Jesus Cares, Even About The Smaller Problems We Have

A few weeks ago, we found out that the place where my son and daughter live has black mold, which was making both my kids, and their two dogs, sick. We shuffled things around, but in the end, the dogs needed to find new homes. As you can probably tell about us by now, animals are really, really important to us, and this

Jesus cares about us, too.

development just broke Rebekkah’s heart, as well as mine. But, sometimes, the right thing to do is also the most painful one, and I set about to help find homes for these dogs, Laredo and Riot.

The first thing I did was put an ad on, and I got a call before they deleted my ad…I have no idea why, but every time I put something on Craigslist, it gets flagged and deleted after a few hours for not complying with terms of use…I read those terms, and I didn’t violate them, so what the h? But anyways, the ad was up long enough for the following conversation to take place:

Me: Hello?

Lady: Hello? I’m calling about your ad about the dogs. I want one.

Me: Oh, that’s wonderful. Do you know which one you would be interested in?

Lady: Oh, either one would be fine. My dog just died.

Me: If you don’t mind me asking, what did it die from?

Lady: Oh, nothing bad. It just died.

Me: okay…

Lady: Now, I did want to tell you that I don’t have $25 re-homing fee. I’m on disability and I don’t have any extra money for things like this, but you understand, right? Will that be a problem?

Me: Animals can be expensive. I do know. Are you sure you can afford to get one at the moment, with your finances so tight? You never know when they are going to need to go to the vet, or you know, need something…

Lady: Oh, yes. My animals never get sick.

Me: (thinking) No, but evidently they do die…maybe a clue that they were sick first… Uh, I have an emergency…can you call me back…there’s something I need to take care of….bye.

When I hung up the phone, I just sat there. I can’t give these animals to people I don’t know. They’ve been loved, trained, spoiled, and taken to vets. This lady sounded so nice, but if she hadn’t said what she had, I would have probably gone ahead and given her one of these dogs. Suddenly, I was glad the ad was deleted. I have to do something else.

Once again, I tell Jesus my dilemma, and ask for some help. I know Jesus loves our animals, too… 🙂

At once, I started thinking of my friend Jenny who lives in the country, and I thought, ” Well, she knows lots of people in the country…maybe she can help me.” So I gave my old friend a call.

Sure enough, she had already been thinking of getting a dog anyways, and after a few minutes, Laredo had a new home!! Now, we’re waiting to see if we have one for Riot, as well, with one of her neighbors.

Do not tell me that Jesus doesn’t care about the smaller problems in our lives, because this week, He has consistently solved some of my smaller, somewhat less important problems.

Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Jenny.

I love you both!


12 responses to “Jesus Cares, Even About The Smaller Problems We Have”

  1. What may seem small to you, God may put on the front burner and vise versa. The best part is that he hears our every word and will step in and pick up your load when it is really needed. I have never been left out on a limb by Him.

    You have a blessed day!

    Walk daily with God at your side.

    Your brother in Christ,



    • Thank you for your sweet comment. I’m glad you enjoy reading my stuff. It is humbling to me to know others get something out of it…

      Bless you!!


  2. One of my favorite quotes is “He’s the God of big things. He’s the God of small things. He’s the God of all things.” I know He cares for us, even down to the tiniest most insignificant things in our lives. If we care about it, God cares about it. Love you, Bird. Sandy


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