My God of Vengeance and One to be Feared

This morning, I was reading Chief of the Least’s explanation of arguing with fools, and it suddenly occurred to me that he brings up good points about the seemingly contradictory passages in the bible about arguing with a fool. Very pertinent after my recent discourses with Ark.

Bryan has never written one thing that I’ve disagreed with yet…and I’ve climbed all through his site, so I listen to him with a little less of a guard these days because it is obvious he hears from the same God I serve. And so, I thought about whether or not I should have answered Ark at all, knowing that God hasn’t really geared me up to have super intellectual, historically-based debates about the bible, Christianity, etc.

But that also lead me to think about why God has so many names. Bryan, not all that long ago, posted And He Shall Be Called… naming a few of the names for Jesus. I used to wonder why so many different names, and the answer that I came up with is because different people are drawn initially to God because they are looking for something specific in His nature that speaks to them from Him personally.

I think sometimes God is portrayed as the God of Love until our heads melt, while The Creator of All Things gets lost in poetry. The God who uphold All Things, or the God of Justice, isn’t as appealing to most people for whatever reasons. But that wasn’t so much the case with me.

When I started to eye God pretty carefully, it wasn’t so much the God of Love I was looking for. I was looking for the God of Vengeance, the God that was angry, a God with power, and one to be feared. In other words, I was looking for a God that was all that I was not. I would never have responded to a God that was ONLY loving, meek, merciful, kind…Those traits I came to learn and appreciate about Him later, but they weren’t on the top of the list for what I was looking for.

It is my opinion that by always trying to “love” people into the kingdom of God, or refusing to engage a debate with people because we want to “turn the other cheek“, we lose some of our opportunities to introduce them to a God that has other traits besides love, and thus might still be the answer to what specific other people are looking for. I don’t mean to be hateful, rude, insulting…You can give an answer without being personal, although I struggle with being sarcastic when it comes to my own anger. Hence, when I start getting really angry, I have to leave the conversation. But there are those who can answer these types of conversations without the personal anger interfering, and every once in a while, I’m kind of pleased that they introduce God of Justice, God of War, an angry God or a God to be Feared. Some of us were seeing if God was really all that powerful before we were going to through our lot in with Him.

Of course, as with my conversation with Ark, there becomes a point in these debates where it is all redundant and silly, and as you can see, I bowed out. I had used all my arguments, got into odd areas, and then I knew the Swine and Pearls moment had arrived. But I think Bryan makes a really good point that

‘So there are times you should answer a fool and there are times you shouldn’t. It depends on the nature of the fool.’ 

But I’d like to point out that I too, was a fool at one time, and someone not introducing me to the Lord of Vengeance, or just rolling over and tossing out a “I’ll be praying for you!” would have done absolutely nothing to steer me into the direction I needed to head to find my God.

God is a much bigger deity than just the God of Love. He has war-like properties and jealousies as well, and I don’t know that it would be honest to try to just love everyone into the Kingdom. Some people, like me, need to know some of the other traits of God, first, because that is what is so lacking in our own selves and lives..

Just my own two cents!!

— Bird

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  1. Bird, Jesus’ greatest parable is that of the Prodigal Son. The Father gives us freely what we ask for, even if we wish to go to a “foreign land”. The consequences of our free choices is God’s justice: you can freely choose to “squander your inheritance” and if you end up longing to fill your belly with what the pigs are eating, that’s not God’s vengeance, that’s the just consequences of bad decisions made in a sinful spirit. But Christ reveals the good news that this “Oriental chieftain” so often portrayed in the Old Testament is actually a loving Father who will joyfully run to meet us if we return to Him. In the Gospel of John, Phillip asks Jesus to show the apostles the Father, and Jesus’ reply is straightforward and pierces to the heart: “Those of you who have seen me, have seen the Father.”

    God bless!


    • While I agree that was one of Jesus’s parables, I’m not sure that I am understanding what your comment is saying here. That may have been the greatest one to some people, but maybe it isn’t the greatest one to me. Actually, I tend to enjoy the Owner of the Vineyard parable a little more. See what I mean? There are plenty of books in the bible that explain other traits of God, other than love, am I right?


      • The God of the OT and Allah are the same paradigm: God is Master. Jesus came and established a new covenant, and revealed a new paradigm: God is Father. To see the traits of God, see the traits of a true loving Father. Does a loving Father give us everything we think we want? Does a loving Father discipline? Easy – as a child finds it easy to do – to equate discipline with vengeance or other angry traits. Those are my thoughts, I welcome others.


        • Mmmm. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. No, a loving Father doesn’t give us everything we want, and yes He disciplines His children. But Vengeance and Discipline are not the same things. Did God say Vengeance was His? I get that most people respond and long for God to just love them and nothing more…But some of us want a BIG God…one that is to be feared and held in reverence…Not so much a pal, or even a kind of fairy godfather in the sky…He isn’t that kind of God to me…


          • He’s more than just a ‘pal’ and ‘fairy godfather in the sky’ to me too. The fact that I have experienced Him in a loving way in my life doesn’t mean that I don’t believe He is a God to be respected and reverenced…yes feared…in the sense that He absolutely can wipe out tons of people in the blink of an eye. And He absolutely is a just God. There are a ton of verses that say God is slow to anger and plenteous in mercy. But even there, Nahum 1:3 points this out: Nahum 1:3

            King James Version (KJV)

            3 The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

            Our God is a big God, and a just God…He is a God who will punish the wicked, and in fact has done so. And I take comfort in that too. I don’t take comfort in the idea of hell for people who don’t believe when they’re good, kind people, and I don’t think you do either. You have as much as said so to people on here yourself. You have friends that you love and care about on here who aren’t born again. And I do too. I don’t judge those people and neither do you. But I recognize, as you do, that God is God…and He can do whatever He will do. I’ve never personally said anything other than that. But I will talk about God in the way I personally have experienced Him too…not as a fairy godfather or pal at all! As a God that I love and respect and am humbled in the presence of…but that I know has a HUGE compassion and love for His people.


  2. I think it’s important to note (in my opinion, anyway…lol) that God, as a loving Father who knows every hair on our heads, meets each of us where we need to be met. I believe that, because I’ve heard others speak of other ways He has shown Himself in their lives than the ways He has in mine. It’s not that He doesn’t show me correction sometimes…ways that I’ve missed the boat. He does. But it’s always in this way, where it’s like a stern Father who obviously loves me…even in the midst of being reprimanded for something I’m screwing up, I hear the love in His voice. Maybe someone else won’t relate to that…so He deals with them in a way that they understand and that works with them. I mean…as a parent, you know that each of your kids is a different individual. What gets through to one won’t phase another, perhaps. When I taught piano lessons, I used different methods for different students, because some worked better for one, and another would work better for another. It’s kind of the same thing. For me, my whole life I have needed…craved love, and felt unloved in ways. I’ve also tended to be loving and kind in a lot of ways, where maybe someone else wouldn’t be. And I’m not saying that because I think I’m better!! Far from it!! Just that each of us is a different personality, with different needs and different things that get through to us. Hope I’m making sense. Anyway, good blog!


    • I don’t mean God’s vengeance directed at people..I mean directed at satan..I don’t mean to freak people out thinking God is going to smash them…lol. Although, He pretty much outlines a harsh end to those who reject Him, huh? I mean He’s a Powerful God, and He will do what He wants!


      • Absolutely!! I was just addressing the fact that you had said something about not really ‘only’ seeing God in that loving way, and that’s pretty much how I’ve always seen Him. But for you, you like the idea of a God who has that power against Satan and his evil.


  3. Bird,
    God poured His anger out on Himself because He loved you.
    The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.
    At some point this should lead us to then start to love God with all that is in us.
    I write primarily with the intent to awaken this in believers so we can be what we were called to be.


    • is the BEGINNING of wisdom…Why would we always skip that part when talking about God?

      I know He loves me, and that is how and why I respond to Him NOW, but what about the beginning? Why preach hell and brimstone to get people to wake up? For the fear factor in it… I’m never going to be politically correct about only showing the traits in a God that doesn’t make people uncomfortable. That is cherry-picking…


      • Bird,
        I wrote, “If Bell’s Hell Has No Flame”, and Legalism, Licence and the Love of God.
        I wrote the latter as an answer to Johnathan Edward’s, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”Edwards illustrated God holding us back from Hell by His love.


  4. Great post as always, Bird. I have one comment though – which goes to prove that a phrase can be interpreted in different ways. About “turning the other cheek” – I have always found it the opposite of weak. To me, there is defiance in that statement. It’s the opposite of walking away.

    Arguing from an emotional standpoint is usually pointless, because one stops hearing as soon as anger, sadness, hurt, or other feelings start roaring through one’s veins – but that being said, there are times I have argued at my best when I have been “calmly” angry. No, not talking about the quick, going-straight-to-your-head kind of anger, but the anger that simmers and fuels one into action. Thoughtful action.

    As far as giving up on Ark, I am still going to engage him in debate. I believe there’s a reason why he keeps throwing fire torches into the debate. I believe he wants to hear and learn more. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t feel I’m losing anything by discussing with dear Ark. In fact, I’m gaining insight. And that’s never waisted. There’s actually a part of me that’s gotten to care for him a little. Kind of like one would for a child that’s acting out. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, but I can see how it might be taken as such. Not calling Ark a child.

    I needed a loving God because anger scares me these days. Especially when it comes to my childhood. So God met me with love. I don’t know if I’m explaining it well, but I am incapable of feeling any lasting anger when it comes to any of what happened. My alters can, but not me. If I had encountered the angry God, I would have hightailed away as fast as I could.

    Anyway – good morning! 🙂


    • I understand what you are saying.

      I met God looking for His power, Love wasn’t something I’d ever trusted, so it didn’t appeal to me until later. And I was a really angry person, hence the re-directing it towards satan. I love that satan spends eternity in the lake of fire..That is the vengeance I’m talking about.


    • That’s how I feel too…both about having come to care for him…looking beyond those words he throws out there to try to stumble us, it seems, and about God. I had an image of God for all my life up to the point where I accepted Christ, that was one of an angry God who was always just disappointed in me. I could never measure up. And then when I actually got to know God, He has not been like that at all with me. And if He had been, it would’ve definitely been a stumbling block to me. When my first husband sent me an email that he wanted to end our marriage suddenly one day I was devastated. Then he started treating me like some awful thing stuck to the bottom of his shoe…totally became someone else toward me. I would throw up after conversations with him. During all of that, God spoke His love to me…He let me know that I was not what anyone else had done to me. I was not what I had done…I was His child and He loved me. That was the moment for me when Ephesians 3:14-21 became my favorite passage. I knew that love that was described in there. And I had been saved for 17 years at that point! But I do think that with some people, if they just need to be batted up the side of the head in some way…that’s how God deals with them. Whatever gets through to the particular hard head he’s dealing with at the moment. 🙂 As for Ark…if God doesn’t want me to talk to him, why has he put him here in front of me, and given me the feelings of genuine caring for him? It’s not like it’s any kind of attraction that’s inappropriate or anything…it’s an attraction as if God is saying to me that He hasn’t given up on this guy. Does that mean everyone has to feel the same way? Absolutely not! We all have to go wherever we’re directed to go.


    • I agree that “turning the other cheek” takes great strength and courage. It would be easier to just lash out and take care business in that manner. Sandy


  5. I agree with Thomas about the traits of God being similar to the traits of a loving father. Therefore we could say that our earthly father is not only a father of love, but a father of discipline, of anger, of jealousy, etc. but still remain our father. But I also agree that “loving someone into the kingdom” doesn’t always work. I have always thought that sharing the Gospel is similar to saving someone from a danger unknown to them. If I see someone crossing a busy street I may smile and tell them to be careful. But if I see someone about to step in front of a car I would quickly pull them back away from the danger even at the risk of possibly causing them minor injury. It’s the same in spiritual matters. Some will respond to the God of love, while others need to know that they’re in danger of falling into the hands of an angry God.


  6. I think we do like to pick out traits of God that we can relate to. Coincidentally, I learned recently that the word for “patience” most often used in the New Testament isn’t the kind like waiting for a red light to change; it has to do with holding off paying someone back for a wrong. That changes Ephesians 4:2, but it also explains 2nd Peter 3:9:

    “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

    I think, like you, that the best approach to knowing God is to not leave anything out. But what the Bible says to me is that all of these attributes of God are submissive to his love (Sorry, I hope your head isn’t melting).

    BTW, you must have loved Rob Bell’s book “True Love Wins”! 😉

    As always, really great post, Bird.


    • Thanks, Dave!! I’ve never read Rob’s book…Would my head melt?

      I have no problems understand God is Love. Obviously, He has to be…He sent His son to die for us. What I was trying to express, and have freaked people out with, is that there are some traits of His that we kind of just ignore…And some of those traits were actually encouraging to me. Oh, well. To each his own!!


      • Rob’s book is about there being no hell . . . no godly vengeance! Yeah, your head would certainly melt. Mine did.

        I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs, Bird. I’d say you’ve been my favorite lately. Keep being real.


        • How can one possibly argue that there is no hell??? It says it clear in the bible…I’m glad you warned me..I don’t want head-melt at the moment!

          Thanks, Dave!!! I appreciate your! 🙂


  7. God most definitely is a God of Love but also a God of Justice as you say and it is more comfortable to think of His mercy, love and grace…I just recently started thinking of the other side of God while reading Jeremiah and also conversing with another blogger on the fact God can and will have mercy on whom He will have mercy and not on those He won’t…it is totally up to Him…He is God after all

    People like Ark (I also had a ‘debate’ for lack of a better word with a self-proclaimed Atheist) …usually will go on and on and on and bait whenever possible. One can only talk in that manner so long and then as you say… must just let go……Diane


  8. I agree with you, Bird, about why God has so many names, but I also think as we grow in our faith we start to know many of the other names or sides of God, and I love that about my relationship with him. I also agree with your assessment of dealing with other people who seem to grow redundant in their arguments. For instance, dealing with an athiest who kept posting on one of my posts. Although he said he was on a personal search for God and I told him about the proof there was for the Bible and its truth, he continued to make the same arguments. After giving him links to that proof, instead of looking it up, he continued to argue the same redundant points. Even when I told him that it seemed that all he wanted to do was argue, he continued, even to making assumptions about what I would or would not do, and trying to twist my words. I finally had enough…because you can’t argue with a fool, and a fool says there is no God. I had my first experience with having to pull out of a conversation and doing what I needed to, to make sure that it was ended and would not be able to continue. Some people don’t get it, or don’t want to get it…they just want to argue with anyone who does.


    • Agreed. I don’t mind a little bit, but I also believe that there is no real common ground for these kinds of conversations…Thanks, forhisglory!


      • Your welcome, and I agree. A fool will believe what they want because their heart is hardened. It is best to let God deal with them. You and I know what we believe and we know the evidence there is for it…if others don’t it is because they prefer to remain blinded. It is clear that Satan is using them to attack us, and it is clear when we rebuke Satan, then we allow God to deal with the rest.


          • That’s a really good point, Sara! If all we ever did was talk to people who agreed with us, where would be the ‘exercise’ in that, which makes us stronger in our faith and better able to defend, or profess it. Often for me, it’s not comfortable at all…yet the more I have done it, the stronger I have become in doing it.


            • My thought on this is if God can use a donkey to communicate, He basically can use anyone and anything. So, some people who engage in these debates do get to learn a lot, while others just find the whole exercise distasteful or annoying. I think it has more to do with a person’s personality than anything…


              • That’s true. But it can also have to do what is going on in their lives as well. The day I was dealing with this one guy I was having severe chest pains and just felt like please I don’t want to go through this now. Can’t judge what is going on, but what I look for is if you give them something to check out to answer their question and if they actually look it up and direct their question towards it, rather then dwelling on what you were talking about before. That is someone who is searching.


          • Sorry Sara I know that sounded kind of curt…I just woke up from a nap, and was still feeling fuzzy. I should have let you know that I know that God wants us to test the spirits to make sure what is going on is of God or of Satan. The Bible does say a fool says their is no God, and their are people who will never come to believe in the Lord, and whose hearts have been so hardened and blinded that they will not accept the truth no matter what. You can give them evidence and they will toss it in the trash and never look at it. These are ones who will continue to denegrate your faith, argue their original comment, and try to tear you away from your faith. Then there are others who are truly being drawn by God into that personal search. These are ones who will ask you questions on what you know as truth, and when you give them evidence they will go look at it and further the conversation along by not dwelling on the first part but walk the path you give them and question the nest step. You can’t drag someone up the mountain if they have chained themselves to a tree at the bottom. But if they are willing to go step by step up the path, even questioning sooner or later they will get to the top. That’s the difference.


  9. James 3:14-16

    (14) But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. (15) This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. (16) For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

    I like to tell stories, and my family has told me more than once that I sometimes exaggerate things. I always justified it as good humor and in fun. I have come to learn, however, the exaggerations, boasts, or little white lies that “spice up” stories or humor can often hurt and damage others. Sometimes someone hearing the story remembers the situation, and it was not as funny or, from his perspective, happened some other way.

    Boasting is usually successful only when another is put down, and though everyone may laugh, the victim may be recoiling from what feels like jabs and insults. Sarcasm and teasing often produce the same results. James refers to boasting and lying as assaults against the truth. One may not realize how true this is until he feels the sting of sarcasm directed toward him. I love to tease and be teased, but I am realizing increasingly that people can become carried away in their words, violate the truth, and do severe damage.

    An old saying runs, “Everyone loves a clown but no one wants to be his best friend.” Laughter helps people to relax and bond more closely together in shared experiences, but it is good to learn to look around to see if someone is no longer laughing. Many years ago, a dinner party with several good friends also included a minister and his wife who had just been transferred to our city. It was our first occasion to dine with them, and it was a very pleasant evening. Most of us, knowing each other well, had a long evening teasing, joking, laughing, and putting each other down. We never noticed anything amiss with the new guests.

    The next week at church, however, we heard a sermon about the damages of put-down humor and how it has absolutely no place in a Christian’s lifestyle. The new minister talked about how even the most subtle humor can tear relationships down and cause doubts about another’s affection or respect. Such humor includes referring to one’s wife as “the old ball and chain” or “the biscuit-burner.” Such names and teasing—as “good fun” as they may seem—diminish our friends and family, do not express the kind affection we really feel for them, are not true, and thus are lies. A Christian should never lie, not even in fun. All of us were shame-faced and sorry we had left such a negative impression, and we apologized to him, his wife and to each other.

    Test: Are we teasing and boasting to another’s pleasure or his discomfort? Is it true and factual? If it is not, it is a lie, and no matter how funny it is, it is sin. Sarcasm belongs in the same category: If it is not true, it is a lie. Even if it is true, how are we expressing it? Does sarcasm express love, gentleness, peace, and mercy? Can we tease one another righteously? I would like to think so, but I am still working on learning how. Without God’s Spirit guiding our words, our tongues remain subtle, merciless, and destructive weapons.

    James concludes by telling us directly that these forms of speaking are not godly wisdom, but “earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing will be there” (verses 15-16). The fallout from communication based on our human, selfish motivations is evident about us. The state of the world and the way it functions are often actions and reactions of crushing blows of words. Governments, businesses, sports teams, even schools, churches, and neighborhoods communicate with each other in wars of words. Our world—this “Information Age”—is practically devoid of godly, righteous speech, relying on the sensual, material, selfish pursuits that drive Satan himself. How much does it affect us and our communications with one another?


    • No offense, but I’m not sure what you are trying to convey here as it relates to my post. First…I didn’t talk about lying at all. Second, I disagree completely about everything you said about humor except the part where we need to not use it to hurt one another.My marriage would have fallen to pieces 20 years ago if I followed that minister’s advice..It sounds legalistic and following the Old Law..Your scriptures tell man what God says…I’m describing God’s multi-faceted nature…Do you see what I’m getting at here? I don’t get what exactly you are trying to get me to understand…


  10. Hoo! You got the comments this time! I cannot read them all. My head is swimming. However,
    I was terrified when I was looking in all the wrong places, and I needed to see His muscles. My dad used to show me his muscles and throw me in the air and show off liffing part of the car, etc. I always felt safe with him, and needed to feel safe with God. I needed to see His muscles and He showed them! Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles just isn’t looking. Anyway, I also was a disorganized mess of indecision and He also showed me His order. I loved the order. Also, (I was more needy than some!) I needed someone bigger than, say, Kung Fu, whom I knew was an act. The Great I AM fit the bill. Perfectly. Not to say I made my own made-to-order God,but that He was all I needed. I never looked back and never looked anywhere else, especially after a certain huge miracle.
    One other thing. Many think the Christians, Jews and Muslims share the same basic God. Not.
    The God of Abraham, Isaac, and JACOB, AND of the promised Messiah, is not the same as just the God of Abraham. Or Abraham and Isaac. Or Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Just sayin’.


    • Well, I guess in a nutshell, I didn’t want a mushy God that had never felt the anger I felt. When I went looking in the bible, I found out that He could get angry too. He was BIG….Somehow, it seems others are happier with a different version, but I like that God is powerful…To each his own!


  11. Thanks for the shout out Mrs Bird! I am honored you shared (and were blessed by it).

    The character and personality of God is such an exhaustive complex and beautiful topic. What we love most about Him reflects more on our state than His. Above all His attributes we may admire, He is HOLY; or simply put: NOT LIKE US. No wonder we grasp so hard for worthy words (as we should).
    I love that you set out to pick up that multifaceted diamond in this post and honestly share to us how you see it.

    Looks like you stimulated some robust discussion here! Keep up the great work, good writing should provoke reactions from all different tribes. Peace and grace sister1


    • Thank you, Chief…After the drama, I was afraid my shout out would have had an undesired effect for you!

      And yes, God is a god, and not like us…which is one of the best things about Him to me!!!


  12. i love everything you said. in my opinion it is a waste sometimes to argue with others, it forces us at times to step to their level. i do look for opportunities to speak of God, who I call God, Lord, my friend, my protector, to others who bring it up, or may challenge me as to whether there is a god or hell. To me, there is definitely a hell. why would i work so hard at keeping God by my side, if there were no hell? i want my soul to remain in peace once I leave this good earth. the thought of burning in hell forever, keeps me in line!


  13. Very interesting post! I agree with you. I need to know that God is more than just a “fairytale” being. I need to know that He can get angry and discipline me, otherwise I cannot connect with Him. I guess it has to do with how my own parents are, and always have been. They love me and I know that they love me, not just by their words of support, encouragement, and hugs and kisses, but also by their discipline growing up. How to this day, even as an adult, I get the looks or scolding if I do or say something out of line. I know that is because they love me and want wants best for me. They want me to be safe, and do the right things in life.

    So, when it comes to our Heavenly Father, I feel I need that from Him too. I know He loves me because I can feel it. But, I need more than that. I need to know that He would get angry with me if I did something wrong in His view. I got lost in regards to my faith in my first year of college. I started to doubt there was a God or that Jesus even existed in the form that the Bible states. It wasn’t until I met a friend that helped to bring the Lord back into my life that I actually truly felt Him again, and truly believed. However, my belief did not come with her just telling me He loved me. It came from her sharing a book with me that she was reading. She did not describe it as a Christian book at all, but just said it was about the end times and people had disappeared.

    The book was “Left Behind” by Tim Lahaye, and I just had to read it. I thought it was merely a Sci-fi, paranormal type of story. I love that genre so I was so excited. I was just drawn to this book in a way that no other book before had pulled me. It wasn’t until I began reading it that I began to learn what it was really about. I learned more about the Rapture, which was something that I didn’t fully understand at that point. I finished the book in two days ’cause I couldn’t put it down. And, by the end of that 2-day period, I wanted to begin my way back to the Lord. I wanted this because the Rapture, and what I learned about it through that book, terrified me. I was so frightened about being left behind, and even worse, not being able to join my loved ones in God’s Kingdom. I was scared of the rapture, because I knew that I was not saved, nor ready in any way. As you and Christ Centered Teaching said in your comments above, the fear was the “BEGINNING” of my journey. And since then, it still remains existent in my life. However, it’s not as strong anymore, since I am closer to God now than I was then. But, I don’t want to lose that fear. If I do, then I don’t think I will continue to connect with the Lord. That fear lets me know that He is real, and will leave me behind if I don’t give myself back to Him. He loves me and wants me to be with Him, and that fear allows me to remember that.

    Thanks so much for such a thought-provoking post. I really enjoyed reading this! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for this comment! You explain it perfectly…You need some of God’s other traits in order to have a full connection with Him. I needed to understand He could be angry, and then show mercy anyways, in order to trust Him with my anger, and then to mimic His mercy. If He hadn’t shown that He could even understand how angry I was, I would not have been able to relate to Him as well. You got exactly what I was saying.. 🙂 I love the Left Behind books, and I am a HUGE fan of Hal Lindsey…He teaches about the rapture, which I too am looking forward to and believe in. Pretrib…just like in the Left Behind series… I’m glad that helped you find your way back..Powerful series!! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me!


  14. Gracious, Bird. I hope all that is taking your mind off your teeth. (And Chefs!) I wonder if one part of what you are talking about has something to do with observation. What I mean by that is observation of people, really listening to what they need to hear. Different approaches at different times, and then the discernment to hear a fool. My ‘friend’ that you have been so wise about with me can’t hear about God being angry, as he lived with an angry, lonely set of early years.
    He can hear about God being wise, discerning, merciful and gracious, because (from time to time) he can hear about his own foolishness, lack of discerment, lack of mercy and hatefulness. Those attributes of God answer his lacks. Other times, those steel walls just fly up, and I need to get a clue and stop talking. Or, go start talking to people who can think straight, like you and other Christian leaders God has put in my life.
    I pray for the discernment when arguing with him, or anyone,that God would make the pearls before swine moments obvious.
    I can influence how children think pretty well, but sometimes I need God to shake me and point out that arguing with a swine can be pretty silly sometimes.
    At any rate, it gratifies me to know that all we are obligated to do is speak. I think you make a good point that people are looking for something specific in His nature that speaks to them personally.
    Thanks Bird. If I had the energy, I’d find a verse for you that points out how words can be a balm, a seasoning, an apple of gold. Reading yours very often are to me during these troubling times.
    Love you bunches,



    • You understood exactly, Vic!! I’m so glad you and I have gotten to know each other better, and I’m hopeful and excited about your future…God is looking out for you, and He will give you what you are needing..I just want to be around when you get it!!!!


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