The Awesome Blogger Content Award

I have been nominated for the Awesome Blog Content Award, or the ABC Award as it is called for short, by Terry 1954. I feel pretty special today, as I’ve been nominated for several today. Thank all of you…

Terry has become a real friend to me, and I feel invested in her life each day as I read her daily highs and lows being a constant caregiver for her beloved brother Al who is battling Parkinson’s disease. I encourage anyone reading this to check her site out!

There don’t seem to be any rules, so I will skip the weird stuff about myself and nominate some of my fellow bloggers for this award.

1. the second site – Ok. I know, I know. This is the site my children write at, but after reading Bekkie’s and Caitie’s latest entries, I’m inclined to think they deserve it.

2. kyllingsara – This is Sara, my friend that I blog about. I got to vent from prying eyes to her last night, and I’m thankful to God every day that He has given me a friend who seems always, always to know exactly what I’m struggling with, and why. The world got a little less lonely for me when we became friends.

Thank you again, Terry!! You are a blessing!!

– Bird


10 responses to “The Awesome Blogger Content Award”

  1. I have a list of blogs that I search out first. Yours is one that comes to my email every time you post. (Others I read on the Reader or get a weekly digest — otherwise I could not read everything everyone writes.) Love your content — that goes without saying — but some of the best tidbits of your wisdom and humor and love shine through in your comments. I’m so glad you’re a blogger who responds to your comments. Sandy


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