We Ran Out of Room, So the Children Are Moving Out.

So, in less than two months, my free WordPress website is running out of room. Never one to throw anything

Dj, Caitie-Bug, and Rebekkah

away, I am absolutely not going to delete even one post. This created a problem for me, and after some discussion, we decided that the kids are going to write their works of art here — at The Second Site.

I promised Bekkie that her father and I will write there too occasionally, but for all intents and purposes, anything goes over there…just be warned!

Thank you all again for all the encouraging comments yesterday and today…it’s been a few hard days, but I’m feeling like things are balancing out again…No more sad thoughts for awhile. 🙂

I hope you guys will be as encouraging to the kids as you have been for me! Thank again!



25 responses to “We Ran Out of Room, So the Children Are Moving Out.”

    • I see you guys are already following them…You are the greatest bunch of people I’ve ever met over the internet…And I know tons!! 🙂

      You’re making my mom-heart happy!


    • No, you can buy more space, but right now, I don’t really want to do that. I had already been flirting with the idea of having the kids have their own space anyways. The audience that they attract are younger and more diverse and it was just confusing new readers. Bekkie is thrilled to have her own followers anyways, and Cait has the military crowd. Dj has the same set as Bekkie, and Emily. It worked out okay.


  1. I understand your not wanting to delete anything. But what if you just copy and paste their posts to their new blogs and then deleted them off of yours in order to make more room? The big downfall to that however is losing all of the original comments/likes/shares. but I think it’s awesome that your kids enjoy writing enough to have their own blogs!


    • That is what I’ve started doing. I love to read their stuff…of course, I might be a tad biased! Thanks for visiting my site and the really nice comment!


  2. I did not know we had the option of running out of room. How does one do that, and how do we know when it happens?!
    I’ve had a few more visits than you (granted, over years, not months) but no end in sight, that I can determine. What gives? Explain, please?


    • I write a ton of posts, but don’t always publish them. Then, I had four kids writing their own posts, and only publishing some of them. On top of that, I have a dizzing number of comments…it just filled up so quickly.

      I could tell because of what my site was doing…the theme was skewing, the pictures of the awards wouldn’t load, etc. I cleared out my caches and that fixed the problem for a little while, but it started freezing up, and Emily was unable to get hers to publish. Anytime you start getting to the end of the space available, you’ll have stuff happen. I just have to suck it up and take the ones that don’t appeal to me off, move the kids’ articles over, and close comments after a certain number of days. I’m still getting comments on some of my oldest articles.
      Sound like a professional, don’t I?? LOL! Six months ago, I had no idea what a blog was!!


      • You sound like you’ve been this way before! What’s a cache? I mean, I know what a REAL cache is, but in this case . . . How did you learn all this? WP does NOT tell us that anywhere, do they? Someone must have clued you in after the “hates me” post, right?


        • I used to be a network administrator…I’ve installed most of the original computer systems in Applebee’s restaurants across the US and Alaska..:-)


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