip. No. I don’t want to date, but it was nice to know I hadn’t lost the ability to be somewhat interesting to the opposite sex.

I think I’m going to make it, guys. Thank you for all of the encouragements, prayers, and general friendship comments. I hope God blesses every single one of you!!

— Bird

22 responses to “Top 10 Things I’m Enjoying About Being Alone Right Now”

  1. i know it is tough, i feel it even though my brother is here. i still want a man, but i am picky so may be waiting for a while. i want a good man who loves god then me, this is a challenge today, but on the other hand, i have been alone for four years and i am pretty spoiled by being able to make my own decisions. i like not having a man belittle me, or tell me his way or no way. i can eat, be a slob, dress up or down, be me!!! and baby, this is freedom!!!!!


  2. I’m glad to hear you so upbeat tonight. When you can find that many things to be thankful for, you are on the road to recovery. People who cannot find anything to be grateful for are generally defeated and depressed, so you are walking in the right direction. It helps that you have a relationship with the Lord, too. That in itself is a wonderful healing balm. And your kids will definitely fill the empty places and hours. I’m still keeping you on my prayer list, though, because you will probably still have some difficult days.


  3. Way to go Bird! 🙂
    I must say that some of these are things I could do with right now… I’m in a relatively new relationship, AND I’m very happy, but (why must there always be a ‘but’?), I sometimes wish that I could have the run of the remote, I would definitely prefer not to ever watch certain TV shows, and other shows that I love that I never get to watch, can be on my list! Stay strong!!! 🙂


  4. You’re an easy person to care about…Glad you have found some positives…Even if some see small they are none the less positives….thoughts and prayers are of course with you…Diane


  5. I haven’t checked in on your blog (or any other) much over the summer, Bird. So, I’m quite surprised and saddened to read about you and Chef. I’ll be saying a prayer for you both when I stop typing. I’m sure there are many others like it going up to God on your behalf.

    Leave it to you to take a tough time and produce a great blog about it! Thanks Bird.


    • Thank you, Dave! Got to have something good come out of all of this, or satan has won. And I don’t want him to win one single thing in my life!


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