Khloe & Lamar… & Bird

Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom (Photo credit: compujeramey)

I’m going to take a page out of Sara’s book, and write something just for me. Chef is at work, my household chores are done, my animals are all snuggly and happy, and I’m pretty much caught up with my regular television programs. I wrote a post this morning that freaked some people out, but even now when I read it, I don’t really understand why, so I’m not too bothered by the comments…In the end, I know we Christians all want the same thing for our fellow unsaved mankind, and that is for he/she to find the Lord, no matter what initially lures her/him to God. We are all going to have our own opinions on how to best do that, but that is okay, too. God is all things to all of us, right?

Add to these things is the fact that I’m trying to quit smoking. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’m edgy, irritable, and going through withdrawals. Thanks to Pink though, I have a little relief in the form of an e-cigarette, but just so you all know…This sucks isn’t fun. I’m considering rolling up one of Chef’s nicotine patches and smoke it…

Now for maybe the embarrassing part. I have a few shows that I watch specifically only when I’m feeling like a b..brat.. 🙂 , and two of them are Khloe & Lamar and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I know, I whole family thinks it is ridiculous, but I don’t mind saying that I like that family. I don’t agree with 90% of the way they live their lives, but my guess is the way I live mine would be appalling to them 90% of the time, too. So, it all balances out. I don’t care about all that…I like the way they are with each other, and how they sit in front of a camera and try to be honest with an entire world who frankly doesn’t spend a lot of time appreciating the amount of honesty it must take to let people follow you around all the time with cameras so the whole world can see you fall on your face. Yes, they get paid well for it, but I don’t know if that could sooth some of the wounds this family has taken smack in their faces before. And frankly, if someone would follow me around with a camera and I could get paid that kind of money for it, I’d just jump at the chance…I’m used to people watching me stumble around!! Might as well get paid, right?

Anyways, I actually like the Khloe & Lamar series a little better than the other one…Out of all the Kardashians, I like Khloe the best. She is a little blunter, a little more self-honest, and she prioritizes in a way I can understand and agree with. She’s the one always delivering the hard facts to the rest of her family… Lamar, Khloe’s husband and an NBA basketball player has been struggling with this trade to Dallas, causing some stress in their marriage. So, Khloe pulled the plug on their show, proving that the success of her marriage and well-being of her husband meant more to her than a ton of money. I like that about her. Cool chick.

Getting back to my own story, though.

Here I am sitting on my bed in my room, puffing my electric cigarette in such a way that I’m sure to use all 5 nicotine canisters in one sitting, wondering if smoking a nicotine patch is actually something that could be done, purposely ignoring my telephone and refusing to check my emails for fear of drawing blood on the unsuspecting innocent, and trying to remember that this is just another stupid addiction. I’ve tried explaining to my own brain that this could be a time to try some mind over matter exercises, while my brain answers back with ugly things I can’t write on a blog….

Watching Khloe & Lamar deal with their own lives has caused an uncommon reaction in me. I started bawling my eyes out!!

I just watched the episode where the L.A. Lakers flashed a tribute to the visiting Dallas Maverick Lamar Odom, after this poor guy had been stressing for days about how he would be received in L.A. And I cried my eyes out… How wonderful of that community to empathize with Lamar and put something together to show their appreciation.

And the more I cried, the more ridiculous I felt, so I’d start laughing while crying, and now my dogs are looking at me like I’ve lost my mind…

Maybe I have!

Seriously, Bird! Khloe & Lamar?…. 😮

39 responses to “Khloe & Lamar… & Bird”

    • Right?!! That one sentence you wrote just made me feel so much better…Housewives and Kardashians are about the same type of guilty pleasures!


      • Yuppetyyupp. I used to watch Jerry Springer, but I just couldn’t anymore. It got to the point where it almost felt like getting enemas stuck up one’s nose. So now I watch the Housewives. I suspect a lot of it is editing, but some of them seem as intelligent as day-old bread. Makes me feel a little lighter inside.


  1. Uh, and I wouldn’t recommend smoking nicotin patches – been there done that, almost didn’t live to tell the story. I think that’s just evidence of my desperation and whatever at the time.


  2. I have been where you are, Bird, with the cigarettes. When Kelly was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2010, the Cancer Hospital was only one of about 4 hospitals at the UNC Campus. To walk to the designated smoking area took over 30 minutes and it was in December and January so it was FREEZING! When they started giving him chemo, he was too sick to leave. So by sheer FORCE, I quit cold turkey. But I’d been trying to quit for 10 years. When he got out of the hospital, I would have one socially with a friend, but then it just got distasteful to me.

    So, while I don’t wish Chef a bout with leukemia, I do wish that your quitting would come easier for you. And I’ll be praying that very thing for you.

    I am admitting to you NOW that I am a reality show junky. It is my one vice. I watch “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” with my son and his girlfriend. I watch DWTS. I watch anything on Bravo!: the Real Housewives (all of them), Flipping Out, Top Chef. I watch E! television: including the Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar. I like Khloe best because she just seems more real. (I even follow her on Twitter!)

    Oh, how I wish Tulsa was closer to Fayetteville, NC! We could really be buddies, Bird.

    Thinking of you, and praying the your B…Bratty move 🙂 improves! Sandy


      • You could introduce me to the biker scene and I could introduce you to our Scottish heritage. We belong to the Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans and believe in good food and good drink! I love a good party.


        • I’d love to do just those things!!! I’m notorious for bringing people I work with around the club…It is good to be diverse in your interactions with people..

          And I’d love to party with some fellow Scots!!!


  3. Hang in there. There is nothing easy about quitting. If the K family distracts you, stream every season into the nearest media source.


  4. I smoked two years, on and off, when I got divorced. But, I kept getting migraines every time I smoked, so it wasn’t too hard to quit. But, even today, when someone lights up, it’s a temptation. I stopped by chewing gum instead, and jogging 4 miles everyday. Then, you can get addicted to a “runner’s high” and get grouchy, when you cannot do that a day or two. I guess the best advice is never start. But, then the second advice is good luck stopping. Prayers going up, right now. Hope it helps you.


  5. Bird – I have to admit I have been crying all season on Khloe and Lamar. I think I can see myself in her a bit and the reality of professional sports is hitting me. Either way I feel for them but on another note…Because you are an amazing lady, I am sending the Beautiful Blogger award your way. If you care to accept this award, please visit the following site for instructions:


    • Thank you so much!! I love Khloe and I imagine that has got to be the hard part of being married to a professional sportsman. Yet, I love how she just picks up and goes with him, leaving behind her whole life. I admire her to no end..I do accept the award..Thank you for remembering me!!


  6. To each his own, is what I always say. If you enjoy watching the shenanigans of the Kardashians, then by all means, watch it. And the emotional reaction? You needed the outlet, and I’m hoping a lot of the stress you’ve been feeling lately, has been relieved by the crying/laughing episode. 🙂


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