Adurna Blue’s Best Follower Award

Best Follower Award!!


Adurna Blue has bestowed on me this lovely award!! Adurna is one of those followers of my site that I have a really special connection with. Adurna writes mainly poetry about youthful subjects. I guess I kind of think of her as one of my own kids… 🙂 Her subjects range from love, to medicine, to just random musings on a random day. You should check this site out whenever you need a jolt of sunshine and happiness in your day.

I really love this girl. She just started this award, so there aren’t any rules for it. So, I thought I’d just make up a few of my own.

1) Who was your first follower?

2) Pass it on to 3 faithful followers of your site.

So, here goes..drum-roll please…

My very first follower was Average Man’s Fashion and frankly I was more excited by that first follower than I was by my 300th!

Three followers that I would like to nominate for this award are these:

Terry 1954 – Terry was one of my first followers, but also the single most faithful one. No matter what the subject matter, or even which author writes the post, she reads it and offers a kind, personal comment. I always know that Terry will read my stuff, and then offer me some kind of encouragement. I just love this woman!

Original Apple Junkie – Apple, as I call her, is another follower that I consider a part of my really-real life. She has the sweetest, kindest nature. She also makes me laugh, which is always a plus to me. I hope to one day actually meet her for real so I can give her a big hug!!

Katharine Trauger – This lady is actually planning on meeting me in person. I mean, seriously, how cool is that? She authors a lovely site, which has a little bit of everything…my favorite kind! She’s gentle and kind, and always uplifting and encouraging.

So, Adurna, I thank you so very much for giving me this award, and I’m kind of psyched to be one of the very first people to ever get it! 🙂

— Bird


13 responses to “Adurna Blue’s Best Follower Award”

  1. Mike_Reverb was my first follower (and still one of few). Not only does he provide helpful and funny comments, but they’re thoughtful as well. Also, he reblogged one of my posts. Oh, and he likes Dexter. Need I say more? Much love to Mike_Reverb.


  2. Thanks for the nomination, Bird! How surprised I was! And how kind you are! Had to go to “town” a day early, TODAY. Saw bikers. Looked and saw long hair of a blonde persuasion. Almost stopped before I thought — you’re stalking a bunch of bikers you never met, you’re spending the night here, you’re NUTS! Ha!
    Thanks again, and thanks for being the kind of blogger I would stalk! HA!


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