A Cat Obesity Epidemic at the Martin Home

Recently, I’ve been letting my two cats, Milo and Sebastian, play outside for a few hours a day. When they were tiny kittens, the house didn’t seem like it was so small, so I felt they were getting the exercise required for a little miniature wild animal. However, lately, I’ve noticed that both of them are getting somewhat obese. Especially Milo, who is a complete couch potato.

Milo is on his way to becoming this:

Milo’s future…

Since obesity isn’t something we embrace around here in the Martin household, I finally decided that I needed to suck up my fears and let the two lazy butts go outside and stalk something like they were designed to do. Today was day 7 of their routine, and while Milo was fine with how his future was looking, even somewhat resistant to the idea of moving, Sebastian was psyched about the new routine, and jumped into the new adventures with all four paws.

Here is what Sebastian likes to do with his time outside:

Imagine a Siamese cat doing this trick…

This morning, Sebastian climbed on my sleeping chest and stuck his big face in mine to remind me that we had an unflinchingly rigid routine to adhere to. For several hours, he terrorized my back yard, briefly going next door to wreak havoc with the wildlife in their yard as well, and now, he’s whipped:

We both have had a good day….

— Bird


17 responses to “A Cat Obesity Epidemic at the Martin Home”

      • Siamese tend to be a one-critter cat. Whether it’s human or some other creature. Once they pick a favorite, that’s pretty much it. That’s their world. They’ll ‘tolerate’ other creatures/people, but they’ll only have one favorite.


  1. Where did you find the obese cat photo?!?!?!…My God I nearly fell out of my desk chair…geesh did it not occur to his/her/its owner that maybe they ought to cut back a little on the kitty chow…a very long time ago?!?!?!

    Be encouraged!


  2. I too have a cat –she would love to go out but we live in the city –that sums it up–two pitbulls got our other cat so for now she has to be content with looking out the window and sneaking out the door once in a while when the dog goes out. Luckily she doesn’t have a weight problem –just my dog and he’s the one I walk all the time:)Your cats are adorable by the way.


  3. We had a rather largish cat . .my youngest daughter’s. We would laugh and joke that he was her weight lifting program. haha! Glad you both had a good day!


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