Chef and His Mishaps With His Teeth

I wanted to share a rather funny story about Chef. Chef is having a really, really bad week. I am going to share with you one thing that has happened that makes Chef’s head explode…losing his bottom teeth.

Chef lost a front bottom tooth 20 years ago…He told me to tell you that he lost it in a fight with two Mongols and a Hell’s

Tulsa Skyline
Tulsa Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Chef’s teeth have been everywhere in this city!!

Angel but that they lost more teeth than he did.   😐 So, I’ve told you what I am supposed to tell you. Does that qualify for being a good submissive wife?

In order to fix that tooth, the dentist had to pull four more and he made lower partial dentures for Chef. They looked completely natural and I have to admit that I’d forgotten about them all these years that he had them.

Well, a few weeks ago the braces that hold them in his mouth broke off, and he has been gluing them on with polygrip. According to Chef, spit works better than poligrip, and he has mislaid those teeth everywhere in this house. I have at least 4 truly disgusting stories to tell about where I am finding Chef’s fake teeth.

But two days ago, Chef calls me from work, all out of breath and tells me this bizarre story.

Chef had chosen to ride his motorcycle to work on the particular day of the incident. His teeth firmly glued with an extra layer of polygrip, he looked professional and crisp as he headed out onto the roads of Tulsa. As he was riding, the extra goop that was squeezing through cracks under his dentures was collecting in him mouth, and as he was turning from a turning lane into an intersection, he spit the goop out…along with his bottom teeth…Horrified, Chef stopped the motorcycle smack in the middle of the intersection, put the kickstand down, located his goop covered teeth, picked them up, and slipped them into his pocket. Then, calmly, he got back on his motorcycle and proceeded through the intersection as if nothing unusual had just happened.

I’d like to point out that this intersection is always busy due to the strip malls and convenience stores that sit on the corners, so Chef had an audience. He says that it seemed for a moment there like time had stood still for a moment…

Getting to his restaurant, Chef boiled his teeth to get the street grime off of them, and melted them…. 🙂

They barely stay in his mouth anymore even with the polygrip!!


15 responses to “Chef and His Mishaps With His Teeth”

  1. This is a good story! I applaud Chef for stopping and picking them up in front of everyone at the intersection, that had to make his feel a little embarrassed. Sorry to hear they melted while cleaning them though, they aren’t cheap. Way to go Chef!

    Walk daily with God at your side!



  2. I hope things get better for Mr. Chef. I have never had teeth problems and hope I never will. I hear that is not pleasant. I have known two people who lost their dentures. I am going to work on my truck this week. UGH! I love doing the work but hate spending the money for the parts. Break job, oil change, and tire rotation.

    I was thinking I was going to have more time this week and I have not even been able to read all of the blogs I subscribe too. I did manage to post a new one up. Next week looks busy too, if a calm week ends up being busy I hate to think of what a busy week will be like for me. I think it is going to be this way until Junior is born.


    • Some times I drown in all the things I have to do, and other times I have all the time in the world… I know exactly what you mean. Wait until Junior gets Newborns give a whole new meaning to sleep deprivation and “Alone Time”…But they’re totally worth it. Lol…I can’t wait to talk to you after that precious bundle shows up!! You’re going to love it!!


      • The funny thing about the time issue is, we are planning on rehoming the ankle bitter we have because she does not like kids at all. We are going to get a husky in July after Junior is born. We have a good climate for a husky. So we are going to have a dog to train and a baby to take care of. Tell Chef I hope he gets to feeling better.


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