The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Look what Sara passed on to me!!! Thank you, Sara!! Like me, Sara is a rebel when it comes to following rules, so in her honor, I’m only going to pass this one on to a couple of people, instead of a whole 15-20. Seriously, let’s keep this fun. Last time I won an award and followed that rule, it took me something like 3 hours just to do all the linking, and by that time I’d forgotten what I had wanted to post that day. You wouldn’t want to miss those nuggets of brilliance, now would you? 🙂

What can I say about Sara that I haven’t already said about a million times? I write whole posts on or for her, so there isn’t much left to publicly say. other than I am so glad that we’re both on the same path of healing these days and we are both emphatically against men wearing nipple shirts. I like seeing the light in her posts these days, and even though she’s a brand new sister, she has an uncanny way of hearing from the Lord exactly the same thing He seems to be telling me…I’ll never buy that there is no proof of a Living God!!

So, mmm…what do you not know about me yet? Can there possibly be anything at all left untold?

Ok. Here’s one for you: I was unable to buy a pack of cigarettes last week because I wasn’t carrying an ID and the counter-girl seriously believed I was under age. Sweet! Of course, they ID under 40 anyways, but I’m choosing to believe this was a really cool compliment. 🙂

I have a ton of sisters in this blog world, but since I’ve jacked a couple of her posts and hacked off her favorite atheist, I was  going to nominate Anne at My Life Uncut…Almost, but Sara already nominated her for the Magical Blogger Award, so I’ll just mention that I love this woman’s blog and she’s pretty patient, kind, gentle…no problem telling who she’s serving by the fruit on her trees.

So, I will nominate the following women, who I’ve grown to really love as sisters as well: I’d vote for Ed at but obviously this is for girls only, so next time, Ed!!

1. Rendezvous With Renee – I love that Renee writes me these little “cheerleading” comments that cut through all the emotional crap and just tell me I’m just simply matter what. Sometimes, a girl just has to hear that, whether it is true or not..Thanks, Renee! Renee writes a lot about real world emotions, and I enjoy her articles daily!!

2. For His Glory and Praise – I call this lady Forhisgloryandpraise because she still has the WordPress standard message on her About page, and for some reason, I laugh and laugh about that…I just know she stays mysterious on purpose!! I’ll bet she pulls off the mysterious and dangerous look without looking constipated at all!!  Still, she always shows up every time I write and uplifts and encourages me. Plus, we both could just die with pride in our grown children! A nickname would be nice, ForHisGlory… 🙂 Anyways, check out her site, too, okay? She’s a really sweet person!

3. Home’s Cool! – I love Katharine here, who is a fellow Oklahoman. Katharine and I, while we both love the Lord, are not always  interpreting scripture the same way. So what? I wrote an article way back when  about just because two people don’t agree, doesn’t mean one person is right and the other person is automatically wrong. There can be things that are right for one person, and plain wrong for another..God puts us where He wants us, doing what He wants us to do. If I tried to live your life, it wouldn’t work…it isn’t where I am supposed to be. And trust me, not too many people are going to be all that happy living mine.. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to float your stuff out there, Katharine. People can disagree with doesn’t mean you are completely wrong and everyone else is right. Be bold, sister!!

So, once again, thanks to Sara at Kyllingsara for remembering me. Love ya, Girl!!

— Bird

13 responses to “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”

  1. LOL! I just had the best laugh of my day! I didn’t even know you had nominated me for this, because my internet service has been such a pain lately and I’ve had days where I can only be on for 15 to 30 minutes! So today is a good day where it is actually working and I decided to blog on other nominations I hadn’t done yet. In doing so I was checking out the requirements for the Sunshine Award to make sure I had the right ones, and thought “Bird will have the right ones I’m sure”. Then I ran on this award and your comment about the standard message on my blog and me being mysterious…lol. What a laugh that gave me…lol. Actually my family says it is the look I get when I’m sick that makes me look constipated, and like I’m zoned out in another world. And yes, my time as a biker chick with a biker boyfriend gave me great experience in showing my mysterious and dangerous look, but somehow a few minutes with me did much to convince people that I was exactly the opposite…lol…at least until they saw me pulling the flyrail backstage at the theater, or using power tools to build sets…lol.
    Well thank you for the kind words and the nomination! Now I have 3 awards to get done today while the connection is working!


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