Three Boobs

So, while scoping through the daily offerings in the Blog World this morning, I ran across a site that was really freaked by a search term Google had listed under his search stats. Here is his article. Poor guy! 

Naturally, I was curious about what my stats would be, and I thought I’d share them, because they did make me laugh. Here they are:

Search Terms for all days ending 2012-04-03 (Summarized)

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Analytics 3scapism 1 png
Analytics 3scapism 1 png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Search Views

funny best friend pictures
none so blind as them that can see – Not won’t see, but can see…an interesting new twist on the saying…
back in the day motorcycle clubs – I can just imagine the disappointment this guy felt when he read my site…
my experience about motorcycle accident
is it the most stupidest day ever for you because today is a horrible day for me because my cat died – This poor person! I’m just wondering what the search was for…to make their day better, or to find like-broken hearted souls…Why would a day be made stupid for one person because another person’s day was horrible because their cat died?? I’m going to ponder on this one further…there is a lesson here, I’m sure of it…

writing a devotional
god is for me
primary biliary cirrhosis
i have been angry god – Has this person been angry at God, or is he/she an angry god themselves…
biker club house – I’ve written nothing about biker club houses….
how to make hide and go seek houses – Houses that go hide, or houses that you play hide-and-go-seek in….
“three boobs” – This is my absolute favorite one. Three Boobs. lol…Not breasts, either. BOOBS…awesome…
communication and trust
writing devotionals

I have no idea why I haven’t been paying attention to these before, but I’m going to keep my eye on them from now on.  🙂

Have a good day, ya’ll!

— Bird

8 responses to “Three Boobs”

  1. my brain hurt reading those. grammar is truly dead now… isn’t it? (i don’t type capitalization on the internet. if people won’t take the time to learn the proper use for to, two, and too then i don’t have to utilize the shift key.)


  2. hahaha wow. i love you guys. im taking that ‘temporarily blinded by grammatical sins’ thing. i know exactly what you mean


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