The Cost of Doing Business

One thing about my sister Rebekkah is that she comes up with big ideas, but she was always too chicken-shit to execute these plans alone. Hence, Caitlyn and I were always suckered into plans we didn’t always agree with. Caitlyn, being of sound mind, always thought these plans were stupid, but for whatever reason, this time she decide to tag along.

Back when I was 8, Cait was 7, and Bekkie was 9. We were living in Laredo, and because Mom traveled for her

= $8.00 – Enough to live above our means in Mexico!

job, and Dad was always working at his restaurant, they hired a Mexican nanny named Gabriella. We loved Gabriella. Rebekkah was always good at picking up other languages, and so she was our interpreter when Gabriella was telling us stories. And some of those stories inspired this epic adventure. Rebekkah decided that we three kids should move to Mexico. Of course, it was a stupid idea, but Bekkie is gifted at getting us to do these plans. Well, let me re-phrase this. She was gifted at getting me to do these things. And I could always be bought with not very much money. This time, it cost her $8.00, all of it mostly change. I was wealthy.

We each went to our rooms and packed our little backpacks and we headed out the back door, giving the appearance that we were just going outside to play. By the time we hit the back gate, which was about 20 feet from the back door, Caitie wised up, and blew off the plan, much to Bekkie’s chagrin. However, I had been paid, and was stuck doing this stupid trip.

Rebekkah and I made it through the gate, but then Bek decided that I should go first, and pave the way for her. So, I took my $8.00 down the road to a friend Davy’s house, and from there we found the raspa man, and spent the $8.00, hung out for a while, and then both of us went back to my house to play video games on my Nintendo 64.

Needless to say, Bekkie was pissed. I spent the $8.00, had a good time, and didn’t pave the way to Mexico. She demanded her money back, but I never gave it back. She owed it to me for coming up with this stupid idea.  After that, she would use this story about going to Mexico over my head to get me to do other stupid things.

I’m so glad we’re adults now. Not that being grown up keeps her from trying anyways… 🙂 Only these days, the prices are higher.

— DJ

7 responses to “The Cost of Doing Business”

  1. haha jeez dj, leave me some dignity. blackmail, bribes…am i the villain, butthead? and my plans are better organized in adulthood. i only have to pay your exhorbitant rates half the time, which means you go along for free the other half. besides, i pay you from the love i bear you. what would your life be like, if i didnt make you join me? more broke 🙂


  2. Good story. Just for fun, why don’t you pay her back with interest? She probably won’t accept anyway but the reflection time should make everybody smile; or, you could write a sequel here on WordPress…


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