The Time God Disagreed With My Pastor

Since I already shared with you how a personal “prophecy” destroyed my first crush, here, I think it is only fair to share a story where a personal “prophecy” saved it.

Rebekkah – The one the fuss was all about… 😉

19 years-old, alone and pregnant, I went to live with some relatives of my stepfather’s, many, many miles away from my family. Being a very religious lot, we went to church every time the doors opened, and Jesus was very much the central focus in their household. Fun times for an unmarried pregnant girl.

Almost immediately, it would seem that God was telling several of the church members that I should give my baby up for adoption. Some of these people were church authorities, and others were the very family I was living with and depending on at that moment; I found myself really struggling with a hard decision. I prayed and prayed, and tried to keep my head up as I went to church, knowing that judgments about what kind of person I really was, were being played out in many of the minds all around me.

But, the decision was pretty much made the minute I felt my baby kick for the very first time. I was amazed and excited all at once. I ran into the living room, exclaiming that I could feel the baby kick. The reaction. Cold. Indifferent. One of them cautioned me to not get excited or try to bond with the baby, as this would hurt me more later when I gave it away.

So, I thought to myself, you assume that I’ve agreed to give it away. How incredibly arrogant! God hasn’t told me himself that I have to, and forgive me if I don’t just take your word for it….

I said nothing, walking dejectedly back to my room. All night, I tossed and turned, prayed, dreamed, worried. The next morning, I called my mother, who was living far away, and told her I wanted to obey God, but unless He came down from heaven and ordered me to do it Himself, I wasn’t giving my baby away. She understood and advised me to write in my bible the decision I had made and ask God to verify it to me. For once, I took her advice. I wrote on the opening cover the date with the sentence “I have decided to keep my baby on this day. Please verify it is your Will.” And then I proceeded to become extremely involved in planning the future of my baby….in my life, not someone else’s.

Flash Forward: Our church had invited a couple —Charles and Paula Slagle  — to minister to our church. I’d never heard of them before, nor had I had a lot of positive experiences with prophetic ministries in general, so I can’t say that I was all that enthusiastic about this event. But, hey. Whatever.

I was six months pregnant, but a stranger wouldn’t have been able to tell. My pregnancies don’t really show physically until about the seventh month anyways. The service began, and almost immediately, Paula stopped the music and asked “the girl in the blue dress” to stand up, The Lord had a Word for her…

The first one? Wow. So, I stood up, bracing for the worst, but hoping for the best. This is what she said:

“I have no idea what this means, and it doesn’t seem that I’m going to get an explanation from Him either. The Lord wants you to know that the decision you made 6 weeks and 4 days ago was the right decision. He is going to heal all the personal parts of you.”

That was it. I knew immediately what that meant, and I pulled out my Bible, frantically counting the days that had elapsed and yes — I had written that little sentence 6 weeks and 4 days earlier. I had told no one about it. My mother was the only one that could have maybe orchestrated anything, but she was far away, and busy with other things that were more important to her. In a nutshell, only God could have known. Mom had no knowledge whatsoever of who Charles and Paula Slagle were.

The minute that service was over, I started showing every single person who had advised me of God’s Will in the matter of my baby — all of them incorrectly, it would seem. The reactions made me sad.

I was told by some that Charles/Paula weren’t a part of our church, so they could have gotten the word wrong. In fact, they had, because God had been clear to show our pastor and church authority that I was indeed to give the child up.

One person told me that if I broke through the hedge, I would get bitten by a snake…????

And others nodded a little sickly and refused to say anything at all.

Only one person besides myself was happy for me. And she had been the only one to not be sure everyone else was hearing God. The pastor’s wife.

I find that when God deems it necessary, He will use His servants in a miraculous way. So, to the questions that were asked, yes. I do believe that prophecy and miracles still exist in this day and age. I just don’t think you are going to force God into anything, no matter how much you think He should reveal Himself. But when He needed to make a point to me, and probably those in authority over me, He did it in a miraculous, prophetic way.

— Bird

29 responses to “The Time God Disagreed With My Pastor”

  1. I love this story, gave me shivers. God is so amazing, He takes care of us when we need it most, we can trust Him and we should shout it from the rooftops. The church is full of hypocrites, and don’t you forget it.


    • God’s Will was done in my life, despite what even authority over me desired… I still cry when I think about how He took the time to send strangers all the way to that tiny church in the middle of nowhere just to comfort me…Yes, Jesus loves me, this I know….


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wonderful story. I wonder what those people would say now when they look at your beautiful GOD BLESSED daughter. Sometimes Christians can be so discouraging and they say things and claiming it is in the name of God.


    • lol..the ones that are still around have steadfastly refused to ever mention the incident again to me…That’s okay. I imagine it was a humbling moment for most of them, and I’m quite familiar with that side of the fence, too! Thanks so much for taking a minute to read my post and comment on it. I really do appreciate it!!


  3. Baby Bird, That is a COMPLETELY awesome story. What a lovely child. I would love to hear how she is doing. Funny, God’s people say the dumbest stuff sometimes. When my husband got sick, I can’t tell you the number of people that would speculate in front of me why God “chose him for this journey” or “afflicted him” with cancer and silly stuff like that. Well, if any of that were true, and God hands out suffering like cards, then I’m a fool for following Him.
    He lets us treat each other callously, or lets us treat each other kindly, with respect and love. How nice you had at least a few people treating you with respect and love.

    Much love,


  4. Sometimes, Victoria, you make me cry. All the pain that you’ve been through, you are still so sweet and gentle. You are yet another reason I know God exists….

    Rebekkah writes some posts on this site, and if you ever get a minute, read the one she wrote called “Laugh”. I know other people are better, more awesome parents than I was, but I sometimes shutter to think what Bek would have become had a normal parent raised her. She’s very brilliant…she could have skipped grades, and learning came almost too easy for her. She taught herself to read at 3 simply from watching Sesame Street. But she didn’t smile much, nor have any kind of sense of humor. I had to work my butt off teaching her to laugh….She was one who insisted on experience to learn lessons, and demanded proof for everything. Hands down, my hardest child to raise. But, while obviously flawed, she loves the Lord with all of her heart, and she’s another unwavering light in a really dark world. I am so honored to be her mother…



  5. You got it bird! I know exactly what you are saying. Never doubt, and praise God for his love for you and Rebecca! What a beautiful precious child she is. Thanks for sharing the Greatness of God, so many people miss out on who he truely is. They sadly have watered him down to just a word in a book they open out of habit. But never listen to what they are reading.
    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8 NKJV)

    Love and Blessings of Hope your sister in Christ RJ


  6. Bird..I believe in personal prophecy. There have been so many times when I was “in the valley” that the LORD came to me with a personal word as only He can, and gave me hope, comforted me, or in some way encouraged me and gave me the strength to go on in spite of the difficult place I was in. Just hearing Him say, “I love you” made going through any firey trial, bearable.

    Do I know about spiritual abuse? Yes, in a very painful way, and what’s so sad, is that all too often, it can come right out of the church. And by “church”, I mean the people that make up the church. But, as in your case, there are those special, obedient and loving vessels that God chooses to speak through.

    Thank God for that word to you. It’s obvious you made the right choice and have never lived to regret it. We never do, when we love, trust and obey the Gentle Shepherd’s voice.

    Jesus bless you, and those you love,


    • I do believe in personal prophecies. I do wonder sometimes if people mix up the gifts of encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, etc. with prophecy. And yes, I do believe spiritual abuse is out there. I’ve dealt with it. But in this case, I think it was people making a mistake more than abuse. No one was trying to hurt me..and in the end, it had to be pretty humiliating to have God make His Will known in such a public way..

      No, I do not regret the decision. I know my Father’s voice, and He knows mine… 😉 If you read the post i just wrote, you’ll see the one time I did experience a case of spiritual abuse..

      Thank you for commenting, Scarlett. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me.

      — bird


  7. Apologies. I missed this the first time around….something made me come back. Yes, I know what you will think, so I hope it makes you smile.
    This is a lovely story. I can’t in all honesty, concur with your explanation, but I’m glad for you…and your child.
    It’s an odd world, full of odd things.


  8. Oh, and I have re read some of the comments and I agree, there is a book here, and if told in the first person would be an excellent story.
    The ‘prophetic’ incident in church would be good enough to perk the interest of any publisher, I’m sure.
    Publishers like draft outlines for non-fiction. Why not write one up? Do a brief synopsis and send it to a few.
    If they can publish someone like Strobel, for your god’s sake, then your story is worth a read.
    I can’t promise I’d buy a copy…but you never know?


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