Girl With The Swamp Creature Tattoo

I have two tattoos. I really never planned on ever getting one, but when I was 21 and married to Den, my first husband, he surprised me with a special 1 year anniversary present…A tattoo he had commissioned that was a beautiful rose with my name “Catherine” tattooed right on his chest, over his heart. I was stunned. I thanked him and weakly gave him his DVD set of “Married..with Children”, and then apologized profusely that my present seemed so lame in comparison.

Poor Den was obviously hurt that I wasn’t more excited about the sacrifice and pain he had gone through to get this, but I had never really thought much about my opinion of

tattoos…The subject had never really come up. Later in the week, though, Den had worked himself up to boiling point, and finally blew up at me because I had not offered to get one with his name in it. Wanting to make peace, I finally broke down, and agreed to get a small tattoo with his name on it. He decided to take me to the same friend who had done his rose tattoo, and since it came out really pretty, I figured that it would be okay. I’m an idiot, but wait for it…Den drove me out to some tiny little 4′ trailer in the middle of nowhere. There was barely any places to sit down, and I felt claustrophobic the minute the door was closed. I flipped through pages and pages of pictures of tattoos. Finally, I had Den pick one out…nothing really jumped out at me, and I just wanted to get the whole stupid thing behind me. He ended up picking a wolf crying at the moon. Sounds just like me doesn’t it?

I picked my right shoulder-blade to have the tattoo put on, and two hours later…presto! I was a tattooed woman. The artist showed me my tattoo there at the trailer, but it was dim and hard to see. Getting back to our house, I looked in the mirror, and thought, “You are just an idiot.” I stormed into the living room, demanding Den to explain how that large, detailed rose tattoo on his chest turned out beautifully, yet mine looked like crap.

Den: The other guy did my tattoo. His brother did yours.

Me: …….Nothing. You can’t speak when your brain is lying on the floor.

First, I didn’t want one to begin with.

Second, I was already having problems in my marriage (we were divorced within the year), and now I had his name tattooed on myself like I was some kind of bathroom wall;

And, third, I didn’t pick out my own message…What could Den have possibly been thinking about me, that he picked a wolf howling at the moon?? PMS symptoms, maybe??

This list doesn’t even address the Hepatitis Factory/Travel Trailer tattoo shop that I agreed to let stick me with questionable needles repeatedly… Now I have some kind of swamp creature howling at a setting sun, not a moon, on my back. One of my reigning short-bus moments..Thankfully, no hep…through no caution of mine!

The redeeming part in all of this is that since I had mine put on my back,  I never have to see it, while all of Den’s wives that came along after me get to stare right at the rose-covered “Catherine” placed strategically over his heart. Oh, and there have been many…I think he is on number 4 now.

I asked him a few years ago if he had ever had it covered, and he said no. When I asked him why, he said that it reminds him of the good times we had together. When he asked me about mine, I told him no, too. When he asked why, I told him that I forgot it was back there having not seen it in years. Well, that and it reminds me to make sure I pick out my own tattoos from now on. He laughed.

Thank God he thought I was kidding… I hate to be rude, even if it is the truth! 🙂

Lesson: Don’t be pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. It could crawl out of a swamp and howl at your sunset before biting you on the butt.

— Bird

30 responses to “Girl With The Swamp Creature Tattoo”

  1. I’ve been planning a quartered coat of arms split between family crests for some time now, and with the kids born and me with “The Snip” I am trying to work a banner that holds their names. With this i plan to get a gemini symbol that my wife (soul twin) that we can agree upon.

    We will both have our children’s name and the same astrological star sign.

    Re wedding band. Why not the symbol for eternity. At work jewelry on hands is not allowed due to health and safety and thw conpromise was tattooed symbols on top of the finger, not a full band.


  2. ha ha!! I have one hole pierced in each ear…nothing more. No tattoos for me, please. 🙂 They’re definitely in these days though. My stepson does them as a side business. I always joke that I’m going to get one though…a fire breathing dragon on my belly. LOL


    • Two of my three kids have tattooes, though Bek’s is very small and well hidden. They don’t bother me, as they seem to fall under the old Law and not the new one..I’ve never really studied about them in depth.

      ha,ha…I can’t imagine you with a dragon tattoo!


      • Ha ha! 🙂 Yes…well unless I became a belly dancer or decided to put on a bikini (not happening), nobody would see if I did. BUT…it’s never going to happen. 🙂 I don’t like pain, and my own personal body is not going to be a museum wall to display art work anyway. LOL…nothing against anyone else who does so…it’s just not for me. I’ve seen people with almost every bit of their bodies covered with tattoos. All I can say is OUCH! 🙂


  3. Just a thought to consider. And look into.
    I was told that if a person goes to another tatoo person and has the tat redone only using lemon juice the acid of the lemon juice breaks down the ink and the tat fades away.
    No surgery to pay for that way. And the consiquence of your self addmited foolishness is resolved.
    Dont get me wrong I have a tat myself. It says Bond Servant Yeshua in Aramaic. And I had it placed on my right hand. Forehead seemed a little to far.
    The bible is against them though I didn’t really pay attention to that when I had mine done. Anyway think it over check out if there is any truth to it.


    • I don’t really think about them anymore. The other one I have is just a little hummingbird, and I like it fine. They have never offended my conscience so I’ll probably never do anything about them.


  4. Girlfriend, you need to get paid for this brilliant writing you do. Seriously! I have missed getting to read your blog (life stuff). Your wriring is always engaging, insightful and often times hilariously funny – and – true!

    OMG, I so love this! “You can’t speak when your brain is lying on the floor.”


    • lol! Most of that marriage, my brain was on the floor…he never seemed to understand why some of the things he did made me crazy…like that one!

      🙂 I’m glad you liked it!


  5. Unfortunately, some mistakes are easier to fix than others… interesting comment by durantinyeshua about the lemon juice. I wonder if you rubbed some on every day, if eventually it would fade. Skin is porous, so some would be absorbed. Just a thought.


  6. I love my tattoo but then again I chose it and when I had is was also significant. It was coming up to my 30th birthday and for the first time in my life I actually felt comfortable with my own body I accepted I was never gonna have that flat stomach again so I went all out and got the belly button piercing I had wanted for a bout 8 years done and at the same time finally saw the design that I had been looking for and got my dragon tattoo. not a huge back covering one but his is there a couple of inches long crawling across my hip. Maybe one day I will post a pic of him


    • I’ve seen some really beautiful ones…I wish I’d spent more time choosing what would say something about me, instead of just caving in to what someone else wanted…Most horrible tattoo ever!! 😦


  7. I also have two but I designed them. You might want to consider having a true artist figure out how to make that wolf into something else that is attractive!


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