My Thoughts on God’s Creation Woman

Abraham exiles Hagar.
Abraham exiles Hagar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I’m being truly honest, one of the things that used to really bother me when I was first getting to know the Lord was the seeming indifference or callous way women were described/treated in the Bible. Yes, there were stories of victories, accomplishments, etc., but the majority of the stories that included women were more of a passing “honorable mention” than anything else.

I don’t know how other people deal with things in the Bible that trouble them, and I can’t even say that it was a clear, overnight answer that put this tickling disappointment to rest for me. It actually came over time, as I began to understand the bigger nature of our God, and to better understand how woman were designed, apart from man.

Even the secular world will agree that women are really hard to understand. Even we don’t really get ourselves sometimes…Driven by hormones that drive emotions, women have a superior natural capacity for some of the really great gifts from God – forgiveness, compassion, gentleness, patience, self-control, etc. I’m not saying that men don’t succeed in these areas either…this isn’t a “women are better than men” post. It is just that because of God’s design, women tend to naturally possess some of these qualities, or struggle a little less in trying to possess them.

I’ve heard the sermons where a self-righteous pastor will blame woman’s hardships on the fact that it was her fault that sin entered the world, and I emphatically disagree with this age-old adage. I always point to the fact that Eve was deceived, partly because she wanted to bless her husband more than she wanted to obey God. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? But Adam, who was created for God, and not for woman specifically, basically just disobeyed God in furtherance of his own selfish wants. So please don’t preach the “ya’ll are getting what you deserve” crap or ” it’s all you guy’s fault” nonsense to me. That is just a lie. Had satan enticed Adam with the apple, I have a feeling he wouldn’t have even thought to share it with Eve at all, and we’d be having a whole different conversation now…. That’s my own opinion about how things could have gone down…

Adam was designed for God, and Eve was designed for man. The first time I read that, I wasn’t ecstatic. I wanted to be designed for God and man can go take care of himself. I’d lived a lot of my life being devastated by man and his pleasures, so this was a kick in the teeth. As with things that I don’t like, I pushed the story away in disgust and ignored it, turning my attentions back towards things in the Word that made me feel better. I forgave God, for a lack of a better way of describing it, but I wasn’t pleased. Of course, God is pretty good at getting me where it hurts…

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding..” Job 38:4


So, properly put back in my place, I read everything I could about the women of the Bible, hoping to discover a pattern that might not be so evident when you take them one by one. And I did find one, of sorts. In a nutshell, women tend to have deeper, more intimate relationships with Jesus quicker and easier. Most women find it natural to be able to nurture that single most important Relationship. To most of us, it is easier to understand the God of Love as opposed to the God of War, etc., and to give ourselves over to Him without reservations. I think this is why so many of us women get trapped into being the spiritual authorities in our homes when we aren’t supposed to usurp that priesthood.

As with every single wonderful thing the Creator has designed for us, satan has warped it. Woman was one of God’s most beautiful gifts to man, that could bring to him eternal happiness in every form he could desire.  A wife can ease the loneliness of life. A wife will carry part of a heavy load. A wife will help financially. A wife can keep you warm when you are cold. A wife goes through extreme pain to give you immortality…often many times over. A wife laughs and rejoices when you are happy and mourns and cries when you are sad. Her heart is given completely and without reserve to the one that she loves.

Why are we so surprised that satan warped that creation almost immediately? A husband and a wife who serve the Lord are twice as dangerous to the kingdom of hell as any single arrow pointed at it. And right from the beginning, satan sought to destroy the woman and all of the gifts she held in her hands to give to her husband.

Woman have been property for longer than they have been free, and some cultures will never see women as anything other than livestock. The Bible is clear evidence of how man has let woman down since the beginning of time. While there are stories like Abraham and Sarah, in that same story is Hagar. Esther is a good story, but for her 15 minutes of fame, she did end up in a harem…That had to be a blast. David was probably kind to his wives and concubines…all hundreds of them. For a woman, relationships are the pinnacle of our existence…we were designed that way, and for that reason, those instincts and desires make us hold on to men even when the logical thing to do would be to leave them behind and get away from the pain of it all.

One thing that has always stuck out to me from the women of the Old Testament was the thought that very few of these women seemed to have what I would consider the most important thing my husband can give me — an intimate relationship. That intimacy I’ve shared all these years is what makes me hold on when he is going through a crisis. I’m not talking about sex…I mean real emotion intimacy.  It is that knowledge that he will be back when he is finished slaying whatever dragons are in his head. It is that feeling of being in a sacred circle that only he and I understand…

And there was the insight right there…

How does one truly describe a relationship with words? God’s words are beautiful and they describe His hopes for the relationship that He desires for us with Him, but I can never truly describe to another person what my relationship with my husband, my children, or my God really looks like, or feels like. I’ve tried describing it, and yet the words always fall short.

Women are the Gatekeepers for Relationships because that was our main design. God had no need to write out how each of these women felt about their relationships with each of these men in the Bible…we women have that ability to just know. Without even reading the words, we can weep for Bathsheba when she lost her husband, and then her son. We can weep for Abigail the day David’s attentions turned to yet another woman. We can cry for Hagar as she struggled through the desert, terrified that her son was going to die right in front of her eyes, and bearing that pain of being sent away by the man that had given her that child, only to put him in danger at the direction of another woman. Seriously. Who needs the words to understand these women’s pain? Men would have gotten little or nothing from the description because they simply aren’t designed the same way, and don’t feel the level of pain we do about things such as these.

I love that in Jesus’ genealogy, there are prostitutes. To me, it tells me God understood and didn’t despise His creation Woman. He understood the heavy price we would pay the day that Eve was deceived, and He hasn’t forgotten about us all these many centuries later. Jesus was very kind to women of His day, and it showed where His heart was for her…merciful, understanding, gentle, kind. Most women would move heaven and earth for someone to just be kind to them. It was women to whom He appeared to after His resurrection. He defended the woman who washed His feet with her hair and the woman who was caught and publicly humiliated for adultery. In other words, Jesus got us. He appreciated us…He understood.

I heard a story recently about a man who kept abusing his pregnant wife, and she would never cooperate with the police in order to have him arrested. Over and over again, the frustrated and angry man would take out his life’s disappointments on her face, and yet her heart would not allow her to hurt him back, not even to protect the unborn child she carried.

No, I don’t think this is okay. That relationship has been ruined, warped by evil,  and she should get away from him. But I do think it is an extreme form of what God did give women originally — a heart to love the man she is with.

There is no dishonor for us to be women, nor does our God consider us less than his creation Man —

Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman.  For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God. 1 Cor. 11:11-12

— Bird

45 responses to “My Thoughts on God’s Creation Woman”

  1. Deep. I get frustrated with God about the treatment of women in the bible too sometimes, but usually after a day or two He lets me know that we are still valuable to Him. I hate how men had several wives and it wasn’t a big deal. I’m glad we don’t still do that today, I wonder what stopped it? Kindness is huge and Jesus did a good job showing that, but I think it gets overlooked because it is so simple.


    • Multiple wives is actually more common than not, even today, when you take in account the entire world. I think a) Jesus telling people that Moses gave people what they wanted to hear in some cases, but that God had always designed marriage to be one man and one woman and 2) Jesus’s behavior towards women were two things that may have turned some of the tide for us. satan will always warp the best things in life, and frankly, a good wife is one of those!


    • I was quite confused about the issue of multiple wives also. But as one of my theology teachers pointed out, God absolutely no where in the Bible condones that or gives permission for that. And I think that may be why it grew to be a lot less popular, people started figuring out (especially after Jesus’ preaching) that it was not a Biblical correct way to live. And after that, it just never grew to be as popular, although people do still practice that (maybe more than we realize since it is technically illegal).


      • I agree about it never being condoned in the Bible…I don’t think a man will truly understand just how awful that feels to a woman. 🙂


  2. this was very eye opening to me. i always felt foolish for missing the companionship of men. not in a sexual way, but in a way where i can have someone for me to lean on, and talk to, someone to feel safe with, and feel comfort. i think God has put that part of my life on hold, so i can concentrate on the care my brother needs. i have thought, maybe i had my chance, since i have been already married, but i do think we all need each other. it makes life easier to go through. i know as far as Al goes, it would be wonderful to have a strong, god fearing man at my side


    • It is a completely natural instinct for us women to want to be with a man. Not a sin, nor does it make us whorish or weak. Who knows what wonderful things God has in store for those who love Him? And that includes you, Terry. Tell God what you are feeling and what you would like Him to give you. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised… 🙂


  3. You must read Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge! It’s a fantastic book! “She is the crescendo, the final, astonishing work of God. Woman……..not an afterthought. Not a nice addition like the ornament on a tree. She is God’s final touch, his piece de resistance. She fills a place nothing & no one else can fill.” And that we were created because things weren’t not right yet…something was missing. He made Eve as a “sustainer” for Adam (that’s more the definition of the word “ezer kenegdo”, not the “wimpy, boring help meet” we usually hear. That we have a heart for intimate relationships because HE has a heart for intimate relationships. So yes, OF COURSE, satan has tried to warp our role and diminish us.

    I need to re-read that book (along with so many others). You may see more blog posts from me on this topic! Thanks !


    • LOL!! Yes, exactly!! I haven’t felt “less than” in decades because of what God has shown me about His creation and brilliance in forming Woman!!


  4. Bird, you are one wise woman and there is a great deal of truth that you put into this! Women are more emotional and so coming to Christ and seeking his will come more easily for them than for the mechanical and logical thinking man. Women also are use to serving and so we tend to easily take on the servanthood example that Christ taught and lived. If you look at the women that God put in the Bible, the ones who did great things for God, or lived their love for God in how they treated others like Dorcas, you find that he used them because of the lowly status that man put them in. Take Mary Magdalene and the fact that Christ appeared to her first. It was totally expected that if Christ resurrected that he would come to a man first…almost an egotistical belief of the men of the time…but instead he comes to a lowly woman in keeping with his coming through a lowly birth in a stable, riding a donkey instead of a stallion, washing the feet of the disciples rather than having a servant wash his. It was a completion of his teaching and his life in keeping with his mission to come to those who were lowly, the sinner not the pharisee. In the women in the Bible we see a willingness to serve, to do God’s Will, to admit the sins of our lives and accept the forgiveness, to realize the power of God in our lives, to nurture others in the love of the Lord, to recognize the need for healing, to struggle and overcome through God’s will in their lives, to be truly grateful for what the Lord has done for them, and to worship with all their heart. Where with many of the men we see a stubborness, an unwillingness to see Heaven because of what the world offers, an ego that builds walls between them and God, an penchant for analyzing God and his will for them, and trying to insert logic into a relationship that is about love, grace, and mercy. If we look at how the men in our lives respond to us, it is much the same way a Godly as they respond to God. I believe God knew this and that is why he gave Adam the softness of Eve, to refine him into a more emotional spiritual being, much the way Godly women today smooth the edges of their logical, mechanical husbands. Don approaches his faith always trying to analyze God’s Word instead of letting go and letting his emotional side seek God and his will. I tend to not care about seeing the logic in God, and readily accept his love, grace and mercy emotionally like a mother emotionally connects with her newborn immediately. I think God knew that is the way it would be and that is why he allowed us to have the children and not the men…lol.


  5. Very wise words and great insight Bird! I believe God allowed men to have multiple wives in the Old Testament in order for them to fulfill His commandment to “be fruitful and multiply.” Later, after this was accomplished, New Testament writers encouraged men to be the “husband of one wife.” How miserable us men would be without women! I believe that after God created Eve for Adam a conversation between Adam and God may have gone like this – Adam: Lord God, the woman you made is so beautiful! God; I know. I made her that way so that you would love her. Adam: And God, she takes such good care of me! She always thinks of me above herself! God: I know. I made her that way so that you would love her. Adam: But God, She seems to be a bit naive and not too bright. I know. I made her that way so that she would love you.


  6. Well, then you should know that Jesus was the first to recognize woman as very important to the family. The first was the woman at the well, He showed Himself to Mary first after the resurrection, there were two woman that accompanied Him with the disciples and it was the woman who went to the grave to attend to Him after all the disciples went into hiding after they hung Him on the cross.

    So, as I see it you ladies play an important part in the church, family and everyday life. In fact, we would be lost without you.

    Walk daily with God at your side!



  7. As it is I am a man reading this post and thoughts on this subject from the female perspective I have to say I was blessed for it. Something you may want to keep in mind though, I was kind of expecting you to mention it. Matthew 19:8 where Jesus said that Moses allowed the people to divorce because their hearts were hard but it was never meant for man to divorce his wife. I hold a different stance on divorce and remarriage than most at this point in time. I am not going into that right now or on your blog though. I do plan write a blog soon on the topic of divorce and remarriage, if it is the Lord’s will of course. The thought was that since Moses allowed divorce because the people’s hearts were hardened too. Then man did those things to women because his heart was hardened. Then it became a way of life and the people forgot the true way. Jesus came to give the true way of holiness back to the people. A way for us all to be restored. I also personally would not have said that forgiveness, compassion, gentleness, patience, self-control, were gifts from God at all but rather qualities and attributes. You did call them that too. It doesn’t really matter though this is a great article. I plan to send this to my wife and mother for them to read it.


    • Thanks, James. I didn’t address the Matthew thing because I wasn’t addressing divorce, but instead some of the feminine qualities women tend to share. I’m glad you as a man enjoyed it, but I guess I kind of wrote it from a woman to women, assuming they would instinctively understand the unwritten truths…lol..


      • I understand, the thing with Matthew that I brought up was not as much to get a topic of divorce going but how people’s heart were hardened and man changed things that God did not mean to be changed. I did enjoy your post, thank you so much for your postings.


  8. Bird, great candid insight once again. I was going to point out the significance of women in the Bible, but other people have offered that already. I’ve always thought that women follow Jesus more easily than men. I suppose with all the crap they put up with in the Bible, that should still be a fair trade off. You naturally display the finer qualities of God than us guys do, and those men who haven’t humbled themselves enough to learn more about God from our wives are simply missing out.


  9. Bird, lovely post. You are thoughtful and insightful, you express yourself well. I enjoy reading your thoughts so much 🙂 but they inevitably get me to thinking…
    I have no proclivity towards any one religion…there are parts of each that keep me connected to God in a way that works really well in my life.
    There are also aspects of each religion which confuse me – seem contradictory. Like…adam and eve vs free will. Makes no sense. Original Sin means God is capable of error? not in my world. And let’s take free will vs god’s judgement…also makes no sense. God would not judge himself…and that’s what we are. We may have differences in perception of this stuff. But…there are common factors more important than the details.
    I think what we all believe together and equally at the end of the day will be reflected in the choices we make as a culture. For example, no matter the religion, I believe everyone has a basic understanding that God lives within them…that they in fact are an extension of God. This contradicts no religion and supports all belief systems. We also understand that we are all connected to each other, through a living energy (whatever the name you give that energy) and that what we decide for ourselves has an effect on everything else.
    Now, given that commonality and connection, everyone can come to better decisions, eliminating the ilusions we have created through our fear, and sometimes…religion has created fear – although that was certainly not its intended original purpose.

    Have you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene? It is amazing…fascinating…and very relatable. There were parts left out of the bible many many hundereds of years ago that would have shown you jesus in a very different…and even MORE beautiful light. AN amazing thing…
    but…the creators of our cultures…being the terrified men that they were (no insult intended to our male readers…but those are the facts of the day) created a form of rules to disintegrate the power that women held.
    Just in terms of our roles as healers and teachers we were vanquished early on. there are many examples but for one, look at what Timothy teaches in Tim 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Do we really believe God made us, with our beautiful minds and hearts and intuition as strong as the UNIVERSE to be silent and ineffectual?

    …and if what he says is true (which it is not) this means you are sinning…by teaching about God, which is ridiculous. I believe you are acting on Gods behalf – as a conduit – by being true to yourself. You are a power of example for the searching soul…keep up the courage.

    This is my favourite topic 🙂 keeps things real for me. Thanks for your
    ~ Namaste~


    • Thank you for that comment, Namaste! No, I haven’t read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, but I did read Enoch. Have you read that one?


      • no! I love book referrals lol…enoch. Right…on it! 🙂 You’d like Magdalene also, she talks about ministry as a woman 🙂 maybe you have a Mary spark 🙂 have agreat day ! J


  10. God most certainly did create us more sensitive, caring, long-suffering and nurturing. He knew we would need those qualities to look after our children and support our husbands/partners. It is unfortunate that some cultures see that as a weakness and somehow downgrades their status, and are therefore not treated with the respect that they should have. How sad that is! …Diane


  11. I just wanted to address some of the things brought up by women in the previous comments. Sorry, I realize this is long lol.

    Firstly, I just wanted to say that any scripture that was put into the Bible was put there because it was deemed to have been God breathed. Which means that God spoke through the people who wrote them, if it wasn’t God breathed, then it was the opinion of man and therefore not added to what we have now as the Bible. That does not mean there is no accuracy to other texts, it only means they were not considered to be as accurate as necessary to be included into the Bible. Also, they were only added to the Bible if it contained a message that could be beneficial to people of not only the culture that existed then, but also to us now. There were certain little tests that texts needed to pass in order to be added to the Bible, if not, any Joe Blow off the street could have written down false stories and they would have been added.

    Second, I just wanted to point out that when Paul wrote 1st Timothy (as a letter to Timothy) Paul is, notice, prohibiting the woman to teach or to usurp authority over the man, and that would be in spiritual things and in spiritual issues. Yet in writing to Titus, Paul said let the older women teach the younger women. There is a place of teaching for women, the teaching of the younger women: how to love their husbands, how to keep their homes and to talk in godliness and righteousness.

    Paul mentions to Timothy how he was taught in the Scriptures by his mother and his grandmother. And so the teaching of the children was largely the responsibility of the mothers. The only thing that is prohibited here is the teaching of men and usurping authority over them in spiritual things. That’s the only thing that was being prohibited here by Paul. He is not prohibiting a woman sharing with men. Paul in writing to the Corinthians mentions the women praying or prophesying in a public assembly and he doesn’t come down on them for that. He doesn’t say that that’s prohibited. And “he that prophesies speaks to the church for edification, for comfort, for exhortation” (I Corinthians 14:3), and I see these as areas where women can minister effectively.

    Also, I don’t believe this was meant in a way to degrade or demean the purpose of the woman in the church, but it is meant to remind men of their ultimate responsibility. Men were addressed many times as being the head of the house and the one responsible for keeping their family lead to God.

    I also wanted to bring up 1 Corinthians 14:34 since it is also another popular verse on this topic (also written by Paul) “34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”
    This sounds bad to us in the culture we live in today, but we have to understand what life was like for the people this was written to. They did not have churches like we do. They sat in a large room where the women were on one side facing the men on the other side with their “preacher” preaching on the floor in the middle. This was only in reference to how wives should not be shouting across to their husbands during service. Same as how when we go to church today, it is sort of common knowledge to be quiet and to try and keep our children quiet out of respect.

    < Summer


    • I also wanted to say, while it was in God’s plan for men to be the head of his families walk with God and the head of the church, many times us women have to pick up the slack. And does he rebuke us for that? I am sure it only makes Him love us all the more!


    • I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you…just haven’t gotten the time to really answer in depth like I want to.. 🙂 I will get a response out tomorrow!


      • Thanks, I was starting to wonder lol. Actually, this post has inspired me to write a blog on this topic. This topic had come to mind before, but I’ve just never had any umph to write about it lol. Just trying to get all my research together before I post it!


  12. I just asked the other half if he fancied the idea of multiple wives he answered hell no he has enough trouble working out what i want why mutliply the headaches plus just think of all the mother-in-laws


    • LOL!!! Mine will occasionally joke that he wants more, and then I when I tell, knock yourself out, he just laughs and says thanks, but no thanks…I’m all he can handle. I do actually know a few men who have multiple partners under one roof…I think the Chinese symbol for war is two women under one roof.. They know that stuff first hand!! 🙂


  13. I loved your point that a husband and wife serving God together is a huge threat to the devil. SO TRUE!

    And I’ve always loved the fact that it was the WOMEN who went to the tomb on resurrection morning while the men were basically in hiding. Again, they felt the loss of Jesus in death so deeply that they could not stay away any longer.

    Bird, your thoughts always thrill me. Another great post. Sandy


    • 🙂 That was God this morning..I hadn’t really even been thinking along those lines. I love it when He does most of the writing..:)


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