The One Lovely Blog Award


Look what Terry gave me!! Thank you so much, Terry! After a bad couple of days in my really-real life, this was a nice reminder that all this writing and sharing is completely worth it and rather therapeutic! I’ve made some really good friends here in Blogosphere.

Terry’s site is one of the first sites I check in with each day, and I have mad, crazy respect for her. She is a caregiver for her brother Al, who has Parkinson’s disease. You literally never know what you are going to get when you visit!

There were really no rules with this award, but now it feels odd if I don’t do something to at least somewhat earn it, so I guess I’ll wing it and tell you guys some stuff about my day today:

1. Today is my son’s 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Dj!!

2. It is 4:30am, and when I was making coffee, the light in the kitchen over the stove burned out, but I thought a robber had cut the electricity because I saw a suspicious car when I let my dogs in earlier, and I think I might have had a mild heart attack. 😐

3. I was on my way to my bedroom to grab the shotgun, when I noticed the cable box lights were on, the dishwasher lights were on, and the stove clock was on….that is when I just flipped on the over-head light in the kitchen. LOL!!

I’m going to pass this award on to the following:

1. Victoria Visits

2. Originalapplejunkie

3. Meeting in the Clouds

Thank you so much, Terry!

— Bird


19 responses to “The One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Well, I have to say you do have a sense of humor at 4:30 in the morning! You are a wonderful person and deserve an award like this. Have a blessed day up there in Tulsa.

    Walk daily with God at your side!



    • lol..Thanks, Ed. I wake up happy most days..But that really freaked me out, then I had to laugh because there were indicators all over the kitchen that the electricity was on..including the stupid coffee pot!!! Nothing like jumping to the worst conclusion, right? Thanks for the sweet compliment!!


      • I too wake up happy most mornings. I use the early hours spending time with God and then catch up on the emails of the night before. Our quiet time.

        With these tumors in my head, the pain gets me up early, so I try to put it to good use. Sometimes it is manageable sometimes it hurts so much I need to go out to the living room so I don’t wake Ann up with my moaning.

        Look like it is going to be a lovely day!



        • I hope you have a completely pain-free day..Tumors in your head…how awful! I tend to have insomnia, so I spend quite a bit of time silently moving about the night to keep from waking up Chef, so I get what you’re saying…
          Yes, so far, today is looking good!


  2. “I was on my way to my bedroom to grab the shotgun..”
    ha ha ha ha ha! Who says that! Bird! loooooool! What a wonderful start to my already smiley day!
    Thank you for the nomination!! I will happily blog about this upon my return from my institute of higher education later on this evening 😛
    *tee he he*
    (My mother has been complaining about my “lazy speech habit of late”..I thought I’d try and get back into the swing of things :D)


    • My mom wouldn’t mind the way I write, but I think my step-grandmother would roll in her grave…She was an award winning grammar teacher, and she hated when people wrote in “slang”…lol…


      • My mother doesn’t mind the slang in my writing..but if I ever spoke slang to her..ha ha..she would just give me that “look” she was trying to gauge how much it would cost to send me to a School of’s not terrible..but as I’ve always excelled in English (writing and speaking)..she expects me to speak like that all the’s tiring..but at work I do..and other can’t quite remember right now..but if I wana tease her I know where to start..*he he*


        • I know what you mean.. My mom didn’t want her children to speak with an accent..not Yankee nor Southern, so people are usually surprised when they speak to me because I don’t speak with any regional accent…I used to feel like this made me stand out too much, but my kids don’t really have accents either, and now it is fun when people freak out when I tell them I and my children were born and raised in Texas.. 🙂


  3. Thank you, Bird, for an unexpected surprise – especially coming after a hard day or two.

    My hubby has a Pacemaker which stops his pulse rate from dropping below 60. He also has blocked arteries which are too weak for stents so he is being treated with medication. Yesterday morning his blood pressure dropped to 58. I called the Ambulance and he landed in hospital. He is OK now, but it was touchy for a while. Hopefully changes to the medicines will prevent another attack.

    So a double thank you.


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