Time Machines

What an interesting creation music is. I learned a long time ago to stay away from music when my emotions are out of control. Maybe it is the susceptibility to depression, but music certainly has a sway over me.

Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Lightfoot (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

Today, I decided to back up my ITunes library, and I came across some oldies but goodies.

If You Could Read My MindGordon Lightfoot

Sunglasses At Night – Corey Hart

Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Annie Lennox

Every Time You Go Away – Paul Young

Say, Say, SayPaul McCartney & Michael Jackson

What I’d SayEarl Thomas Conley

Careless WhisperSeether

Ok, I know the Seether one is a new release of an old song, but I always loved the original.

Back in my teen years, a lot was said in church about whether satan was in control of all secular music. But I’m inclined to say that while he has a grasp on some of it, he doesn’t have the entire industry locked up. Some of these songs are written about love. And God is the Author of True Love, is He not?

Sometimes, listening to music from my youth, I am transported back to the days that love was only something to hope for, not something to regret, or to fear. Each song reminded me of a different set of circumstances that I was experiencing back then.

Music is the Ultimate Time Machine….

— Bird



38 responses to “Time Machines”

  1. “…to the days that love was only something to hope for, not something to regret…” Wow! Powerful statement. So poignant and beautiful. Thank you for the gift of that phrase, Bird.


  2. I agree some songs are a reminder of certain times in our lives…I know I hear some particular ones and smile thinking back on the time. Enjoyed reading this


  3. I love listening to the music of when we were young and foolish and like you said full of dreams and wonderment of the future..And specific songs do bring back specific moments in time….ahhhhh Diane


    • I love the invention of I-Tunes…Even the old, old music is available again! Each song on my ipod is just a little blast from the past!


  4. Bird,
    When Martin Luther wrote,”A Mighty Fortress
    Is Our God”, he set his lyrics to a well know pub song.
    Lurher said,”the devil should not get all the good tunes”.
    That was in 1529.
    (Bach wrote the music we know now).
    Rhe father of the reformation was cool.


    • I remember learning that in school..And, A Mighty Fortress has always been one of my favorite old hymns. The other was Crown Him with Many Crowns.


    • Today, I’m 44. I think we look the same age…You don’t look or “feel” old to me! I think we are always our own harshest critics…But anymore, you can’t really tell people’s ages just by the way they look. I know people younger than me that look older, and people that are older than I am, look younger. It is all in the attitude, I’m thinking.


        • lol…Yes and no. Anymore, with sun tanning stuff, plastic surgery, and sunblock awareness, you almost can’t be sure about someone’s age, even based on the skin…. In some light, I do look young, but in others, you can see the crow’s feet, and the almost “see through” change in my skin. The trick is to keep the whole house lit with light that makes you look awesome, and then make all your friends come visit you in your Age Controlled environment…lol. That is my plan, anyways… 🙂


          • what a good plan! you are right, i was looking at it from me medical view, but with the right additives we can look youthful forever. last nite i watched Betty White on Dave Letterman. She is 90, but her facial skin looked flawless, but when you looked at her hands, they showed her age too well


  5. I’m afraid I don’t know any of those songs, but then even when I was young, I didn’t know any songs on the ‘hit parade’. But I do love music. I think classical music is my favorite.


    • I have a wide array of tastes when it comes to music. Some songs aren’t exactly my taste, but they remind me of something important in my life…good or bad. “Delta Dawn” was the song on the radio when my mom left my dad, and to this day, it still makes me sad. I like some classical music, but for the most part, I really like lyrics…


    • Gordon Lightfoot is one of my all-time favorites ever. Chef turned me on to his music, and I haven’t found many of his songs that I just didn’t fall instantly in love with.


  6. I believe there is a spiritual component to music that defies the sacred/secular labels. I have a lot of what’s called secular music that speaks to my spirit in ways that some sacred music doesn’t, and it’s not just about lyrics. An instrument is a good conduit for the spiritual essence of a player, regardless of genre.


  7. You said it. How amazing it is – you hear a few bars of a song and instantly you are back 10 years, or right back to when you were still a little snot nosed kid… Yes, music also create very strong emotions in me. 🙂


  8. I hear the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgearld (sp) and I am sunk for the rest of the day.

    Just sticks in my head for some reason.

    Barry Manilow should be against the law, disco sucks, and I am outta here!



    • That’s okay, Vince. I’m really, really behind myself. I have been having problems concentrating on much lately, but I’m hoping to start getting caught back up this weekend.

      Thank you for checking up on me.. 🙂


  9. It’s interesting that good music is defined by reproduced old music for you… and yes, I agree. Glad to see Paul (I buried him by the way) made its way into your list. Just the other day, I found myself searching for a couple PM tunes… 1985 and Junior’s Farm. “I never thought.. I never dreamed…” Sheesh, I better get out of here… God bless, good friend.


    • You buried Paul Young? He is still alive, isn’t he?

      A couple of years ago, I sat down and tried to remember all the music from my life that meant something to me, and then I bought them all from ITunes. And while I was doing that, I ran across other songs that I’d forgotten about…In the end, I spent a pretty penny on that collection of mine. And I still am adding to it.

      I just love music. I wish I’d been musically gifted, but alas..I’m woefully inept … 😦 Chef, though, has won a few karaoke contests, and still sings to me on occasion.


  10. Music vibrates the soul. Whether its rock or classical or country, it brings people back to times in their lives that meant something to them. Keep your mind and your library open…don’t be afraid to play and feel. Just be sure to play a beeboppy tune after a soulful one!


  11. Love your posts. YouTube is a great resource. You can find any song you want on there. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the like. Hope to see you again.


  12. You are right–some of these “oldies” can be a lot of fun to hum along to and can brighten up a day. I’ve heard all the arguments about rock music too and yes some of it, especially today, is indecent but I think there were a lot of good songs in the past that were just good fun to sing along with friends or plunk out the tune on the piano.


  13. I remember hearing secular music referred to as the devil’s music, but that’s never felt right to me. I feel closest to God when I’m in nature, watching my children or listening to a piece of music that moves me–anywhere there is beauty in the world and the absence of malice.


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