Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Once In Awhile

My daughter Rebekkah recently wrote a post entitled An Answer For Everybody which was her response to all the differing opinions offered up to my post An Answer For Arkenaten. Since she has graciously allowed me to borrow her laptop since mine died a truly horrible death, I have been reading the comments to her post to her over the phone.

The battle of comments rages on even now over these two posts, and tonight Arkenaten wrote the following:

“Reborn Christians are some of the most uneducated of the Christians sects, having little or no true understanding of the history of their faith or the bible, and are even less inclined to ask pertinent questions.”

Now, on the one hand, I find this statement to be merely an opinion thrown out to insult the person he was debating with. But, when I read what Ark had written to Rebekkah, her response was, ” That’s true.” I was very taken aback when she said that, chastising her a bit for her seeming callousness. But when she explained why she felt this was a fair statement, I had to reluctantly admit that she was right. But not before I snarked back a little. I hate all-encompassing stereotypes. I really do. I did mention I am the Queen of the Knee-Jerk Reaction, remember?

I don’t agree that Arkenaten has thrown out this tidbit out of any real knowledge or wisdom, but like we Southerners like to say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. So at last, he finally gave me something to think about.

One of Rebekkah’s points that I couldn’t argue with is the severe lack of knowledge of what the Bible says and where it says it. A few years ago, Chef was working at a restaurant in a corporate park, and some of the people who would frequent this place were students of the Rhema Bible College, located here in Tulsa.

Now, I absolutely do not want to insult any Christians. I merely want to get people to ask themselves if they truthfully know why they believe what they believe. If this message doesn’t pertain to you, please disregard it. Not everyone falls into this category. I speak only to those who tend to rely on other people — teachers, preachers, friends, parents, books.. — but have not studied the Word of God for themselves. With so much in print, both in books and on-line, added to televised media, we are inundated by information. But all of that information needs to be secondary…The Bible needs to be the First and Last Word on everything.

I had numerous conversations with people in that restaurant, and many of them were with people attending the Bible school. And while they seemed ready to hit me with some form of “Shock and Awe” theories designed to impress with dry quotes of philosophers and some real twisting of random verses, they seemed woefully lacking in the basics of the Bible. For instance, I have been instructed in detail how we were already living in Jesus’s 1000 year reign, but that same person couldn’t tell me why he believed this. He quoted professors, and offered up some random bible-sounding stuff, but when I inquired about where these verses were in the Bible, he said he would get back with me. I never saw him again. One woman tried to tell me that Mary was not a virgin, and went into a long diatribe about her theories on that little tidbit. That one made me sad, because you simply can’t cherry-pick what you want from the Bible and then throw the rest out. There seems to be a real wave of Cherry-Picking theologians coming out of Tulsa right now, and I find this really, really disturbing. But doesn’t the Word say in Hosea 4:6:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

Knowledge of what that Bible says is paramount to our walk with the Lord. A person who truly knows why they believe the way they do is not easily shaken from their beliefs. And satan is a worthy enemy. He knows how to attack us in our weakest points. By knowing the Word of God, we close down a lot of his abilities to attack us using our own minds; hence, the Word of the Lord is how we are able to carry our Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Ephesians 6:17.

Over the years, I’ve had many, many conversations with many, many Christians, and I would have to say that it is only a small amount of them that seem to have a firm grasp on what they believe and why they believe it, with scriptural references to back their beliefs up.

There are many excellent teachers of the scripture, both in the real world and here in Blogosphere. But as Romans 9 instructs us to do, we should study to show ourselves approved. An unbeliever should never know more about that Bible than a Christian does, unless a Christian is just starting out. But for those of us who have been followers for years, the Bible should be written on our hearts, a quiver of spiritual arrows, ready for any surprise attack satan would launch at us.

I don’t necessarily agree that Christians are the most uneducated, or that we don’t as a whole, ask pertinent questions, or know our faith’s history. But I do believe that there is always room for improvement, and seeing that the days of the end are getting near, I would encourage all of us, me included, to brush up on our Biblical knowledge, or if necessary, begin anew to commit God’s words to your heart. I don’t mean to randomly memorize verses, but instead, read the Word of God as a whole, so that the Holy Spirit will be able to bring to remembrance His instructions to us when we are really in need of it.

Tonight, when I read 2 Timothy 2, I also found these verses, and they seemed a clear instruction to me on how to handle the many, many debates raging on those two posts on my site:

14 Remind them of these things, and solemnly charge them in the presence of God not to wrangle about words, which is useless and leads to the ruin of the hearers.

15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.

16 But avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness,

17 and their talk will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus,

18 men who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place, and they upset the faith of some.

19 Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickedness.”

That tells me that these sorts of conversations are not useful for me, and I am fine with leaving them to other people.

I hope you all have a peaceful evening!

— Bird


108 responses to “Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Once In Awhile”

  1. “Queen of knee-jerk reactions”… haha I think you have to wrestle with me over that title. 🙂 The conversations I’ve had with my good grandma over that past few days has steered me in the direction of the Bible. I realized I would have to know The Good Book by heart, with my heart, and from my heart. I won’t be discouraged from having faith simply because I’m out-Bibled by someone who doesn’t have my best interests at heart.

    I think Bible-school attendees are like students in other fields when they first start out – arrogant in the eagerness to learn – and to show how much they’ve learned. I know I was.


  2. I think that happens to all of us when we first are starting off. However, I think if you are training to specifically pastor a church, you should already have the basics down pat long before your first day of seminary. That’s just my own opinion. I think we should be more discriminating of who we allow to lead churches…There is simply too much at stake to let just any Joe Blow into a pulpit.


  3. Okay I am setting my personal beliefs aside for a minute here. I do have a real problem with ‘the bible’ but I also have a problem with most ancient texts. My problem is this…The bible and other books are written by man. each time a text is translated its original meanings can be misinterpretted or manipulated. The current bible many people use is the King James Version hmmm King James a man who persecuted witches and heretics and had his own version of the bible edited to suit his own agenda….but even putting aside the deliberate manipulation what requires more consideration is the interpretations man puts on other mens work. Okay today we have mass publication but in centuries past transcription fell to individuals. Also we need to take into account the way language changes in its useage and meaning…once upon a time being told to be merry and gay meant go be happy, sing and dance now both words carry different conatations here in the UK to be merry implies a certain amount of alcohol has been consumed first. I believe in someways we have to regard the written word once it starts being translated numerous times as reminiscent of chinese whispers one word changed at every translation can over time change meaning.


    • I’ve compared so many translations to each other, I feel like a professional researcher. What I found was that yes, there are some relatively small differences in most translations, with the big variances happening in the more recent “New Age” texts. I myself feel that we have no choice but to trust our translations, and anything that might not be completely correct falls under “the light that we walk in”.

      You know, I’ve read my bible over and over again, and I know what the verses say, but I also understand it as a whole story. I believe that the Holy Spirit is given to us as a guide to make those words clear to us, and there is no need for a translation when He speaks.

      For Christians, these words are very, very necessary for every part of our lives here on earth, and we can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater on the assumption that something might not have been translated correctly.

      Personally, I think this is just another thing satan uses to detract us from learning God’s Word.

      I’m rather unfamiliar with the Wiccan religion, as I can’t honestly say that I studied it when I was searching for my truth, so I don’t know if this is a dumb question. But, do you guys have some writings or books that you learn your religion and beliefs from?


      • pagan beliefs are more about your personal connection with the natural world around you most wiccan rituals have been passed down as word of mouth rather than as the written word afterall writing down your beliefs would have been a one way ticket to the noose for many centuries. We learn from each other and from knowledge that has been passed down but we do not accept all of it. each individual finds their own path to the goddess and most keep their own ‘book of shadows’ which is a journal of your own spiritual path and for those who practise magick this is also where they records their ‘spells’ We do have rituals for certain things but the wording can be more personalised. many pagans and wiccans practise their beliefs in isolation especially in the early stages of pathfinding but may chose to join a coven to widen their knowledge of other experiences. There are many aspects of other people pagan beliefs I do not share. Some because I have not experienced them some because I cannot accpet the idea (I had a rather heated debate not long ago with someone regarding time slips and their beliefs through meditation that a person could travel through time I did not agree and did argue their point as part of a discussion) the majority of the shared lore regards things such as the use of plants and herbs in healing. but generalising there is not right or wrong in terms of beliefs as long as the main ‘protocol’ of let it harm none is upheld. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek their own truths to question everything in the search of personal enlightenment and walk their path in the faith that the goddess will guide them. I am still learning and am very far from understanding every thing that I want to understand I have those I trust who I question when I feel I need guidance but that is all they offer I hae never met another pagan who claimed to have all the answers we are not expected to find them all only to strive to find our own ways


        • That makes sense. In Christianity, the Bible is considered the Living Word of God, and over the years, I’ve learned that it is indeed a mystery how I can read it over and over, and yet still learn something new almost every time. That is why I dismiss the translation argument. We must have the Bible if possible.


          • as I said right at the start my translation issues do not actually come about as a result of my beliefs i studied English Literature at university and my scepticism of translations stems from an academic view point. I guess from a spiritual viewpoint if the bible is used as a guide to help someone understand their own beliefs I totally get that it is the ones who quote it and take every single word as law without considering the message behind it. That won’t stop me arguing with mormons and JW when they knock on my door about the logistics of the ark hehehehe


            • Lol…I will not discourage you from arguing with the Mormons and the JW’s. I have actually studied their texts, and like I mentioned some other time we talked, I have invited them in many times. They skip my house now. 🙂


              • My favourite question that really seems to get them worked up is how did Noah not only build a ark large enough to hold every two of every species (although they get rather pedantic at this point regarding what species were taken on board) how did he also manage to collect not only the animals but also enough supplies to feed them all and stop them eating each other. one did tell me that ‘god’had only created beasts to be of service to man at this point and he created all the others randomly afterwards but couldn’t show me in the bible where this was said


                • My answer to that question would be that I just don’t know. There is so much on this earth and in this religion that we don’t have all the answers for. That being said, that question is what I call a “belly-button” question. It ranks up there with “Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?” While I would love the answers to these and about two million other belly button questions, they aren’t relevant to our religion which is Jesus crucified and resurrected.
                  I don’t understand why people feel like if we can’t answer every question then somehow the whole religion is useless! There is nothing wrong with admitting that you just don’t know the answer. I want to know if my pets go to heaven. I want them there…but I have no proof one way or another. I am a little afraid that they just cease to exist.
                  I myself love a universe so big that I can spend eternity in it and never grow bored with learning about it. 🙂 I like a BIG GOD!!


                  • I totally respect your beliefs and your relationship with your god. I think part of the reason I am less tolerant of some of the others is they come and knock on my door at my home and preach at me. Maybe that is why i like to annoy them with those sorts of questions (I will now also be using your belly button question) because if you are gonna come disturb my peace you really should be able to explain whatever is thrown at you if not go away and spend your time aquiring wisedom instead of standing on my doorstep taking up my time. I have also learnt telling them I am a pagan is a bad idea they keep pushing pamphlets through the letterbox and i feel guilty about the trees that are cut down to create the number of watchtowers that have landed on my mat.

                    P.S I love that I can have rational conversations with you, even though I know you long for my conversion, the fact you respect me if not my beliefs to allow us to have these discussions


                    • lol…You aren’t hard to talk to at all, for the exact same reasons! Plus, you’re intelligent. I love having conversations with intelligent people.

                      I’m a curious person by nature, so I enjoy having relationships with people who have something to teach me about their lives. I’ve known a couple of people who claimed to be Wiccan, but they didn’t seem to know much about it, which led me to believe they were using it as a shock factor on me…like my head would explode or something! Most people know I’m a Christian, and I think both of them were trying to rock my boat.
                      It was kind of funny…They seemed disappointed. I am no one’s judge. I’ve broken most of the rules of my own religion..Thank God it is a grace system or I would have to look elsewhere!


                  • If someone were to ask me did Adam and Eve have belly buttons I know what I would say. I would say that the Bible does not specifically answer that question, but for me the answer is obvious by way of common sense. (it actually just dawned on me one day, until that point I wouldn’t have known how to answer it either) No. They did not. Belly buttons come from being born from a womb, and since they were not, they did not have belly buttons. I imagine that when they had their first baby they were probably surprised by the umbilical cord and belly button. That is my theory anyway. For me it compares to the “which came first the chicken or the egg” question. That one is obvious to me also, the chicken. Had an egg come first the baby chicken would have died with no mother to care for it. Of course, my theories could be wrong. But they are my theories lol.


  4. I’m going to stir a bit here…sorry! I unfortunately rarely have time to read comments these days, and I think (after a quick glance) that I have the same problem/ point of view as Paul above.
    The Bible was written by men, even if they were maybe inspired by God to do so. On top of that, a Pope from the middle ages decided which books would be allowed to be in the Bible, and which ones not. More interference by man.What did all the other books (and there were apparently many) have to say?
    I’m not saying disregard the Bible, I just don’t believe that it can be the beginning and the end for Christians – and I am one too.
    I do believe the basics of the Bible are the principles by which we should live (basically the 10 commandments), but I think we as people, created by God, would have instinctively known what is right and what is wrong.


    • I do understand your misgivings, and I am probably not a good authority about whether your doubts are right or wrong. I can only say that I worried a lot about this translation problem in my own walk, as well as the missing books that were not included in the present book we call the Bible. I researched most of the translations, and found very little differences in most of them. I also actually prayed about it, and what I feel the answer was is the God judges us “in the light that we walk in”. We presently have this Bible, translated this way. Nothing in it offends my conscience or troubles the Holy Spirit who is living in me. Therefore, I find it acceptable for my instruction. We are told to study to show ourselves approved …what are we supposed to be studying if not God’s Word?


      • I hear what you are saying. And I, for one, definitely don’t know the Bible well enough to argue specific points. I feel that a lot of laws, especially from the OT has very little relevance today.And nothing in it or about it offends me either. I only think that the Bible cannot be the Alpha and Omega for Christians. There are too many uncertainties about origin, translation, and man’s influence on the Bible as it is today. But. By all means, it is still ‘the Good Book’, it is better as a ‘study guide’ than just about any other book, and if you feel it brings you closer to God, go for it! I was, once again, just stating my point of view. 🙂


        • I appreciate you sharing your point of view. It really is a very good question. Maybe someone else will be able to answer it better than I can. And I would rather people share their honest thoughts… Thanks, Zelmare!!


  5. this man Johan C Beetge is posting to my blog..i didn’t give him permisssion..he must have my rss feed..i wish he would stop..he did this to my blogger.com one and i had to delete my blog..what do i do? I can’t get hold of him.


  6. A great reminder to keep ourselves alert – not for the sake of adding human wisdom, but so we can be prepared to give an answer, and shine His word and light into the world.


  7. i am only putting my one cent in instead of two cents in, because i am such a simple-minded gal. i always believed in the bible, because that was what i was taught from a young age, and going to church all my life. i never doubted its word. now as an adult, i have doubted before, asking for proof, wondering if i m a goof ball for believing in something i have no proof in. i turned away from God and the guilt was too overwhelming for me and returned. my belief is too simple and i also do not read the bible and study it as others, but i believe. i live it more than read it. the bible states there is a God, and there are rules to follow. the bible states we need to accept him and live for him and this i also do and believe in. i am sure there are many differences, even small, in all of the bible teachings since the beginning. what it boils down to me is simple once again. if i want a chance to go to heaven, instead of hell, i will choose heaven and do what i have to do to get there. i don’t want to dissect the words anymore. i just want to love him and cherish him., asking him to guide me and forgive me. no matter what translations there are and how much i try to understand it, i will never be able to do this. god says we will not understand all. i never get involved with religious arguments or discussions because i don’t want another human trying to shake my faith. i don’t want to wonder. i just want to believe my simple faith. he is, he loves me, he forgives me. sorry this was longer than i wanted it to be. maybe i am not so simple-minded, but my faith still remains simple


    • Well, Terry, God does instruct us to be like children in our faith. It seems to me that you do just that. Plus, by avoiding religious arguments, you are protecting your mind. I, of course, would encourage you to read your Bible, even if it only Proverbs, which I find the easiest book to understand; but it seems to me that you and God have a very real, personal relationship, and He can always build on a willing heart. Thank you for putting your one cent in! LOL!!! You’re a love bug!


  8. Hi Bird,

    I’ve not been on WP for a few days & feel so out of touch. But I’m happy I found your post because this is such a CONFIRMATION for me. 🙂 This same issue has been on my heart for a while. In fact, I’ve been talking about it with some of my friends about memorizing more verses so that the Holy Spirit can bring them to me when I need them.

    Although I have read thru the Bible a few times & do read it consistently so I remember more & more verses, passages, etc., I feel the NEED to be very intentional about memorizing verses right now…for some reason, I guess the Spirit is telling me I’m going to need them….Wow. I just realized that. Guess I was supposed to login this a.m. and read your post. 🙂

    Anyway, I agree that a good number of Christians are not “educated” on the Living Word of God. Not too long ago, our pastor talked about this and threw out some “sayings/verses” that people sometimes assume are written in the Bible. Like “God helps those who help themselves,” etc. He always talks about testing everything against Scripture. “Where is it written?” The only way to do that is to KNOW what is written.

    You’re right about seeing something different every time you read passages. It depends on what God wants to tell you at that point. Sometimes a certain word just pops out at you & you’re sure that the word wasn’t there before! HA! I just heard this last night: Every time you read Scripture, you are having a conversation with God. A CONVERSATION. Although I know it, just hearing it said that way, made an impact on me. The Bible is so much more than an instruction book or study guide.

    I certainly am no Bible scholar or anything, believe me. I certainly don’t understand a lot of the “why’s” in the OT…why God wanted certain things or did certain things. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” And all that. But I do want to say one thing in response to Zelmare’s comment: “I feel that a lot of laws, especially from the OT has very little relevance today.” You’re right in the way that we’re not bound to those laws anymore. Jesus came to fulfill the law…..it all led to Him and we’re under the new law of Christ. We are free! Yay!

    Whew. I’ve been too busy to write a post but this was long enough to be one! Sorry!

    Great post!


  9. Hi Bird,

    The issue of the bible always sparks lot’s of converstation I find this to be so interesting. For me I can not navigate this fallen world without the bible.

    No amount of money or great wisdom can create a miracle like GOD. No human is able to do the magnificant things GOD creates. GOD is indeed the alfa and omega, the beginning and the end.

    So many times I have prayed and GOD has shown me what to do and if I did not follow this instinct or feeling I always paid the consequence. GOD is amazing.

    For me having faith and remembering GOD is in control as I was dying was a huge releif I can not imigine how I would have survived the pain and suffering without my faith in Jesus Christ.

    I have been called to be a Warrior For Jesus Christ and be bold to share my life and the miracles of Jesus.

    I did not beleive in GOD until I was in my early forties life was just too dificult and it seemed GOD had forgoton me. I am here to say GOD never forgot me he wept along with me as I endured severe pain and suffering.

    I have lot’s of questions when I get to heaven but this I do know I am going to heaven and Jesus holds my right hand while I travel this thing called life.

    My life is by no means perfect and I am by no means a perfect human but I don’t think anyone is perfect living in this world. Jesus is the only way for me.

    Just wanted to share my opinion with everyone 🙂 Outstanding post one more time Bird.

    GOD bless you Bird!


  10. I do agree with the issue that Christians tend to not educate themselves about their beliefs. But I wonder if some of them are not really “Christians”. By this I mean that the Bible says that we are to love and desire God, if someone does not desire God then are they really a Christian? Or do they just call themselves Christian because they simply believe God exists?

    James 19-20
    19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?

    This Bible verse is saying that it takes more than just believing in the God of the Bible to be what we today call a “Christian”. It is saying faith with out works is dead in the sense that if we truly desire God we should be taking upon ourselves to learn and so much more. Of course, I kind of addressed this in one of my own blogs a while back.

    I am not saying that every “Christian” who is not educated about the Bible is not truly a “Christian”, (I can not determine who is really saved and who is not) but I am saying there is a good possibility that every person who claims to be a Christian and is really not; is confused about what it really takes to be a Christian BECAUSE they have not educated themselves about the Christian beliefs and simply because they have no desire to. There is a difference between not having the desire and not having the time/means/ability to do better.

    I also addressed the issue of people being predisposed to unbelief and how faith is a matter of choice, and I believe this is what you are dealing with when it comes to “arkenaten”.


    • The Bible does say that not everyone who calls Him Lord is a true believer. You’re right. But of course, that level is completely between God and each individual person. Good comments!


  11. wow…awesome post my Sister. You are “on the ball” today. Its sad to see folks rally be brainwashed. I hate using that term but its what a person is when he or she believes something when they cannot give any logical reason as to why they believe it in the first place. anyway, the most deceived are those who never see their own blindness… I better go…. URA Blessing
    Bro Paul


  12. I love reading my Bible, and of course have read it through many times & in different versions, BUT how much more could I have studied, how much more could THE WORD have caged my life it I’d paid it more attention? Thirty five years a Christian, and I’m only now realising it might be my turn to encourage & nurture young believers.


  13. Ahhhh debate. I advertise myself as a Christian and I do my best everyday to live and follow the teachings of Christ. I fall short. I’m still learning. Aren’t we all? I try to steer clear of conversations that involve debate when it comes ot the Bible. Mostly because I want to still have a relationship with that person later. It irritates me sometimes. Usually when the person who wants to debate is just doing it to be doing it to be a pain.


  14. You know, I cannot see where anyone has answered the original objection, here. REBORN Christians are the dumbest kind of Christian — is it my imagination or was that the question?
    I kept reading, hoping someone would get to it. However.
    Reborn Christians are the only true Christians. I think. I mean, don’t we have it from the mouth of the Christ that we must be reborn? Am I missing something here?
    Also. The word “Christian” means “follower of Christ” or “believer in Christ”. Someone who has no idea what Christ taught could hardly claim to be a Christian. He might be a believer, saved, and even born again, but tell me, what does the word “Christian” mean? — “Follower of Christ.”
    On to the Bible. All the old-fashioned objections were obliterated when they found the Dead Sea Scrolls. This find was carefully hidden from the general public, although these scrolls were the most astounding and faith-building archaeological find EVER. Why? Because they decimated all the old-fashioned arguments against the veracity of the Word. What was it about them, you ask? Well, these scrolls were merely ancient, ancient copies of the Bible and had been hidden from enemies of some sort for centuries, sealed in jars in caves. What they found was that while these hand-made copies were hiding, the act of copying was continuing to this day, and lo and behold, there were hardly any discrepancies! Only one-tenth percent was different!
    If we realize how carefully the copyists made sure they copied it right, we would realize how seriously they believed in the absolute importance of getting this right. For instance, they could not even be considered for the job unless they could recite the entirety of the Holy Writ, FORWARD AND BACKWARD WITHOUT MISTAKE. A boy began memorizing as soon as possible and worked a large portion of his life to EARN the privilege of being a copyist. Then, once a section was completed, it was read by others who also had it all memorized both ways. It was read both ways to find mistakes. If one mistake was found, it was thrown away. Period.
    They cared a LOT more than the villains who throw up complaints, misspelled and full of typos.
    And as for retranslating, from time to time, the very argument that so many bring up, that word meanings change, is the VERY REASON we MUST redo the work from time to time. Whew.
    And–King James did not translate: He hired the most brilliant wordies of his day to do the work. A vry large team of brilliance, some experts in ancient Greek or Hebrew, others experts in the current usage of English. And considering the fact that until then, villains would kill anyone who tried to give the English-speaking public a copy of the Word in their own language, this was a huge GIFT.
    NOT something to be spit upon.
    And it is true that the Word is alive and active. It breathes and acts. It speaks. It’s a little like the mystery of holding a conch to the ear and hearing the entire ocean from which it came. The Word contains, indeed, in a way, it IS, the God from which it came. It embodies Him in a unique way, noticed not only by us, but also by the writers of it, when they said it is living and active and able to separate a person’s motives from what he THINKS his motives are. I love that about it. I can read along, thinking I am so sweet and good, and then bang. Right between the eyes. I’m human again. Yay God!
    Okay. Now. The Ark.
    1. Noah did not have to gather the animals. The Word says God brought them to him.
    2. He did not bring two of every variety, just two of every kind. Two dogs, period. Two cats, period. We must remember the gene pool was much better back then. MUCH better. Also, the Word does not say they were adult versions. Very young animals would not have exhibited animosity, as we see from stories of kittens and puppies that grow up together. Also, they would not have needed as much food or litter, nor taken up as much space, nor given off as much stench, and likely would not have feared water nor grown seasick, nor gotten pregnant. Also, they would have slept more.
    If we WANT to believe, it is simple to see how it could be done.
    Also, go figure: The thing was huge.
    There was more I wanted to say, but my eyes are getting bleary. Go to my posts on this topic, if you want, that begin here:


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