The Insightful Blog Award

Look what I received!! My friend Sara, from Kyllingsara passed this award over to me. I am very honored to be considered her friend, and to be the recipient of yet another wonderful blog award. Thanks, Sara.


What I really love about this award is that it had no rules attached. So, instead of enumerating other boring facts about myself, I thought I’d show you a picture of when I was little. Can you tell which one is me?

Which one is the Bird?


Now, to pass this little award on to someone else. I’ve chosen to pass this on to Jacqueline at Healing for the Nation. She writes one of the blogs that I really, really enjoy, and she has a way of just really making me feel worthwhile. Thanks, Jacqueline!!

So, again thanks to Sara for giving me this award, and for making me laugh by calling me a sucker when she passed it on to me. You are too much fun, girl!

— Bird

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