Another Blog Award — The Reader Appreciation Award

Is it my birthday? Because I feel like it seeing that I just got another award today! I want to thank Jacqueline at Healing for the Nation for giving me this lovely award. My two awards today really were rays of sunshine in a gloomy day for me, and I want ya’ll to know I really do appreciate you guys thinking of me. 🙂

So, without further ado, there are rules to this award. I am supposed to tell you what I’ve been up to lately.

Today, I’ve been working on my laptop almost all day. After many, many hours, I had to call time of death on it. It was a really depressing moment, as I think I may have lost years worth of pictures. 😦  But, thankfully, my daughter Rebekkah has lent me her laptop until I can someday afford to get another one. So, at least I’m not without resources at the moment… Thanks, Bekkie!

Also, I have to nominate 6 other blogs for the award. But you know I only nominate one, so drum roll please…..

I nominate:

1. Finding Hope and Peace in this Upside Down World


— Bird


16 responses to “Another Blog Award — The Reader Appreciation Award”

  1. You so deserve this award Cathie…every post is so full of meaning for everyday living, I can see why you were given yet another award. You are appreciated…


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