As you can probably guess, my world has been shaken up pretty bad lately. Not that I’m giving up. I never do. I always cling to shadows of hope, and right now, I’ve got reason to believe things will work out in the end, if one of us doesn’t die of a heart attack soon.

But I had to laugh today because I realized I’m making a lot of kind of important decisions based on


my pets. Last year, because I was so sad about the last of my kids moving out, Chef and my brother Ernie gave me two little kittens, who are now grown, but just as important to me as they were last year. I’ve decided I can’t move back to Texas because I can’t get rid of my two old dogs and my two young cats. The dogs are my kids’ pets from when they were still children and I’d sooner part with one of my limbs than them, and the cats follow me around like I have all the answers to life. No way I’m giving that up either.

So, no Texas. I have to make it work here, for my pets.

My pets.

I think I’ve finally lost my mind…   🙂

– Bird

56 responses to “Priorities….”

  1. Stranger things have happened, but God does work in mysterious ways! I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason – and there is always hope.
    I pray for the best for you my friend!

    Walk daily with God at your side!



    • Thanks, Ed. I’ve never made any decision based on a pet before. This is uncharted territory for me. 🙂 But, I felt better when I made the decision, so there’s that.


    • I am a bookworm. I’ve read tons of books about what has been happening lately, and now I’m just going to focus on something else. I like science fiction…I’m going to read a book that has no redeeming value. 🙂 But thank you for your kind words. They really do help me a lot.


  2. Hmm….. I see something in the future, I’ll pray it comes true. In the meantime, I don’t think you’ve lost it, every now and then its the little things that hold us. They give us a little sign of what lies ahead. This is all gonna work out in a way that you never expected. In the meantime, give your pets a hug from me!! And specially for you……. A warm cyberhug across the states and through the glass.


  3. All that is missing is for you to dye your that funky weird blue color that all those elderly cat ladies have…lol. 🙂

    Trust me…Susie and I have made more than our fiat share of life-decisions based on how Jake the Wonder Dog will respond. 🙂

    Be encouraged!


    • lol…If I don’t do anything about it, my hair will be blue all by itself in no time!

      My dogs names’ are Jake and Susie….How weird is that coincidence??

      Thanks for letting me know I haven’t totally lost it….



  4. OMG! I totally relate. I said I could lose my house and job but no way would I give up my animal family. 🙂 I know life sure does make choices FOR us, but I was willing to live in a tent if I had to. My animals have me trained well, LOL!

    It may feel like you’re insane but you’ve got a lot going for you. Just look at all the support here! We KNOW you will make it and we’re all here cheering you on. 🙂 Super-sized special hugs. 🙂


  5. I think all things work together for good Bird!!
    And I’m not thinking by any means that you will become crazy cat lady..lool..maybe..ha ha
    Everything has it’s purpose Bird, and you are always in my prayers!
    Love you loads!
    *sending you virtual hugs*


  6. There’s nothing crazy about loving your pets. God created animals the same day he created humans. And “He saw that it was good.” They must be very important to Him. May God bless you and yours, Bird, including your furry friends!


  7. Lost your mind? We’ll have to have a club then, baby Bird. Love from Colorado, which, by the way, has a ridiculously large, I mean really large and nearly empty, house, dog pen, room for crates, and all sorts of space with your name on them. Keep it in mind, sweetheart. Write me privately for times in the near future we’ll all be gone for weeks, and you can have it to yourself.
    Love you bunches,



  8. Not insane my dear! We are just praying for you and any reason will work to keep you from leaving. Praise God!


  9. I’m really glad that things have slowed down…because there sure were a lot of decisions made pretty fast according to your last post. “Nothing is impossible with God” so whatever the reason such as your loving pets….I’m glad you’re staying put for a while…Diane


  10. I Divorced my CLUB MEMBER after 17 years too many and I kept the 1 cat and 4 Springer Spaniels and the house, gave him my “big rig” and bought a new one! I survived and you will too! xo You have to LOVE YOURSELF


  11. Sounds like a sound reason for a decision to me. Not sure that counts as sane, but I’ve made decisions based on much less. Go with your heart!


  12. Our pets are very important to our sanility. I dont blame your decision at all. But if the going gets too tough, consider foster homes for your fur babies until you can get things figured out.


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