There no longer exists a reason to return to my home with any real frequency. That being the case, I’ve spent the last three nights at Emily’s house. It’s nice, like a little vacation from the norm. And I’m constantly being fed, always a plus.

I have also acquired a companion. During the first night, I heard a birdsinging. I noted the strangeness of that. It

Birds in a row
Birds in a row (Photo credit: The Wren Design)

was 1:30 am, not the usual time for such boisterous avian activity.  The next night, at nearly the same time, the bird began again. It sounded unusual, coming through the walls. Not the mildly irritating, repetitive call of your usual bird. It seemed to have no real pattern. Of course, I couldn’t hear well, so I went outside to better acquaint myself with this mystery bird.

I’ve never heard anything like it. The bird would make the same sound only 3, 4, 5 times, before moving on to another. There was no pattern that I could discern. High, low, rapid, slow, no rythm or pitch was beyond this bird. I was quite impressed, that with so simple a medium, the bird could create so much variety of sound. I stayed to listen for some time. I’m fairly certain I didn’t hear the same set of sounds twice.

Eventually cold and cement sent me inside. Part of my mind must have continued to pay attention, though, because I noticed the an abrupt halt of the sound near 3 am. He was apparently done for the night. Yesterday, near 1:30, he began again, and around 3 he stopped once more.

Tonight I expected it. I sat on the steps before 1:30, reading and waiting. Once more, the bird livened up my night. Tonight, though, I was no longer enraptured with the ever changing song. Tonight, once the singing resumed, I found myself wondering what the bird was after, with such a restless song. I heard no chirped replies, tonight or the other nights. No response to this constant call.

I started wondering why it sang, and in such a random, inconsistent way, so deep into the night. Did it search for something? Was it unable to leave it’s nest, it’s home, to seek it out? Was this some strange rebel bird, questioning the wisdom of it’s elders? Or merely eccentric, ululating to the beat of a different drum, thwarting prescribed notions of behavior just by it’s existance?

I have no answer, of course. But as I thought on these things, I began to wonder what people would be like, should we strip away our words and thumbs. If we could make only the most rudimentary sounds and shelters. In that circumtance, what would a person be trying to convey with such passionate disorder so out of step with the rest. It could be desperation, or flamboyance. Arrogance. Boredom. Lots of things. So the question remains.

I felt a little like it was communicating with me, though. Commiserating with me. During the most difficult hours of the day, those last few, it kept me company, kept me entertained. Made the sounds that perhaps my heart would make, if given voice. Up and down, sad and sweet, so many sounds. Does it count as communication if one party is unaware of the other? I wish I could convey my respect to that bird. Maybe I’ll start practicing ‘bird’, try to bridge the gap.

— Bekkie

14 responses to “Communication”

  1. your posts give me a nice start to the day my friend 🙂 keep showing us the wonderful wsay you see the world. ALl we need is a perceptual change after all 🙂 Peace out chicka ~namaste~ JO


  2. when i lived in florida, there were these birds that only chattered at night. very loud, during the day all was quiet. they would do this most of the spring. i never learned what they were


    • that’s pretty nice. birds are just there, so i never did try to distinguish what they were. it’s reassuring though right?


  3. That was so insightful. Not many of us would have taken the time to wonder if that bird was searching for something. Frankly, we might have been irritated to have some strange creature disturbing our midnight hours. Those were wonderful words for thought. Thank you!!


  4. I don’t know enough about birds, but I wonder if this is a mockingbird? And what a great post about communicating and listening, and trying to bridge the gaps. 🙂 One time I kept hearing this bird singing, all by itself , while it was still dark out. It encouraged me in how it trusted that the dawn was coming, singing yet when there was no light. God bless you, Bird, big time!


    • hmm, maybe. i did try to make sounds, see if it’d copy me, and it didn’t. it did pause, though, so i dont know. yeah, the bible talks about birds alot too, sparrows and doves and whatnot. i think we know, subconciously, that they’re a good thing.


  5. Study the pattern and whistle it back. I do it all the time for Jk. Note her blog on the zoo and me talking to the birds…lol. Each pattern is the bird communicating something different, mating, warning, request, and so on. The fact that it is 1:30 to 3 a.m., makes me believe that God is just sending that bird to calm your spirit, and let you know that he cares. If you read the Bible and note the times that God often answered prayer or Jesus prayed it would have been during the 3rd watch…around that time of the morning. I’ve heard talk about this from many pastors and Bible experts as being the time when God answers prayers the most. I find it interesting that it is happening at the same time each night.


  6. it just varied so much, i doubt i could get it right unless i wrote it down. even then, it was pretty complex. sometimes it even sounded like it was making a dog-ish whimper. i don’t know if God is chatting with me then, or if it’s just a cool bird. i don’t mind either way, cause they amount to the same thing. if God is sending me a message, it’s one i don’t understand, so i don’t know why He’d bother


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