I Think WordPress Hates Me

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So, as my life was just starting to calm back down after the Sebastian fiasco, the universe has thrown me another curve ball in the form of WordPress updates gone crazy.

I have developed a very strict, inflexible routine for writing my posts, reading the blogs that I follow, answering the comments left on my articles, etc. And in a single evening, WordPress has turned my blogging life upside down!

First, all my email notifications have disappeared..(or ALL of you have simply stopped writing for days…unlikely), except the notifications that WordPress has a new article out. Really??

I am not being notified about new comments on each post…only some of them. So, imagine my surprise when I actually started going through old posts, and I hadn’t answered so many people…I’m so sorry! WP has let me down!! I’m trying to catch back up with that.

The worst thing so far though, is that on a couple of the blogs that I interact with the writers A LOT, I now have to log in after each comment, into a gravatar that is different from the one I use, and it always says my password is incorrect, then after I try again, shows both of my comments..Each of them saying the same thing, but just different enough to make people wonder if my memory is really that short….What is going on? Even worse, I can’t see their responses unless I log out of one gravatar account  to get into the other…It is madness, I tell you! Madness!

WordPress is trying to ruin me. Somehow, I’ve offended them, or they’re jealous. I don’t know which.

So, I’m sitting here rudderless in an ocean of posts that have piled up for days and days, trying to find my way back to my favorites sites and catch back up with my favorite people…It is depressing.

I just wanted to let you know, no. The Liebster Award did not go straight to my head!!! I will eventually figure this nonsense out, and catch back up to all of you. In the meantime, I apologize if it takes me a little time to answer your comments…WordPress can make things hard, but I will not be defeated!!

Any one have any advice for me, I could sure use it, because I’m getting really frustrated here!!

— Bird

39 responses to “I Think WordPress Hates Me”

  1. Bird I guess, you should contact WordPress. Because I blogged everyday this week and been notified about all your blogs.


    • lol..I just did that. It took me awhile to figure out how to contact them, but I think I’ve got it. I did notice that my email is starting to fill up again, so maybe whatever this little hiatus was, it is over now. I’m using those who have commented recently to trackback to their sites, catch up, and make sure I’m still “following” them. Thanks for the advice!


  2. Notifying them was the key. WordPress is a good site which has many jealous enemies and sometimes experiences a bit of cyber static from them. Lately, many have had similar ridiculous occurences.
    As folks keep reporting their troubles, it helps WP discover the extent of the glitch and fix it better and better every day. It’s a bit like a power outage, in that each report helps the fixit guys zero in on the source of the trouble.
    Sorry you had such problems. I had all my own posts appear in my inbox twice, as if someone else had posted them. Until I reported it. 🙂

    One thing you need to know, though. You are missing my posts because I have not been posting! 😀


  3. Sorry to hear that you are in WordPress distress. I have been so buried in Building my new website I have fallen behind on my reading. Pretty bad when I don’t have time to respond to the two Blog awards I have gotten… what a loser. The website is almost done. I will send you the link to your FB page. It is not live yet..

    I have not had any WP issues.


    • Yeah, send me the link. I look forward to it…Is it another blog, or just a straight website?

      lol..Are you telling me that WP is singling me out?? Or are your just WP’s favorite little blogger? 🙂


      • I wonder if your issue is stemmed from multiple users maybe? Heck IDK.
        I can’t send you the link to you FB because you have the messages blocked for non-friends, Will PM on Twitter. The website is part blog part, forum, kinda the same.

        I wish I was someones favorite anything…. Augh


  4. Your page looks a little funny… like it’s tilting to the right. And your menu buttons on top of the page are not like they used to be. WP is jealous. Maybe if we invited it/them to go with us on our drive off the small hill, they would fix your account… 😛


  5. Bird, I know how frustrating it can be after all the hard work and you feel as though you have been pushed back a notch or two. Thanks for letting us know where you are. I assume you have contacted them? The best of luck to you on this.


  6. Just look at it as God giving you a break for another purpose in your life. But if you want I’ll send you all my notifications from my email…that I’m still trying to catch up on…somewhere around 700 of them…lol.


  7. You are not alone here. I have had many issues with wordpress along the way. I hate to say this but get use to it! I can’t tell if I have more problems with wp or yahoo where I get my email. Sometimes I will have 4-5 emails from the same post! We should all just tell the enemy to get away because he is the culprit invading our blogging space!


  8. many of my friends andI have had similar problems. pain in the patootie. seems to take about 2 weeks to get thru it. not much help, i know but yell at them and see what they can do.


    • I did. I haven’t heard anything back, but I’m getting my emails again. Still not getting notifications of all comments…It said I had 9 this morning, but just going through each post comments, I am about 18 now, so ….Good morning to you too!! 🙂


  9. WordPress seems to be messing with all of us Bird, my posts disappear, I become unsubscribed to blogs that I have followed every since I started with wordpress, I can’t access my pages 80% of the time, I can’t answer comments or I am told I already did that and get an error. This is very frustrating! God bless and hope it gets better, I even posted about it since I can’t get through to wordpress either!


  10. I’ve been getting your emails but I am so sorry WP is giving you problems. It’s the devil trying ot keep your from doing the job God has called you to do. Just keep fighting the good fight. Sandy


    • I got my emails back, but I am still physically having to go to each post and check for comments. I have over 100+ articles, some which get commented on even today because other writers have recommended them…God Bless Those Writers…and I hate it when I miss an opportunity to thank someone for taking a few minutes to visit here…AGGGHHHH. Still, if I have to scan every article, every day, I’ll do it…Just to prove to WP I will not be defeated!!! LOL!


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