And A Third – The Liebster Blog Award


And another award!! This award was passed on to my from Stephen at Life Revelation. I appreciate Stephen’s shout-out, but I am especially honored by his description of me:

“Bird has a blog entitled Everyone Has A Story at…and does this woman have stories. Sometimes they are hilarious, other times you can feel the pain. No matter what she picks it and soldiers on. Talked about a trooper…this woman is the real thing.”

Now, that is just a seriously cool description, don’t you think?

So, as I’m given to do, I am going to skip all the nonsense personal stuff about me, and post yet another picture:

Okay. Which one is me?


Now, the person I’m nominating for this award is: writerwannabe at hometogo. While there are many things to like about her site, I am super impressed that she has been married for 49 years…Given the recent hiccough in my own marriage, I’m blown away by that! Please go check out her site. There is something there for everyone.

Thank you so much for my award!!

— Bird


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