My Love For You Can Grow No Stronger

Dear Followers,

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for following my little blog here. When I first started writing it, I was pretty convinced that I had nothing to say that anyone would ever be interested in. Boy, you guys have made me feel pretty special. I read a lot of blog sites before I ever even wrote my first story, and I knew that no


matter what I did, I was never going to sound accomplished or professional like so many of you do. But I am humbled by the response to this site. So many of the comments left on these articles have made me cry. People now talk about me in their articles like you should know who I am…Wow! I’m speechless…And I now feel like I know some of you in my really-real life. I’ve been doing this less than two months, but I know some of you better than some of my own family members!

I wish I could take all the credit for some of my wiser posts, but seriously, Jesus tends to use my crazy life, and my willingness to embarrass myself by telling you about it, and that’s okay with me. Sometimes, I feel like He just takes over, and says what He wants. Of course, those are the ones everyone really likes. But, I am so glad He is using my life to reach others. I’m enjoying my life these days…all of it. And  I can truly say, if I had my life to do all over again, I really wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve found my niche with the Lord, with my family, and with you guys.

So, consider this my love letter to all my on-line friends. Close you eyes and pretend the Mariachi’s are singing in Spanish from me to you,

“My love for you can grow no stronger..”

From the bottom of my heart,


45 responses to “My Love For You Can Grow No Stronger”

  1. A-ah! So. Well, now you’ve got me in tears! But — but — less than two MONTHS!!!! Hmm. Just think how great this blog will be when you’ve got several YEARS behind you! Great job! ❤


  2. Geez, I was sure you’d been at it for a long time… you seem like such a pro. You are an amazing storyteller. I love reading your posts.


    • lol..Thanks!! I’ve been writing for a long time, but I’ve never let anyone read anything I’ve written. Well, I let one of the authors in my family read a story I wrote as a teenager, but that was the last time.. You’re a sweetheart!!


  3. I’ve just joined you and you are so easy to relate to , and honest and real . . .no wonder we all love you! 🙂 God bless you and all that lies ahead for you!


  4. i will admit your blogs are one of the first that i stayed in touch with and tuned in on. you are real, there is no tearing a sentence apart, no bull, just plain communication. this is what i love in blogs. thanks for being you


  5. Congrats…I’ve said for a long time all God needs is an old rusty pipe open at both ends…if He can use me He can use anybody…love your stuff…keep it up…we need you.
    Be encouraged!


    • Thanks for that cool description…I say kind of the same thing around here..Don’t take yourself so seriously..God can get the house pet to say the same thing, and it would have a much more profound impact than you saying it…lol!! Thanks, Stephen!


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