Why I Won’t Give Up

So, as all of you know by now, I’m going through some growing pains in my marriage. And Jesus, being the Author and Perfecter of my faith, has generously sent me some help in the form of a woman who has already been through this valley before and helping me navigate it without making me and everyone around me insane. She had a good idea today, and that was for me to write down some things that I really love about the old man. I really have no problem with this assignment at all, because he’s got a ton of cool things about him. So, with pleasure, here I go!

1. Chef is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. I make jokes about Mel Gibson and Gerard Butler, but I seriously think Chef looks way more handsome than them. Please tell me if you agree:

Gerard or..


2. Chef works really hard. He’s always supported us financially, made sure we lived in nice homes, that the kids went to good schools, had insurance coverage, and even helps around the house sometimes.

3. He helped me raise three kids from beginning to end..They turned out to be pretty great people, and he was equally responsible for that. Even my stepdaughter from my first marriage loves him.

4. Even though he didn’t want any more pets, when I asked for a kitten, he plotted with my M/C sisters and got me Milo. He even let my brother Ernie give me a second one, Sebastian.

5. He has hung in during the times I really needed him to.

6. He can make me laugh like no other person in the world..well, he ties with my dad, anyways.. 🙂

Chef comforting me when I’m sick..

Chef’s post 9/11 story…

Chef defiling my tweezers…

7. He doesn’t let me embarrass myself in public!

He doesn’t want people to think I’m constipated…

8. He rides a motorcycle like no one else I’ve ever seen…He’s gifted!

9. I know he loves me, because he tells me that he does all the time..

Chef translates Mariachi music for me…

10. I know God gave me Chef. He and I fit perfectly together…

Chef is the love of my life…

That list could go on and on. The only thing that makes my latest trial so rough is that Chef is so completely worth fighting for, hanging on to, and throwing down on the devil for… 🙂

Thanks for the assignment, C. I really like remembering why this is all so worth it!!

On a different note, I am trying to catch up on everybody’s posts from the last few days. Even if I don’t comment, I’m hitting “like” at the very least so you know I’ve been there…Ya’ll don’t give up on me yet!!

And Katharine, we’re heading down your way today…Just an FYI.. 🙂

Love you guys. Thank you all for being so sweet and encouraging through this latest trial..It really does make it easier to get through!!

— Bird

33 responses to “Why I Won’t Give Up”

  1. Now, when I put this all together, it lined up beautifully..what happened, WordPress??? It’s all scrambled and disorganized and the pictures are randomly placed … Are you still trying to sabotage me? I thought we agreed to a cease fire???


  2. Bird — Good exercise. So worth it to fight for what you love. Rolling over and playing dead doesn’t strike me as your style at all. In the meantime, I’ll be lifting you in my thoughts. Dan


  3. Well, Gerard is looking pretty hot, though… Lol. Seriously, when is comes down to what truly matters, I think we both have been given just what we needed in our lives: Solid men who sometimed irritates the crap out of us, who sometimes misunderstand in their will to do good, but fail at times – but the overall theme is that these men are good and want good things for us. Tell Chef I said Gerard Butler is a clear step down.


    • Today, I’m too tired to care about the questions or the problems!! My focus is going to be right here and right on God…even if it kills me… 🙂


  4. My wife and I were having problems and we went to 3 or 4 different counselors, all of whom were horrible. One ‘Christian’ counselor even told us that maybe divorce would be the best option. Since our biggest problem was that we didn’t get along, I thought this was a little ridiculous to suggest.

    We found a counselor who said to us both “I don’t care what you to have done in the past in this marriage and we’re not going to dwell on that…we have to move forward and figure out to make this work.” Sounds simple, but some counselors will spend hours dredging up the past and this usually makes things worse. Not dwelling on the past saved our marriage. Couples have to move forward without dwelling morbidly on the mistakes the other made. This worked for us.


    • Forgiveness between Chef and I comes spectacularly easy compared to other people I know. He is going through his own valley right now, and isn’t really focused on his marriage, me, the Lord, or really anything other than how he is feeling right now. A typical mid-life crisis.

      I am just waiting, per God’s instructions, until he gets his head back into life. 🙂 Also, can’t stand therapy for the most part…I don’t know that we’ll even try…lol. He won’t let anyone say anything negative about me, and vice versa…kind of defeats the point!!


  5. sounds to me like you are a pretty lucky gal. a good looking CHEF, and he loves and respects you. what else could make him more suitable for you?? for me, maybe Elvis Presley. I always wanted to sleep with him just once. lolol


  6. Very sweet. We’ve been doing the generous wife challenge lately to email each other 3 compliments a day for 21 days. I don’t think we plan on quitting after 21 days, I look forward to them so much every day.


  7. A-a-a-rgh! Had impossible Internet connectivity yesterday and was out of town today. Will be in “D” tomorrow, 29th. So sorry if I missed you. Email me if you want.

    And I LOVED this post! So I “liked” it. 😐


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