Return of A Childhood Staple

Tonight, the television series Dallas returns. For me, this series brings back a lot of good memories.

Battlestar Galactica Rules.

Mainly of my aunt, who was a die-hard fan of both Dallas and Dynasty, as well as Star Trek. If you didn’t want to experience an early death, you never touched the VCR on the nights that these shows came on.

I wasn’t allowed to watch television at home, but luckily, my aunt ended up having two little boys right at the time I became old enough to babysit, and so I ended up spending a lot of time with my aunt, uncle, and two little cousins….. And HBO, Dallas, Dynasty, Star Trek, and my favorite, Battlestar Galactica.  Of course, Battlestar Galactica was in reruns by that time, but for me, I was being introduced to the miracle of science fiction for the first time.

We’d get all of our drinks and snacks ready, and line up in front of the old stand-alone television set, the VCR loudly humming and clicking as it began recording, and the strum of excitement would echo the Dallas instantly recognizable opening theme song. And no one would dare speak until the commercials, mainly because my aunt would have flipped out, but also because the show moved quickly, and you either kept up, or you were going to be lost until you re-watched the tape 14 times over the next week in preparation for following week’s episode.

Yesterday, while filling out job applications on-line, I watched old reruns of Dallas from the ’80’s on my TNT On-Demand channel. And wow, if I didn’t remember most of what was going on back then! I’m guessing they were hitting just the important parts of the series so we’d be somewhat familiar with what was going on tonight when the characters all return to our lives. The episodes weren’t in order, or even set in the same seasons. I paused the action many times to take phone calls or to scan in a written application and send it over the net to an awaiting friend. Then, I set my guide to switch to the channel instantly whenever the new shows came on tonight, set the DVR in the living room to record that show and Breaking Bad and Suits when they come back on, and then smiled a little, thinking about my aunt’s 4 million VCR tapes that she meticulously preserved her favorite shows on. They used to take up an entire book-case along one whole wall.

I’ll bet she’s preparing for the return by having a party! I wonder if she’ll record them on RW-DVD‘s or just order the boxed set when they come out? Man, has technology changed since then or what?!

On another note, Chef is back, probably setting a world record in the Shortest Separation Ever category, so we’ll see how all of this goes. Thank you all for the prayers, and please keep them coming.

— Bird

26 responses to “Return of A Childhood Staple”

  1. BIrd,
    I was praying for you over and over again. I am so very happy to hear Chef is back. Marriage is indeed difficult two people trying to live together day after day with massive amounts of stress from the fallen world we live in. Beleive me my husband and me have endured some horrific tests with all ot the things throwen at us not just my life threatening and deliberating car accident the last 19 years have been a struggle for us. One thing remains the same I love him, he is still my best freind and he is my husband. Perhaps marriage counseling will help love. Please do not be offended by my suggestion as I send it with deep love and respect for you and your husband.


    • I am not offended. I’ve suggested marriage counseling millions of times, but he’s not interested in pursuing that. Still, I do have him willing to talk to someone on his own, so there that. Thanks for the encouragement! And the prayers.. 🙂


  2. Marriage Counseling is wonderful. I found out I was the one who wasn’t crazy. Anyway, Dallas was on my radar for years also. The season finale when “Who Shot JR” was on, I was out somewhere and rushed back home to see it. Larry Hagman was the best and JR was the worst!

    I am not finding any of the shows on our satellite. What channel are you getting it or what kind of TV service is showing it?


  3. You may have won the “Shortest Separation” award, but not the “Shortest Marriage” award.

    I loved Dallas and Dynasy and Melrose Place and all those soaps of the eighties. I will watch as well as the series returns. 🙂


  4. It’s strange but so many people including myself watched Dallas…I guess it’s not one that is recommended by a lot of pastors or ministers and yet I suppose we are human and do enjoy watching some of these …what would be considered now to be ‘mild’ drama series. I hope they keep it in the same context…BTW glad to hear of your ‘short’ separation…Prayers will continue…Diane


  5. i am also glad Chef is back. i want it to work out so much for the two of you. only you and God will know in time if this is a good thing or bad thing, but i m hoping for good


  6. praise the Lord Jesus that chef is back. time to fight hard to ‘win the peace’ and re-engage. the couple that prays together, stays together. i’m so happy you both are not giving up. ‘resist the devil and he will flee’ ‘draw near to God and He will draw near to you’ and all that stuff… i’m still praying for satan to keep his filthy mitts off your marriage



  7. Yippee!!!!!! I had a feeling that I might be hearing something like this. I’m so happy he’s back and even happier that you’re happy again!! 😀 I believe that this will sort out soon, and leave you guys even stronger than ever. See how wonderfully the small things in life can speak to us? I’m going to keep praying for you two!!!! Huggies across the waves!!!!! 😀 (I’m probably channelling a little bit of Adurna. I can’t wait to go tell her the good news! She’s been praying her but off too!)


  8. My grandparents watched Dallas all the time. Great memories for me as well. I’m happy to hear that Chef is back. Hang in there, you have a lot of people pulling for you and praying for you.


  9. I know you probably dont need to hear this again, nut a little bird told me something had happened and now i’m glad to hear it has ben resolved. you’re the only reason i stopping by al momento because i just wanted to hug you and and “person that cooks food for a living” and hope you two work it out. plus you don’t really have much of a choice… if you’re as big of a JESUS freak asI know you are, with him in the midst of you two, there’s no way in heck you’ll lose sooo….yeh… alll of my best, and than a little more.

    Adurna 🙂


  10. I’ve not been reading blogs much lately so I didn’t know you had separated. I’m so glad it was short lived. I’ll pray for you two today.

    I remember my mom watching Dallas, but all I liked was the theme song at the beginning. Battlestar Galactica was slightly before my time too, if I recall. Either that or our TV wouldn’t pick it up (we never had cable). I’m a child of the A Team, Alf, the Cosby show, McGuyver. Great memories.

    Enjoy Dallas!


  11. I’m so happy to hear that Chef is back!
    Will definitely keep praying more!! 😛
    Also..your aunt sounds like my mum..lool
    Dallas, Dynasty, Sunset Beach, The Bold and The Beautiful, Days of Our Lives..
    How Sunset Beach ends is still really upsetting for me!


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