Liebster Blog Award – :-)

Life of a Female Bible Warrior has nominated me for this award, and I thank her very much. Like her, I too have more than 200 followers, and therefore I’m not sure I’m allowed to accept it. However, I do like answering random questions about myself, and I like to pass this along to some of the other writers that I really, really enjoy. So, as I tend to do, I’m going to blow off the rules, and do what I want anyways! 🙂

There is a protocol that must be followed, which explains why it’s taken me so long to accept the nomination. I must

1) Thank the nominator

2) Link back to them (check

3) Copy and paste the award logo

4) Nominate five other bloggers for the award – Since I’m gonna do what I want, I’m going to only nominate one — it isn’t that there are not a ton of you out there…there are….but I think I’m starting to nominate people over and over again, and then forgetting other great places. Yes, I confuse easily….So, I thought I’d make it simple for myself, and just do the one this time.

5) Tell my readers 10 random facts about me

So, I guess all I have are numbers 4 and 5 to complete.

My Awesome Writer That I Would Like To Nominate Is:

Kyllingsara – Sara has become my friend. She’s survived the one of the hardest childhoods I’ve ever heard of, and she is one of those I refer to when I set Everyone Has A Story. She reminds me of just how hard some people have to fight just to learn to enjoy their lives again. Check her site out, because she writes beautifully.

And now, for 10 random facts about me:

1) Growing up, I spelled my name Cathy with a “y”; I changed it to Cathie with an “ie” when I was sixteen.

2) I am named after my great, great grandmother and my great grandmother.

3) My family has Mafia connections.

4) I was in Special Education Math in the 4th Grade.

5) I’m afraid of water.

6) I have two tattoos.

7) I went on my first date when I was 18 years old.

8) I was born in June.

9) My doctor and I argue almost every visit because I am a crappy, bossy patient.

10) My husband calls me an Earth Mother because of my love of nature.

Thank you again for this award. You all make me feel very, very special. And it was cool to have all you guys bombard Heaven with prayers about my little cat Sebastian…You Rule!!




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