For My Friend Sara Because Her Day Sucked

I don’t know about other writers on these blogs, but I love the comments I get on mine. I’ve made quite a few friends this way, and developed some rather close relationships, even though I haven’t met any of them in person. I value each one.

Along this winding adventure of blogging, I met Sara towards the beginning, and we’ve become very good friends. There are quite a few things we have in common, including the same kind of abuse as kids, and we struggle with a lot of the same effects that stem from that. What other healthier people would find uncomfortable about our kinds of mood swings or bouts of self-doubt and depression, we find completely normal about each other. There’s something to say for not having to explain some pretty odd reactions to another person. It makes you relax a bit, not always worried that the other person will find you too wacky to hang around with! Built on this bond, we’ve gotten pretty close. She’s helped me through my bad times, and now that I hear she’s had a really crap day, I want to try to repay that kindness.

We’ve come up with some pretty awesome plans for what we’re going to do once we finally make it to the same zip code.

So, in her honor, and to remind her that even though her day blew chunks, she had some pretty cool stuff to look forward to, I’ve put together a little pictorial of our plans.

First, we plan to execute a non-fatal re-enactment of the famous Thelma and Louise cliff scene:

It was agreed to be a tiny hill because we don’t want to bleed or die. Plus, the ’80’s called Sara and wanted their Grand Canyon scene back…lol.

Then, we decided that at some point, we are going to have figured out how to rise about our crappy childhoods and eventually take over the world.

Oysters are gross. We’ll make the world our Tiger Prawns…

We plan to wear thongs and capes  on our Thelma and Louise non-fatal car accident, and also for our lip-syncing band we are going to start with our friend Anne. Neither of us can sing, and I’m fairly sure my thong days are over, but a promise is a promise. I’ll give you all plenty of warning before this part of the plan is executed so you know to cover your eyes…

Sara and Bird wearing thongs and capes. 🙂 …oh, and some matching socks. 


We’ve started a ton of clubs now, and we are the only members in all of them. So far, no one has asked to join any of them, and we are competing for the Queen of the Knee-Jerk Reaction Award, though I’ve already nailed down the Shortest Separation Award.

One of the few awards I’ve received that Sara hasn’t gotten yet..

I could go on and on…Sara has commented on this website more than anyone else has, and I’m very honored to say that I have a lot of cyber-friends who talk to me regularly. So, the fact that Sara has the most comments is really saying something. Right after I drunk-blogged, she pain-medicated blogged, and wrote me a post AND a poem….Ernest Hemingway, eat your heart out. You’ve been up-staged, my man!

Our latest fun moment was all about Sara holding a pink comb. I so want a pink comb now, just because of that picture. I just adore it!!! But most of all, I just love Sara herself. She’s really smart, strong, complicated, and honest. She makes me laugh all the time, and best of all, she loves me back.

Sara with the Infamous Pink Comb… Isn’t she adorable???

Sorry your day sucked, Sara. I’m praying tomorrow will be exactly the opposite! I love you! 🙂

— Bird


49 responses to “For My Friend Sara Because Her Day Sucked”

    • You’re a very loved girl, Sara. Not just by me…I read the comments on your site, too. Never forget that, okay? 🙂 I could have written a whole book with the plans you and I have…lol.


  1. OOOO! I feel another awesome idea that might make us rich! You should totally write a book about our plans – and our super awesome clubs. It will be a best seller and debut at the top of the NY Times book list.


      • I can be a ghost writer. But yes, the fame and possible humiliation should be shared. Maybe even more so for the latter reason. But since we’ll be rich, we won’t care about it – and I think we’ve mastered the humilitation thing. And if we haven’t – after doing or thong stint, we should be professionals.


          • So, a thought: Does it matter if we become infamous or famous? Or does that not matter to rich people? I love, love, love your post and I laughed out loud through it all. I had to read it to husband who asked if he can be Brad Pitt. I’m not sure about that one, since I don’t think there’s room for men in our plan.


            • Well, it would seem to me that men are kind of the bad guys throughout the movie we are fashioning this adventure after. Is he ready to steal from us, killing our big escape to Mexico and causing us to have to drive over a small hill?? Lol…I’m glad you got a kick out of my post. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow I would have made it much longer …we have a million plans! No I don’t care about being famous. Rich is fine by me! 🙂


              • When we get rich we can buy big properties with plenty of small non-fatal hills on it. You writing that post for me made me feel pretty awesome. Like I matter. You know what I mean. I don’t know if my husband is ready for all that, but I will check. Brad Pitt was kind of a villain in that movie – and no orgasm is worth $5000!!! Brad Pitt or no Brad Pitt.

                I’m not so sure if you win that Shortest Separation award. I have one that lasted less than an hour…


                • Man, I really thought I had that one won hands down! Well, I’ll console myself with the Foot-In-Mouth award. That one truly belongs to me. 🙂

                  You always matter. You’re the daughter of a King and the sister of a Bird. Win/Win!


                  • There you go. Just when you thought you were the nuttest of us… Is that even a word? Well, if it isn’t, it is one now. I will contact a publisher and ask if they are interested in our book. I mean, who wouldn’t they? It will be in the self-help section. Like the solution to everything. Even numb noses. Good thing we don’t live in a country where saying one wants a divorce is enough to make it so.

                    See – silver lining. I think the numb nose thing might be contagious, even across cyberspace. It’s a rare disease. Kind of like nose ebola.


                    • I’m taking vitamins just in case…I sneezed a minute ago and thought I’d better beef up the ole immune system…. 🙂
                      We have figured out the secrets of the universe. Who wouldn’t buy our book??


                    • I know! But I think we need to title our book with dramatic flair – an attention grabbing title should do it. Is this where the small print comes into play? Plus a disclaimer probably wouldn’t hurt. You know, something like “the ideas expressed in this book should not be practiced unless you’re in a closed off area or are totally nuts and will not ever sue us for driving a flamingo van.”


                    • You know, I think you are right. We don’t want children trying this at home. We’ll plan this very carefully…I don’t want to get rich only to have to give it all away to someone who was trying to copy-cat us and failed miserably.


                    • Yeah, that flamingo van can be a tricky thing. Especially since I’m planning on covering the windshield with flamingos as well. The van might not have the best visibility and probably won’t pass any inspection, but since we are only using it for driving off non-fatal hills it really shouldn’t matter. Here’s where your legal expertise will come in handy.


  2. “A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” Proverbs 18:24

    “You get what you sow, so planting seeds of friendship and love in every level of life is not only wonderful, but it will bring you a storehouse of joy, and people who care when you are in need of good friend”

    Jorge Otero


  3. Reading this and I can’t stop laughing! I really do love the Bird and Sara in capes and matching socks thingymajig (note I’m ignoring the supposed thongs, I don’t wanna be flashed accidentally). I hope you guys make an awesome movie from this book, I’ll direct it and produce it! 😉


  4. As someone who just dropped by to see how you’re doing, it’s nice to see you doing better. It’s also nice to see how much you care about Sara. Still praying for you, and will add Sara to the list. Wayne


    • Don’t feel bad. It is obvious to me that I’m never going to get caught up. During my two week Despair Session I passed 600 followers…I’m trying to touch base with all of them, but it is slow going.
      Thanks for the nomination…I have about 20 I need to accept and pass on. I got really, really far behind!


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