Gaming: A Love Story

It would come as no surprise to those who know me that I have a rather obsessive gaming streak. This condition has only gotten worse with time. But every time someone mentions my odd fascination I can only think of one instance where it was painfully apparent.

I was playing a game on the wii called ‘Paper Mario’. Now, before I am judged for the gaming console, yes I own and play both ps3 and xbox games, but Mario has been a faithful companion throughout my life and it would be a terrible shame to leave him behind.

Alright, on this bright and sunny day, my sister was watching me as I went through the levels. Switching views and pressing buttons that, god bless her, she will never understand, when I reached a point (as all gamers do) that was difficult to figure out. I had the guide, but my pride refused to allow me to perform that travesty without at least beating the game on my own ONCE. The giant flower kind was defeated and there was a hall of paintings. Going back did nothing. There was no one left to fight and no place to go. I stared at the screen switching the views back and forth until I was a little dizzy.

Rebekkah stared too, but when she had given up hope, made food and ate it, in fact, I kept searching. And finally I saw it. The tiny, hair line crack in the ground before the first painting. (It was so small because we had a small TV… details are not easily seen). “Ha!” One ground pound into the hidden room and I was moving again. I picked up the items, hit the switches and continued on.

Bek didn’t understand how I figured out the puzzle, nor did she understand how I was able to know exactly what to do with the items the game gave to me. It made me laugh, and I tried to explain… and as the nerd chatter exited my mouth I was hit by an epiphany. She will never understand it because she doesn’t care to. Its not important to her. It wasn’t a skill she wished to have nor cared to. 

With that I just smiled, nodded, and continued my game. To this day she brings it up, still uncertain of how I did it. Its endearing and is one of my favorite memories from that era.



3 responses to “Gaming: A Love Story”

  1. you say the crack was visible, but i’m almost sure there was nothing. i think you’ve just developed some weird gamers 6th sense


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