The Kreativ Blogger Award!

I have been nominated by Anne at My Life Uncut…Almost for the Kreativ Blogger Award!! At this rate, I will have no secrets left at all!! According to Anne, this Award was Created by Hulda from Norway and is a gift to encourage us writers and, in turn we can also have the opportunity to encourage other writers. A really nice way to uplift each other, if you ask me.

The Rules:

To  receive this Award we  have to link, if possible, the person who nominated us and thank them,  then nominate 7 other Bloggers with their Links who we feel we would like to uplift, inspire, and encourage and then let them know but there is no pressure do so when you feel the time is right.
Finally we are  to  write 7 things about  ourselves that most of our  Blogging friends don’t know,  then post the Award and attach the Kreativ Blogger Award emblem to our Blog.
I really would like to thank Anne at My Life Uncut…Almost because she is always leaving comments on my articles that encourage me to continue serving God, keep my chin up, and to not become discouraged. I appreciate her friendship and respect her as a fellow Christian more than she probably could guess.
The seven sites I would like to pass this award on to are the following:
If Today We Hear – Deb has a sweet, loaded Christian site. I love her poetry and especially her ability to boil down an entire thought process to a few lines. She is one of the newer sites that I follow, but I find myself returning over an over again.
Life Revelation – I’m also somewhat new to Stephen’s site also, but I’m coming to find out just how similar our lives tend to look. He also is always there to help me find my center and balance again. He has a relatively new site, but it is powerful, while merciful.
Daily Aspects – Silk is a newer Christian, but seems to have a real grasp on some of the maturer lessons in our walks with the Lord. He’s definitely not on formula anymore!
Adurna Blue – This is a really young girl who is pretty artistic all the way around. She writes prose, poetry, and draws. She has a very colorful, sweet site.
Hobbling Around – The Hobbler is a really fun site, and she doesn’t take any crap from anyone. I’ve never seen a blog that has an article called Don’t Follow Me…She is always making me laugh!
Dumb Workers – Yes. It is a very, very humorous site. It is a little on the rougher side, but his posts always make me laugh. He is one of my must-reads each day.
Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary – I’m including this site because I’m finding that there are just an amazing number of instances of spiritual abuse, both in my own life, and in the lives around me. This is a great website that confronts this newer monster in society, and acts to bring healing to the wounded.
Of course, there were several more sites I could have nominated that are just as wonderful, but unfortunately, we only get 7!
Now for the 7 things about me that you didn’t know. This is getting really, really hard…. :-(.
1. Growing up, I wanted to be an architect for about two years.
2. I got caught cheating in school once by Mr.Sissom.
3. I cheated all the time in high school. I know. I know. But I was amongst the geniuses, remember?
4. I played Varsity volleyball and basketball in high school.
5. My mother gave my Varsity Letterman’s Jacket to a homeless guy.
6. I’ve lost two sets of wedding rings in the many, many years I’ve been married to Chef.
7. I was eighteen years old the last time my mom spanked me. 😦
Again, thank you for the nomination, and thank all of you for returning to my site again and again.
— Bird

21 responses to “The Kreativ Blogger Award!”

  1. Bird, I’ve just got to ask one question; HOW did your Mom spank you at 18? Either she was Brunhilda or you were ‘vertically challenged!’


    • lol..No, it just wasn’t worth fighting her on it. She was a little strange about me growing up. I don’t think she ever realized that I ever did. My mom was a strange little creature in some ways…


    • I’m starting to feel weird about it…lol..It happened awfully fast, and there are a ton of sites out there that have been around longer, and frankly, are better than mine! But I do appreciate that people are thinking of me…I’m really honored! Thanks, ForHisGlory!!


  2. Congratulations Bird. It is always wonderful when fellow bloggers recognise one’s efforts – and yours is deserving this recognition. Well done and keep blogging 🙂


    • Thanks! 🙂 I really love getting these little awards, and passing them on as well. It shows someone out there remembered me! Always a blessing!


      • Yours is one of the blogs I enjoy so much that I hate missing anything… and yet there is so much (and I’ve had limited time) that I am having the hardest time catching up! It’s driving me crazy, lol, so tomorrow I am dedicating ALL of my free reading time to no other blog BUT this one until I finally get back up to speed. Lordy, I need more time in a day! Alas, I gotta run for now.


        • Robin!! What a cool comment! 🙂 I am so far behind on the blogs I follow. It literally takes me hours every day, and when anything goes wrong and I can’t dedicate my whole day to it, I get so far behind… So, I know exactly what you mean. The last couple of days, I’ve been kind of upset, so I was having a hard time concentrating. I have read all four parts of your Down the Rabbit hole, which frankly, was kind of eerily familiar to me…I also follow your site avidly, and I promise I will get caught back up…I’m starting to come out of my darkness, so I should be ready to rock again tomorrow! Thanks again, Robin!!


  3. I have enjoyed immensely reading your blog. As a writer I know you will understand if I am absent from making comments for a couple of months. I have two books I’m writing and the push is on to get them finished…so with only 24 hours in the day, I am going to continue to read and like, but my comments will be limited to replies for those who comment on my blog…thanks for the grace.

    Be encouraged!


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