How To Argue With A Fool

This is my recipe for arguing with a fool…don’t. It has no reward at all.

Awhile back, before I really got into this blogging thing, I joined one of the many, many writing communities, and wrote a piece similar to Be True to Yourself or You’ll Become Constipated and posted it as my one and only contribution to that site. (Yes. I do this periodically and then quickly become bored with it). Now, the way that site is set up, other writers are invited to critique your work and offer constructive criticism in order to help you develop as a writer.

If you’ve read Be True then you know it is about my inability to physically altercate in a bar scene, and the

Zolpidem (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – I have done some extremely weird stuff while on Ambien. Just ask my daughter about my alter-ego’s blog site!

actual need to at least portray a sense of being a tough, biker chick, to keep random women from beating me up in order to win the affection and back seat of my husband and his motorcycle. The article was just a cutesy thing I wrote; I wasn’t trying to lay down some hard, deep wisdom on anybody. I soon forgot about my membership to the writing community, and I certainly never really expected anyone to actually read and critique the piece. Boy, was I wrong.

Yesterday. mainly because I was really bored, I went through my computer on-line history. I do this occasionally because I take Ambien CR at night, and I’m one total freak sometimes when I’m on it, and periodically I have to make sure I’m not sending mean emails to family members or web-noodling random hate sites. Evidently, my Ambien-ed out alter ego loves to debate, mainly politics, and I’ve done this a couple of times and have had no memory of it the next day. I’m happy to report that I’ve recently only been sleeping when on it…no stirring of the pots recently! And so, I came across that writing community website again, and thought I’d go see if anyone had actually read my piece.

There was quite a response to my piece. A couple of the writers liked it, and only corrected some of my grammar, which is actually helpful to me, as I’m always finding grammatical mistakes in my writing. (My grandmother would be sooooo appalled!) But the real interesting stuff was about the content. One person took big exceptions to me being married to a biker and being a Christian. According to her, you can’t be both. No surprise there…a shockingly common reaction. Another writer took exception to me going out to bars at all, and instead advised me to stay home and let my husband get this biker thing out of his system. Since it’s been in his system for over a decade, that would have been one really, really long wait, and it still wouldn’t be over yet. My guess is that this little phase is here to stay. Another woman basically called me a slut. Now, here is where I get confused. There is absolutely nothing sexual in my piece. How does this make me a slut?

The truly funny part about this though, is that this is a message board kind of thing and other writers could read what each person was saying, and there was a very long, very highly charged debate on whether I could be a Christian, a biker, a writer, and a slut all at the same time. I laughed and laughed through the whole thing. People take their own opinions too seriously sometimes. And all these barbs that were aimed at hurting my feelings, or making me angry, or even to draw out a reaction from me had all happened months ago without me even knowing about it. Toward the end of the montage, there were even comments on the fact that I wasn’t defending myself and my lifestyle, and therefore I must know that I was wrong, not a Christian, couldn’t be a writer, and was, in fact, a slut.

I didn’t answer. I thought about it, but then I thought, when you are trying to draw someone into a verbal fight, the only thing worse than being made a fool of is when the other side decides you’re such a big fool, you aren’t worth fighting with at all. Trust me, I’ve been on the embarrassing end of that stick, mainly when I’ve been drunk. So, I just left the site untouched, and chuckled at how infuriated the pot-stirrers would always feel every time they thought of the Somewhat Pure-living Christian Biker Chick Writer refused to defend herself against some pretty base, rude, foolish insults. The bible is pretty clear on this one —

“The mind of the intelligent seeks knowledge; But the mouth of fools feeds on folly.” Proverbs 15:14

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

“A scoffer does not love one who reproves him, He will not go to the wise.” Proverbs 15:12

“He who conceals hatred has lying lips; and he who spreads slander is a fool.” Proverbs 10:18

All of our own opinions are just that…opinions. There is no reward for verbally beating someone else into submission to our own ways of thinking. And if you are secure in who you are, then there is no need to sell yourself on the truth either. Some people just like the verbal jockeying that insulting someone else leads to, but I have no interest in trying to defend myself to a fool. What’s to be gained by that?

Respect from a fool = Nothing much worth having at all!

— Bird


41 responses to “How To Argue With A Fool”

  1. We live right on a local biker’s route. The kids rack up points for “motercycle” really quick! The only reason my dad isn’t a biker is because Mom thinks he’ll end up killing himself. So, no bike, no hang-glider, no bungee jumping….
    My dh knows better than to trust his sense of balance. I’d do it, but it’s not much fun alone. Maybe when my kids are bigger. 😀
    Since when did one’s mode of transportation affect one’s godliness? Well, maybe the Amish.

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    • I tend to really adore the Amish…especially the cooking! I find the people who criticize me about the biker/Christian thing are so mired in their own self-righteousness, that they aren’t able to see anyone else very clearly. It is a sad, but useful method satan employs to render a Christian ineffective. Sad, but also not my problem. I no longer honestly care about that debate. I am My Lord’s and He is Mine!!


  2. Its one thing to argue with someone who’s intelligent but somewhat ignorant about what they are talking about. And you debate them, for one to show then where they are wrong and what they are missing. But to argue with a fool, is well foolish. Just let them be in their Fantasy Land and hopefully they’ll get themselves out of that.

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  3. Hi Bird,
    What a great blog… but a bit sad that still so many people think our righteousness is based on our neat and tidy packaging of Christianity. I for one am glad my perfection comes from Christ alone. Keep it up Bird. thanks for visting Mybroom again, talk soon.

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  4. Oh Bird . . .you had me laughing so hard. And I really needed to today! I’m so glad that you are you, and could just laugh at all this too, taking place months ago. Writing communities sound like scary places! haha! So . . .no critiquing of your writing though, just you? haha! Just too funny!
    God bless you as you ride bikes, go to bars, and live for Jesus! 🙂

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    • lol…Thank you!! I have joined a dozen of these communities over the years thinking that I could use some help trying to write…duh. Just write. 🙂 I have a few authors in the family and their advice is to skip the community writers and just find my own voice..which is what I’ve done with the blog. I enjoy it! lol..And yes, I work for Jesus in bars among the bikers. Luckily, they are a pretty nice lot of guys and girls, so it isn’t a hardship… Thank you for the wonderful comment!!


  5. I’m on your team! I think the particular snarkiness of Christians in the blogosphere (against their own, no less) is a symptom of misdirected zeal–they want to do SOMETHING related to their faith, but are too intimidated to actually take their faith to those who need it (eg, non-Christian, non-churchgoing folk), so they turn into cyber-theologians and fruit inspectors. Don’t get me started. My wife makes me tell her when I take my sleeping med, because she knows I’ll forget everything we say–so she doesn’t have to waste her breath! Here’s a little tune for you, to cheer you up! Blessings, Ken

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    • My husband tells me I’m sometimes more active on that Ambien than I am when I’m supposedly awake!! It blows my mind how I can’t remember a single thing on them!! Also, I really like your phrase “fruit inspectors”…awesome. I know people really want others to find the Lord, and they sometimes think people like me make it seem too easy or that I’m giving Christianity a bad name. I kind of understand that fear, but you have to meet people where they are. All this is foolishness to people who are spiritually dead, so spouting verses at them isn’t is worthless. Still, I guess it is good that so many are still trying…lol!


  6. Sounds like you’ve got a big heaven…that’s cool! Some people have a very small heaven, and they don’t like to share the door combination with just any old person…..

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    • I plan on dragging as many people into heaven through my tiny door as I can fit…lol!! I am a Break-All-The-Rules kind of survivor…I want heaven filled with bikers!!!

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  7. Wow, I took Ambien for a while and used to apply for jobs while under the influence. Small wonder I never got the jobs, huh? I pretty quickly learned to get off the computer as soon as I took that pill, otherwise I would wake up some morning wondering why the police were knocking on my door… 😀

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  8. web-noodling hate sites? you are my favorite member of the human race. haha and that reminds me of louis c. k. ‘punch the pony’. ‘you’re a terrible person if you punch your pony; someone should punch you’, ‘you’re a bad person if you don’t punch your ponies’. So we really are a divided nation

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