There’s A Party Going On In Heaven Today!!

I’m not going to tell a long story today. I just wanted to take a minute and let all of you that Sara became  a Christian last night!! She said yes!! Her story is here,

I finally fell asleep last night, rather early, and then I woke out a deep sleep suddenly. Thinking I was up for the

There is rejoicing and celebration in Heaven every time one of the lost is brought into the fold. Don’t you wish we could be partying up there right now??

long hall, I grabbed my computer, and started reading. I always read where I left off at people’s sites, and Sara writes several posts a day usually, so I started reading.

A comment indicator popped up, and I could see it was Sara…long story short, you can read our conversations on the comment sections of Bird Finally Actually Throws Down. Sara joined the family. I was so excited, and we were writing back and forth.

Just as I was writing that she should probably expect an attack from satan pretty soon, my connection to the internet just died. LOL!! This almost never happens, and you should have seen this panicked girl running around restarting modems, routers, computer, etc…The longer it took, the more I was convinced that she would think that I had just abandoned her with out a word. After a bit, I prayed that the stupid connection would be miraculously “healed”…And then Jesus pointed out to me that I wasn’t her savior…He was. And He could take care of her Himself. He’s right. Jesus did all the really cool stuff concerning Sara’s salvation story, and He is willing and able to protect what is His.

A peace came over me then, and seconds later, that connection came right back up…I wrote her a little explanation and then went back to sleep…And I slept all night long, with no sleeping medication at all. That is a rare occurrence.

Sara wrote a beautiful post this morning that made me all weepy, and I could see Jesus was right. He’s got this…

— Bird

27 responses to “There’s A Party Going On In Heaven Today!!”

  1. I know…AWESOME!! But yes, I’ve been thinking about the attacks to come too, and remembering my own. 🙂 And you’re right…he’s got her covered. I’m SO blessed by this, and rejoicing for our new sister Sara!! 🙂


  2. As you know I am the heathen in your midst but I am so glad Sara has found a path that is right for her and hope it helps her heal and find her strength. I nearly commented on you blog last night but didn;t think it was really the time for jokes. just remember they only want you to pity poor satan as a pagan the general assumption is once I finish the naked dancing I am having it away with him, although I am quite sure my other half my have objections to it lol If poor satan appeared on one of todays chat shows i have no doubt he would play up the terrible life he has had and be offered therapy. I guess being serious that that is how I deal with other misconceptions about my beliefs I find humour in them


    • Don’t be afraid to make fun of anything to me. I have long used humor to fix the pain in my life. I do not shock easily, despite what it may look like… 🙂 And, being the Christian in my and your little mix, I am of course happy she is with me forever now. That being said, don’t leave your husband for the devil…he’s so busy corrupting the entire world, he’d have no time to spend with you!!


  3. I was so happy when I read this morning Sara accepted Christ I sent her a special prayer. God is good! Now she will never be alone.

    Walk daily with God at your side.



  4. The Lord works in mysterious ways! I’m so glad to know you! The Lord directed me here. Such an inspiration you are to me and so many others. Thank you Bird for you selfless acts of love! 🙂


  5. Hi Bird,
    what great news enjoy!!… and about satan – he’s been crushed under our feet by the blood of the lamb, I don’t think he warrants much attention!!
    cheers, Graeme


  6. Bird, this is awesome. It’s great to see you’re so excited about someone else’s salvation. You’re seeing things the way your Master does, and it pleases him. Enjoy it.


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