Just A Little Update

I’ve always been a big believer in the saying that laughter is the best medicine. I have no idea what physically goes on in our

Would you ever swim here again? I mean, it is only prohibited AT THIS TIME…That indicates to me that diarrhea in the pool, at some point. was a big enough problem that they had to get a sign made!!

brains when we laugh, but I’ve had enough of it in my life to know that I need it as much as I need the air to breathe. So, when problems kick me in the stomach so hard I can barely stand the pain, it is hard to believe I’ll ever laugh again, much less just feel happy about life in general. I’m guessing that is probably a common reaction to painful stuff, but in my case, not a probable outcome. It would seem I’m more of an optimist than I ever thought I was inclined to be.

I figured that I’d be this little wad of sadness for a while. It wasn’t something I wanted, but I am not a very good pretender and I’m rather transparent no matter how hard I try not to be, especially in person. Even worse than that, I seemed only able to talk about this mess lately and nothing else, even though I desperately wanted myself to not be “that person”. But, like a poison, it was being vomited up and out, like a verbal diarrhea, much to my eternal dismay. They don’t make Immodium for verbal diarrhea.  😦  Talk about a lesson in humility! So, I was resigned to the fact…I was probably going to be a bummer to be around for a while, and hopefully, not too many people would need to be exposed to me until the crap in my soul was finally purged.

It took 1 1/2 days of working for me to start feeling more like my old self, and less like this little skinny woman radiating grief to anyone with 10 feet of her. In fact, today, I felt a tiny bit guilty because I’m obviously feeling better than the Other Half of this problem. I like the fact that I seem to be healing up quick enough to not run off all my friends…at least not permanently, I hope.

I thought I would give a little update to the many of you that have been travelling with me through this whole painful process. I appreciate all the encouragement and empathy that has been shown to me, as well as the many stories that people have shared with me about their own journeys through this kind of heartbreak. Sometimes, it is just good to know that someone else understands exactly how you feel.

Just so you all know, I’m doing pretty good right now, probably thanks to all the prayers that flooded heaven for me and Chef. Working now, I don’t have time to write like I was before, but don’t take my slowing down as a sign of anything bad. I’ve laughed a few times today. For instance, look at the tags on this post…I went ahead and used all of the tags that WordPress suggested. Why “Anno Domini”, “public nuisance“, or my favorite, “Mumbai“??? From now on, I’m going to “Apply All” every tag it suggests on every post I write because that makes me laugh….Just so you ever wonder how I come up with such obviously not-related-to-this-post-in-any-way tags, you’ll know…   🙂

— Bird


31 responses to “Just A Little Update”

  1. so glad you were able to have a laugh day. it is good for you, and don’t worry Bird, those who care about you will stick around. look at all the things i talk about. sometimes i am a big whiner in my own eyes, but real friends stay and pray together


    • I know you’re right, and I’m refusing to let the devil beat me up continually over all of this anymore. Plus, I seem to never be in so much pain that funny diarrhea warning signs can’t still make me laugh! Seriously, how gross is that!!! 🙂 I think we all tend to be much harder on ourselves than others are. I don’t ever feel like you’re just a big whiner. You are trying to cope with something that is on-going and painful with an end in sight you simply don’t want… Believe me, I can sooooo relate!! You keep writing the truth. People always appreciate hearing how it just really is, without all the smoke and mirrors. I’ll do the same, and someday, we’ll be able to read the happy endings in our lives to go along with all the crap that led up to it. 🙂


        • lol.. Awesome. I’ll bet you distracted him from worrying about an old dock! Just today, a search for gastric cancer seedroff landed on my Broken Brain one.. I’m trying to decide if I should be insulted by this or not…


  2. Delighted to hear. Bird! What a funny thing about the tags. The Psalmist says “Joy comes in the morning.” and you know what? So what if it means “many mornings later.” Or many months.
    I think your naturally sunny point of view is a gift. The Other Half, I pray will realize that. Or maybe some other,Other half. Or perhaps the Real Other Half, like I’m having to re learn, over and over again. 🙂 Much love,



    • Thank you, Victoria! I’m glad it was a pretty quick Morning, myself. All isn’t healed and over, but it is good start! The Other Half seems confused by the change, and understandably skeptical, but also a bit miffed I’m focused on other stuff. Already, he isn’t fond of the job… 🙂 Too bad. I am loving it. Things will be what they will be. As long as there are good diarrhea sign jokes out there, the future for me is looking bright. Thanks for all the love, girl! It is truly appreciated!


    • It is seriously just the sign that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I mean, what exactly would a symptom of diarrhea that can be seen just by looking at a person outside in the wide open be? And if the unlucky sufferer was so sick that they were “leaking”, it is doubtful they’d feel like taking a swim, wouldn’t it? I can’t wrap my brain around this one… 🙂


  3. “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones” Proverbs 17:22

    A joyful heart is a good thing. I recommend a good belly-shaking laugh at least once a day. Medical science will bear this out. People who enjoy laughter and joy are healthier than their counterparts.

    It is a known fact that stomach ulcers are not the result of what you eat but in fact a product of what’s eating you mentally and emotionally. So I wish for you a merry heart in the midst of all things concerning life.


  4. I doubt your friends are going to run from you or avoid you-if the dogs and cats know more than us and they haven’t run, why would we? 😉 I’m glad to hear that laughter has been working as a good pain reliever for you, and that you’re feeling a bit more like your old self. I see you’re being ever the diligent worker, no blogging, unlike some of us (points to self), and we’ll be here praying as you keep us updated. Keep working at happiness, it never disappears for too long!


    • These are very good points! I’m a bit busy to blog at work..lol. I have to set up a blog for them, so in essence, I’m still blogging only somewhere else. 🙂 But I’m going to keep up with my own…I’ve grown to love my little site!


        • It is for a Tulsa Dessert Club started in honor of a woman suffering from MS. The owner of the company I work for goes all out for this club. It is called Amore Morso. Cute, huh?


          • Yes it is! That’s quite a compassionate gesture on the owner’s part and it’s great that you get to be a part of something so wonderful!


  5. I’m thinking too much again, here . . . was the sign from Mumbai? They have LOTS of public diarrhea there . . .
    If you are just hankering for another giggle, go to:


    She almost daily posts something worth clicking for. 😉


  6. Sadness is a real emotion. I don’t believe we are meant to go around pretending life is all great and wonderful..when it isn’t. There are people that do that and think admitting everything is not okay is a sign of weakness in their faith…..but goodness me…Jesus was sad, David had great sadness and many others in the Bible. So it’s okay to be real…and your true friends will remain during the laughter and during the tears….Diane


  7. I just want you to know (if I haven’t already told you) that I pray for you and your Other Half almost daily. If any of your friends leave you, I would suggest that they weren’t true friends in the first place. True friends stay for the duration, even when we have little to say that is positive. They know the real you under the load you carry. I’m glad today was a little better. I pray that every day will be a little better until your heart is truly merry. God bless.


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