Paramedics vs. Doctors in the Kingdom of God

In light of recent events, I thought this post I wrote awhile back would be appropriate. 🙂

6 responses to “Paramedics vs. Doctors in the Kingdom of God”

  1. This has really set me to thinking! I’d like to quote some of what you wrote here, if you’d allow me to, because others need to see the angle you’re coming from. But my mind is turning over some thoughts on the nature of an army — and an angle that you aren’t addressing in this writing. I’d probably do a bit about that, too.

    We had a thought in Sunday School yesterday morning about each one having their place, their cross to carry. Some climb the mountains, some live in the valley. Some suffer physical affliction or loss of dear ones, some go through life healthy and never lose a child or have a handicapped family member to deal with. Some try to reach bikers; some operate the sound system at their Church.

    Yet it’s so human for the mountain climber to yell at the folks in the valley: “You should all be up here climbing!” Or for the valley people to say “Whyever are you up there when you could be safely down here?” Or for the fitness nut to say, “There you sit getting flabby! Come jog with me,” while the person on the computer (like me :)) says, “There are people online that need a little help. I’m just trying to do my part for the Lord here.”

    One day I was in such a “comparative” mood about my Church brethren and the Lord reminded me, “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant; to his own master he will stand or fall.” None of us like to be criticized, but as you say, it’s omething others can take up with the Chief Commander. (And it gives us the opportunity to exercise our ability to forgive.:) )


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