An Answer For Everybody-By Bekkie

I read the The Answer for Arkenaten. My mom was telling me about him, how he goes to christian sites and shakes the boat. Of course, I liked the passage. I don’t know how you guys see my mom, knowing her only as thoughts and words on a screen. However, I know her. As much as you can know another person, this is how well I know her. If you think she’s nice, you would be right. What maybe you wouldn’t see is that she has indeed bought a vacuum from a traveling salesman. She’s a sucker for a sad story. Her empathetic little heart has given away numerous bags of clothes, more food than she kept for herself, entire vehicles. Money to every single hobo, and also to every friend. Alcohol, because she doesn’t judge. What I like about her being involved in the blogging thing is that now, here, she can give away what to me is her most valuable possession. Knowledge.

Knowledge. Not just faith, anymore. God has indeed proven himself, first to her, and to me. However, Having read the majority of the comments on that passage-not all, it got a little tiresome by the end- I don’t really want to get long winded. I do want to correct something though. If you feel affection or love for my mom, good. You should. She has never been a bad person to have around. If she loves you back, then care for it. You won’t regret maintaining that relationship. She did maybe do a slight injustice to Ark. That’s what I want to address.

I get what you’re saying, man. And for the most part, I even agree with what you say. I kept looking for whatever it was that bothered my mom, and not seeing it. For an atheist, you’re not bad. But what all of those words didn’t address is God. From anyone, really, christian or not.

Here’s the thing. There is such a thing as absolute truth. Truths that exist regardless of wether or not anyone knows, or cares. The Creator of the universe has no need of aknowledgment from the creation. What can be made, that is fit to critisize the Maker? Know this: if I am wrong, what harm is done? But if God indeed reigns, just on the other side of what we see, what else matters?

The whole bible is one long story about how much humans suck. We’re terrible, selfish, self-centered assholes. Not one book in the bible doesn’t share that theme. I know, because I looked. We, as humans, cannot be trusted. God’s point is that He can be. Don’t look at other people, their action or innaction. Don’t pay attention to anyone’s opinions or faults. Think instead on this: God sent His son, because he knew we were fuck-ups. He’s not the dumbass, we are. Don’t get the two confused. Argue against religion all day long. You’re right. It’s useless. But take care when you argue against the source. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living god. He’s not like us. You, in the end, are bound for death, as are we all. Consider then the question of death, and what comes after. Don’t do it here. I don’t need to know what you think. I only seek to warn you, and others, as I would if you were crossing the street and a bus was coming. It’s ok to question and to search. Make sure though, that you seek the truth, and not a comfortable lie.


— Bekkie


42 responses to “An Answer For Everybody-By Bekkie”

  1. very good post. i hope the ‘jerk’ is able to grow up enough to realize that he’s only trying to convince himself and raise the decibel level to the point he doesn’t ‘hear’ Truth.
    “the lady (Arkenaten) doth protest too much, me thinks” Queen Gertrude


  2. “The whole bible is one long story about how much humans suck.”

    That’s one of the most insightful things I think I’ve ever read. Bird, I think I know where she gets it.


  3. I absolutely loved the last sentence of this post, “Make sure though, that you seek the truth, and not a comfortable lie.” That is awesome, I might have to steal that sometime if you don’t mind! Such a wise thing to say!


  4. Great post. As for Arkenaten, I have heard it said that it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to believe in God. I doubt he thinks in those terms, though. I read some of his posts. He is definitely full of anger at someone and it seems to make him feel good to mock the Lord and all who believe in Him. I wouldn’t want to stand in his shoes on judgement day. Like Scoumbes, I love the last sentence. Lies can be comfortable for the short term, but in the long term they are pretty painful to deal with. The sharp sword of truth may hurt for a moment, but the eternal benefits far outweigh the discomfort. Certainly nothing in comparison to eternal punishment.


    • @successbmine

      It is unfortunate that the concept of eternal punishment is a Christian one. Seems to fly in the face of an omnipotent deity, wouldn’t you say?
      Oh, and don;t fret, so. I am not angry at anyone, really I’m not, I swear to your god(if it makes you feel better!)
      I do not mock “the Lord” One cannot mock something that does not exist.
      And thank you for popping over to The Ark’s spot to read. I am honoured that you took the time.
      Namaste, peace and all that other good stuff.


      • “It is unfortunate that the concept of eternal punishment is a Christian one. Seems to fly in the face of an omnipotent deity, wouldn’t you say?”

        Not at all! Yes, God is omnipotent. He is a God of love and mercy, too, but also one of justice. We each have a choice in this life – to believe or to disbelieve. The ‘rewards’ for either decision are fully laid out in the Bible. God doesn’t put anyone in hell. People put themselves there by their choice not to believe in God. And Hell was originally created for Satan and the fallen angels, not for people. But if people choose to follow Satan’s ways, that will be their eternal punishment too.

        Look at it this way. We have laws in our society to protect people. If you decided to murder someone tomorrow, you already know what the punishment will be when you are caught. It’s plain for all to know. But, I assume, you have never made such a choice, and so that punishment will not be dealt to you. Ignore the law, refuse to obey it and there are consequences. It’s the same with God. He has made it clear to us what the consequences are of refusing to believe in Him.

        And there is ultimate Truth whether you choose to believe in it or not. Galileo was deemed a heretic because he dared refute the idea that the world was flat with his theory that it was actually round. But, as even you would agree, he has been proved right. So, where was truth? The people of that day would have said that the ‘world is flat’ theory was truth and that Galileo spoke a lie. But it wasn’t so. Do you not see that what you consider to be truth, that God doesn’t exist, could be just as false and that we Christians could just be on the right track?

        I would like to give you a little ‘challenge’. Would you be willing to read a book by a former atheist who set out to prove just what you are saying? Funny thing, though, he ended up proving to himself that he had been completely wrong. His truth was flawed. God’s Truth, as he discovered, is real. There is a series of books by this former newspaper journalist that are highly intellectual. His name is Lee Strobel and some of his books are: “The Case for Christ”; “The Case for Faith”; “The Case for Creation”. These are written from interviews with scientists and people highly respected in the academic world in their various fields, not just some preachers of the Gospel. They are full of scientific data. I think “The Case for Christ” was his first and I would recommend that one as the best place to begin. But, of course, it is your choice as well whether you take me up on my challenge or not. 🙂


        • Oh, dear. Please excuse me if I smile. If you honestly think I woke up yesterday and decided over my Cornflakes that today would be a good day to be an atheist and go and wind up all those naughty Christians you are sadly mistaken.
          Do you think I haven’t researched…..for years I might add. And Strobel is a twit. Have YOU read him?
          Galileo also proved that religion is poison – and it cost him the last eight years of his life under house arrest.
          Reborn Christians are some of the most uneducated of the Christians sects, having little or no true understanding of the history of their faith or the bible, and are even less inclined to ask pertinent questions.
          If you could point to the exact part in the Old Testament that refers to Matthew’s prophecy about Nazareth I will be very impressed. I’ll even award you a gold star, how’s that?


          • “Reborn Christians are some of the most uneducated of the Christians sects, having little or no true understanding of the history of their faith or the bible, and are even less inclined to ask pertinent questions.”

            Where did you get this information? Where is the proof? This was condescending, which if it came from someone who argued better than you do, I’d probably not even bother to answer. But you rarely say anything of substance in all the words you bandy about. I can answer your Nazareth question. There is no exact prophecy that we can find that mentions Nazareth specifically. The most likely explanation for this passage is to be found in the term “prophets.” The plural form would appear to suggest that no single Old Testament reference is in view, but rather the point being made rests upon a general “theme” reflected in numerous prophecies of Hebrew literature. But you think you’ve proved something here? What exactly? Explain to me Isaiah 53, then.


            • If what I write did not contain truth then there would not be 35,000 different Christian sects.
              Most have not even read the whole Bible and certainly none of the Christians I have spoken to.
              As for the proof. Christians demonstrate their ignorance every time they write about their faith.

              There is no O.T. reference to Nazareth anywhere in Old Testament literature.
              “The most likely term” Yes, this is what Christians have a nasty habit of doing, when the true answer is unpalatable, make one up.
              Isaiah 53. Do you honestly think this refers to Jesus? Seriously?


              • Yes, seriously! There were many prophecies in the Old Testament that pointed to Jesus (the Messiah) and which were fulfilled (historically proven – I know you think Strobel is a twit. So be it, but the scholars he interviewed are not looked on as twits, rather experts, in their fields) in His life.

                There is no sense in continuing this discussion. You are like those who declare there was no such thing as the Holocaust. But there are photos, survivors, etc. that prove it did happen. All the discussion in the world won’t change their minds, and you and I will never see eye to eye should we discuss and investigate for the next 50 years (and I don’t have 50 years left to do so).


                • Oh, wonderful! Bring in the anti semitic angle to try and make you look smart.Which, my dear, you really are not, I’m afraid.
                  No prophecy in the OT has ever, ever been proven in the New Testament. You;re responses are nothing but regurgitated reborn diatribe with no substance whatsoever.
                  I didn’t engage you. You engaged me with your rather obtuse comments and now all you have done is stress yourself out. For what? You are still as uninformed as before only now you are probably angry as well.
                  Rather silly, don’t you think?


                    • Rude? You lot believe I am going to hell…sorry, I forgot. I mean I have a CHOICE, of whether I go to hell, of course. And you are concerned I might not be as polite as you would wish?
                      Oh dear. Okay, I’ll say sorry if you promise I wont be going to hell. How”s that? 😉

                      Oh, and suggesting I am a Holocaust denier is not being rude? I would beg to differ and venture such a suggestion is bloody disgusting, thank you all for nothing.


                    • I read what she said. She was not being rude. She was using the Holocaust and the Holocaust deniers as an example of people sticking to their beliefs despite the overwhelming evidence proving otherwise. Trust me. I am a fervent Israel supporter, and would not have let anyone bash them on this site. She could have used the 9/11 and conspiracy theorists, or the man walking on the moon and the resulting deniers of that as examples as well….You two are not going to change each other’s minds because you have no common truth shared by both of you. So, all this is just boiling down to personal attacks, which profits no one. I’m not picking on you. You made a pretty good argument for your stance, but you aren’t going to find a lot of Christians that can be swayed from their beliefs with a good argument. Maybe it is time to move on to the next subject, you think? You’ve held you own very well here, in my opinion. 🙂


                    • Oh, I always have a great day. There’s only so many of them and as I’m due to go to hell I have to make each one count. Yikes!


                    • Ark, I sincerely hope you don’t go to hell. I don’t even want the man who molested me to go to hell. If it were all up to me, satan and his minions would be the only ones in the lake of fire. But I don’t embrace some of the bible and not the parts I don’t agree with. I’m sorry that bothers you so much, but since I truly, truly believe there is a God and that He wrote the Bible through men’s hands, I have to accept all of it. And if that makes me stupid in your opinion, then so be it. It is God’s opinion that counts to me.

                      lol..And no one called you a Holocaust denier! I would never let anyone say anything vile like that about anyone here, unless they were clearly a Holocaust denier, and had boldly proclaimed that for all the world to see…. That would appall me to no end. Have a good night, Ark. I think your work here is done. Thanks for the lively debate.


                    • Any time…
                      So, you don;t embrace some parts of the Bible, but you believed it is all the inspired Word of God.
                      Interesting philosophy. What would one call this, Buffet Religion, perhaps?
                      “Hmmmm, I’ll have some of those blessings, and some of that eternal life stuff, but can you go easy on the damnations? Ta very much.”
                      “Right…move along…NEXT!”


                    • No, that is the opposite of what I said. Even though I would wish that some of what the bible says wasn’t true, I trust God enough to know that He had His reasons, and He doesn’t owe me an explanation. I believe every word is in it is from God.


                    • LOL…Had his reasons. Yeah…right!
                      LIke saying. “Thou shalt not kill…and later, commanding Joshua to enter Canaan and liquidate every living breathing thing. for instance. …because they were ‘sinners’. Odd wouldn’t you say?
                      And he didn’t even let the sun go down until the job was done, If memory serves.
                      Oh, yes, one can count on God all right. Every one’s favorite despotic genocidal maniac.

                      Makes Adolf, Stalin and Pol Pot look like naughty boys.
                      But that’s the advantage of being God, I guess.
                      He doesn’t give a s*** what others think, right?
                      Gotta love the Bible, right? Every five year old’s favorite bedtime read.
                      Sheesh, what a crock….


                  • Excuse me, but I engaged you? This isn’t your web site. I commented here and I don’t remember commenting on yours. You are the one who commented on my comment and called me uneducated. And I am not spitting feathers or anything else. And I am not in the least stressed out, nor am I angry nor am I “trying to look smart”. You have no idea of how well informed I am, so please, like Bird said, don’t make this a personal attack. You have no way of knowing if I am smart or stupid – it’s merely your opinion. I believe what I believe and you don’t believe what you don’t believe. And antisemitism had nothing to do with why I bought up the issue of the holocaust. It is a historical matter, and not a religious argument. I merely pointed out that people can believe something didn’t exist or happen even when there is much proof that it did. It doesn’t make them right, other than in their own minds. And I wasn’t suggesting that you are one of those who don’t believe it happened.


                    • “You are like those who declare there was no such thing as the Holocaust. But there are photos, survivors, etc. that prove it did happen.”

                      Is there any other way to interpret this?

                      You engaged me after I had commented and not to you. Who cares who’s blog it is? Must we now ask permission? If one doesn’t like the comments, there is a delete button. I really don;t mind.

                      Of course I know how smart you are – you are a reborn Christian. This speaks volumes in itself.
                      It demonstrates you are unlikely to investigate anything pertaining to your faith that might contradict your preconceived notions of reality based on the unsubstantiated evidence of a man-god.
                      You have already stated there is no consensus among Christians, let alone your so-called reborns so how on earth can you, for one second, claim
                      to ‘know’ anything?
                      It would be quite humorous, were it true, that come ‘judgement day’ to see all the Christians jostling for position and arguing among themselves who will get a ‘Pass Go ‘ ticket.


          • Matthew’s prophecy? Matthew was not a prophet. But if you are referring to Matthew 21:11 where the people said that Jesus was the prophet from Nazareth, then there is a prophecy concerning Galilee in Isaiah 9:2 which predicts the coming of a great light to the people there and was referring to the coming of Jesus, the Light of the world. And I’m not interested in your gold stars. The only rewards I seek are those I receive from the King of kings when I go to heaven.

            Yes, I have read a number of Strobel’s books. And have seen the DVDs. So you believe he is a twit. OK. You have a right to your own opinion. Just because you believe it doesn’t make it so. But even if he is, what of the highly educated men he interviewed who are renowned in their fields, extremely intelligent professionals who have something valid to say. Or are you insinuating that Strobel made all that up?

            “Reborn Christians are some of the most uneducated of the Christians sects, having little or no true understanding of the history of their faith or the bible, and are even less inclined to ask pertinent questions.” I am not ashamed to call myself a born-again Christian, but I think you take a lot on yourself to infer that I am uneducated about my faith. I have studied the Bible for many years. I have read it through from cover to cover many times–an average of more than once per year.


            • You are correct, my wording was poor.Matthew was not a prophet. I was of course referring to the supposed prophecy from Hebrew prophets.

              I reiterate. There is no mention of Nazareth in the OT.

              Nazareth did not exist at the time the character of Jesus is said to have lived. There is not a shred of archaeological evidence to substantiate such a claim.

              Isaiah 9:2.
              Yes, well. ho hum…
              Are we going to throw the branch, root theory into the mix as well?

              You are well read about your faith no doubt but this is not the same as well-educated. I am sorry.
              Reborns and Christians in general have never been actively encouraged to investigate biblical history – unless with a theological bias in mind. Remember, at one time a person could be brutally tortured and murdered for dissent.
              If you are prepared to suspend all judgment; then set out on an in depth investigation then you most likely will arrive at conclusions that will differ from the dogma that you have been inculcated with.
              This is my challenge to you… Dare to take it?


              • How many born-again Christians do you actually know of all the hundreds of thousands in this world that you think you have the authority to say most of us are uneducated about our faith?

                I have read a great deal in archaeology magazines which lead me to believe the opposite of your conjecture – that investigation will cause me to arrive at a different conclusion. I have also had enough proof, in my own life and what I have seen in the lives of other true Christians to know God is very real. There are many people who call themselves Christians, even born-again Christians, who do not live their lives as they should and who know little about God’s Word and have a very superficial relationship with Him. That is why I said “true Christians”. There is a major difference.

                I have seen lives dramatically turned around when a person has accepted Jesus as Lord, and that does not happen in the natural. I have seen answers to prayer that would not have happened without the intervention of a very real and personal God. I do not need to do further investigation into something I already know (not just believe) to be true. I can simply look back to what I used to be and what I am now and know the hand of the Lord has been on me. You mock those who are born again, but you don’t even know us. We, on the other hand, know what our life’s experience is, and no one will ever convince us that we didn’t experience it.


                • If you reborns cannot even decide which are good Christians and which are not then why do you think you have the authority to judge yourselves, let alone non-believers? Besides, if you know all this to be true, have seen /experienced the “miracle of Prayer”, believe Jesus is Lord (and there are umpteen millions of folks from perfectly legitimate other faiths all over the world that would most Definitely disagree with your “qualified” opinion) then why on your god’s earth are you spitting feathers trying to justify it to me?


  5. You’ve put the truth so it’s understandable to anyone willing to hear. I agree with those who said your last sentence was excellent. How often we’re tempted to settle for comfortable lies, but what deadly consequences! Thanks for posting this. It’s truth lovingly spoken.


  6. @ Mike & Brandy.
    ” i hope the ‘jerk’ is able to grow up enough to realize that he’s only trying to convince himself and raise the decibel level to the point he doesn’t ‘hear’ Truth.”

    Well, if you are going to be Ad hominem, all I can say, is “Right back at you..”


  7. Contrary to most of those that cared to comment on this post, you seem like a nice person.
    That we disagree on such basic fundamental issuse pertaining to god/s afterlife etc is fine. We are, after all only human – ’tis the way we were made (evolved?) not so? The ultimate truth is not what happens after death but rather how we live our lives whilst we are alive.


  8. “Make sure though, that you seek the truth, and not a comfortable lie.”

    This is my whole point. What religion has done to humanity is made them accept that lie…

    If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.
    Rene Descartes
    Principles of Philosophy, 1644


    • i left the faith, friend. i looked into other things. i wrote about it once, back when i was starting. its called God if you want to read it. but i came back for a reason. i want to tell you something. im sorry that its public, but i dont know how to send it privately. when i came back to my first faith, i felt humbled. i realized that i had very little foundation. i couldnt defend my faith even to myself. i prayed and told god that i needed to know his word, but had no motivation to read my bible. im as ghetto as the next person. id rather watch the office and eat. i somehow landed at this church. we’ve never been big church goers, but somehow my brother and i ended up there. they were, that day, beginning a series of bible studies entitled foundations. their first goal was to research calvinism vs armenianism. i didnt even know what those were, and had never even considered the questions they asked-or attempted to answer, i dont know. regardless, as i had no opinion, i had to really research, so i read through the new testament and just made marks for scriptures that answered either side. in the end i ended up on the calvin side, just from what id read. i was the only one in the bible study that arrived there. i was also the only one who could defend my stance with any thing other than, “well, i dont think god would do that..” etc. i get what you’re saying, about christians not knowing their own faith. god said that would happen-my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. that was the motivation i needed. now i read, and my questions are answered. lately what ive been learning more and more is that no one is saved because they made a choice. no one, left to their own devices, would come to god. each of us would eat the fruit, each of us would crucify jesus. we all take the easy way, get caught up, dont care. but god calls his people from before the foundation of the world. he ordaines us, that we should walk in the good works hes prepared for us. he makes it pretty clear that he saves us, and shows mercy on whom he’ll show mercy, and wrath to whom he’ll show wrath. hes no respecter of persons. when i read through this discussion, i see that something in you is looking for something. i dont know if you want to see someone abandon their faith, or if you want to be convinced. the fact that you come back makes me wonder if you are called though. i think you might be. i hope that doesnt offend you. if you are called, you have been shown great mercy. god understands doubt. he wants you to question, as he wanted me to. if you dont question-and also seek answers-you will never be firm. he would rather we be careful and doubt, so we can see the lies when they appear. he also says not to get into vain arguments which do no good. he says that to us, and we’re all messing up when these kinds of debates get going. i just really want you to know that i do get where you’re coming from. ill probably forget to pray about you, because im human and i dont really know you. i want you to know that because i want you to know i tell the truth. i am familliar with the truth, the substance of it. i love the truth. the truth i know is that god is not like us. he’s different, more, better. dont put your time and effort into people. there’s no good to be found there. look for god. he wont hide.


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