My New Appreciation For Facebook Communication Techniques

Does any one else remember when Facebook first came out? I had been using MySpace for a while by that time, but several of my friends had said they’d moved over to Facebook instead because it was more about the mature communication there as opposed to dumb little cliché quotes and YouTube Videos. …

I think it would be safe to say that isn’t the case anymore.


I have 215 “friends” on Facebook, and am seriously no longer to able to keep up with every single thing people write on the Wall, so I’ve come to actually appreciate the pithiness of some of these posters.


For instance, one of my friends is having a hard time with someone else today:

One of them is feeling a bit insecure about her body image:

This one I have no idea what she is conveying. She’s a Biker Chick, but I think this cartoon is actually ridiculing bikers:

This friend is feeling deep and philosophical about love, which for some reason is completely annoying me:

And some are doing their little part to spread the Good News:

Now, when it comes to Facebook, I don’t write too much. My Facebook Page is mostly links to this blog and an occasional conversation with someone that they initiated. I’ve always resisted using little cutesy pictures with witty nuggets of wisdom like above, but I think today,  I’d jump on the train and post how I’ve been feeling for the last couple of days:



— Bird


51 responses to “My New Appreciation For Facebook Communication Techniques”

  1. It’s good to see you! I just got through sending you an email asking where you’d been! I saw that little thing about the ‘bad decisions’ the other day on one of my FB friends’ pages…love it. 🙂


    • Crappy week … I like this one because it isn’t specific about who I think is stupid and making bad decisions…lol. Just kidding!


  2. Hi Bird,

    I like quotes! ( ) But not the cheesy ones people post on Facebook. (Some of them are good, though 🙂 )

    Facebook and I have a very complicated affair. Though (I wish) I use it only to keep up with what’s happening around, I’d rather talk to the person directly. In a way, Facebook has helped me keep in touch with my long-distance friends, but it is highly anti-productive. You could read my rant here if you wish – 🙂


  3. Well, I am glad I only post a thought for the day and a prayer! It is almost like being told you could be a monkey lol.
    I know you were not thinking of me.

    Cyber hugs to you my friend!

    Walk daily with God at you side!


    ps: I hope this makes your day better. E


    • I actually opened a facebook account years ago, but then did nothing on it for several years. I would say I’ve been active on it for maybe 3 years now…


  4. Love this post Bird. I’m one of those dreaded posters. I had to really force myself to step away from it because I was even driving myself crazy with it. I have over 400 friends. A lot of them I don’t know or know in passing. But they read my blog so I keep them active. Oh well, such is the life of constant contact and connection….


  5. I love this. Hi mom, i’m home. Bet you thought i’d never get back with these groceries huh? oh btw they’re outa milk at Safeways……
    Just Kidding?!1, I;ve missed you sooo much, you and your alarmingly wonderful blog. I see you’ve beeen racking up these awards left right up down in out semi circle, half twist and parabola! CONGRATULATIONS ON EERYTHING!!! and though i’m not on FB anymore, i do agree with you about the love one, it is sorta pissioffish isn’t it?


    • lol..Where have you been, Young Lady??? I’ve missed you too!!! Thanks for the sweet compliments. Yes, the sappier the love stuff is the more I gag. To me, love is really rough, but when it is good, it is worth it. Can you tell I’m not a romantic person in general???


  6. I have a Face book account primarily for my music & blogs. I don’t have any problems with my band page, but I had to restrict my personal page to letting people I REALLY know post on my page. For the most part I’ve been able to ignore those irritating invitations to play some stupid game,(which is how many have downloaded 3rd party malware by the way) What I’ve found most distressing about people on Face book though; is the way they post those cutesie “Share if you love Jesus” posts and then a few minutes later will post something vulgar or obscene! It’s distressing because many times I’ve had to hide things posted by people who I know are born-again believers! It’s as if they don’t think that God can read their Face Book pages! Ah, the joys of social media!


  7. I used to be a twitteraholic and also posted quite a bit on Facebook. Now I hardly write anything on Facebook other than linking to my posts and some articles. I go on twitter a few times a week for a little while each time. I love the first poster! I think the biker hogs poster is making fun of the movie Wild Hogs.


    • lol..I rarely check my twitter account, but I can keep tabs on my kid in Japan on FB, plus once in awhile it is a good way to get a hold of someone. Thanks for taking a moment to comment!


  8. oh yes i remember when it came out..i have over 400 in my ministry i think only 20 may look at my posts..i do have family on there thats why i stay. my daughter is in michigan so i have to keep up with her.


  9. I’ve noticed some really funny comics on fb lately. I used another one for my post today. I’d share it here but I don’t think it’s possible to post a pic in a comment. The Spongebob one I used on Sunday is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. You shared some great ones here too, Bird. Thanks.


  10. I like it..especially the “Jesus in your heart” one….still trying to find it in the bible…anyway, yes facebooks a trip…


  11. thx for this Bird. Brandy and I loved the pix. FB never really held any attraction for us. when we went to the church down the street, they had a ‘christian’ version of it for members called ‘the city’. i had a hard time convincing the leadership that B and I were not that interested and would not be participating.
    love the posts here, though. keep it up…


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