Don aka Chef Refutes My Allegations

Here in where to find his nonsense:

Do You Have A Story? Bird’s Husband Speaks Out

As promised, my husband Don aka Chef now has his own blog. He was totally psyched about my post this

Chef salad
Chef salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

morning, and now wants his own place to refute my allegations.

Because I am his typist, and he resolutely refuses to set up his own gravatar because he thinks they are gay, you get to see mine on his site. But make no mistake — all that stuff over there is from his warped, twisted mind..not mine.


Being married is too much fun, wouldn’t you agree??

— Bird

UPDATE: After writing his first few submissions, I set up the least gay gravatar I could for him ’cause I don’t want to take credit for some of this stuff…lol!!

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