What The Bible Code Means To Me

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Yes. I think there is a hidden code in the Bible.

And so did Isaac Newton, if you can believe what some people report.

If you don’t know what the Bible Code, or the Torah Code, is, go here.

I can actually feel most of you rolling your eyes and throwing my credibility right into the trash, but let me explain…

Back in 1997, I stumbled across the book, The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin, and I was instantly fascinated. In a nutshell, I had absolutely no problem whatsoever believing that the God of Universe could splatter different words throughout a book written by several different writers over centuries. Because He was the one giving His creation the words to write down. When I held up the theory in the light of what I know about God, it fit some pretty undeniable truths I have found out about Him throughout my life.

First, God is the Author of the Bible — It would have been absolutely impossible for multiple writers to have accomplished this, simply because none of them would have even known back then what Equidistant Letter Sequence was, much less how to implement it throughout their writings.

Second, God specifically warns us not to seek out fortune-tellers, or dabble in witchcraft, or try to set dates for Jesus return — No matter how hard scientists have tried, they simply can’t find out future happenings from the codes. You simply have to know what you’re looking for before you can find it.

Third, God obviously has a sense of humor — Probably the characteristic that I love the most about God — He is the author and designer of laughter, and the codes feel a little like God gently showing us that we aren’t as smart as we’d like to think we are. When scientists rushed to disprove this code, I had to chuckle a little at the somewhat desperate feel of their criticisms. If you truly don’t believe there is a God, why freak out about something like this?  Atheists always rush to point out that science proves there is no God, and if this code proved true, that would blow a really, really big hole in that theory. Not that I’m buying that science has proved no existence of God. Science proves to me the I am fearfully and wonderfully made...by God.

Fourth, God didn’t make it an important message until it was necessary — The question of whether or not God hid a message in the Bible is a “belly button” question. In my family, a “belly button” question is a question about God or the Bible that while interesting, the answer isn’t necessary. For instance, did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? They were never in a mother’s womb, so did they? The Bible leaves a lot of general questions out there that people ponder. But, they aren’t questions that matter one way or another to our salvation. I personally like running across “belly button” questions in life….But as mankind builds its metaphorical tower of Babel with science and technology, I don’t worry….Mankind is never going to out-smart God.

The creation will never be greater than the Creator.

I like to think God chuckles a little when people freak out about the codes…and it is just one more reminder to me that God is capable of anything!


— Bird

12 responses to “What The Bible Code Means To Me”

  1. I don’t know about this one? Yes, He is capable of anything, but people seem to want to put words in His mouth that aren’t there so they can tell the future so they won’t have to trust Him.


    • I see what you’re saying. But by that logic, one could say the Bible isn’t true either, because they do that same thing with His Words everyday. Satan pulls that same trick on Jesus in the desert…


  2. Thanks for the post. I just brought this subject up in our Bible study last night, although I had not thought of it in a while. Like you, I read the book with fascination and studied the subject several years ago. There is no doubt there is a Master hand at work.

    I like your quote, “No matter how hard scientists have tried, they simply can’t find out future happenings from the codes. You simply have to know what you’re looking for before you can find it.”


    • lol..I hadn’t thought of it in years either. But, I recently remembered my brother, who is a pastor now, shooting off a quip at our mom about me, saying “I don’t care what Cathie believes…I mean, she believes in Bible codes…” I don’t say that to rub my brother’s face in anything — we were both in our early twenties and thought we each knew everything…lol. I only wrote this to say that Belly Button questions, and what we choose to believe the answers are, should never be the basis for how we feel others are doing in their walk with God. If me believing Bible Codes are true, makes people discount my salvation, then there are some pretty big problems here. I don’t care what people think about aliens, bible codes, or Big Foot. None of that means anything to each of our salvation. 😉


  3. This is another good subject that passes most people by, at least in my experience.

    Now, the salvation issue is clear: Our Lord Jesus died in our place to pay the penalty for our sins. We must dedicate our lives to Him and obey His teachings so He can truly be our Lord.

    Yet, even though Christians in general often have beliefs that contradict each other, it seems anything and everything we believe is somehow made a salvation issue. This attitude is not Biblical, it is not from God, and yet, it remains pervasive.

    Believe it or not, I brought this subject up last week. I was teaching on a related subject and introduced the six days of Creation in Genesis. I said for the longest time, most Christians insisted on 24 hour days of Creation simply because the translation of the Hebrew word “yom” was “day.” But “yom” can also be translated as an era, or long period of time.

    The point is that those Christians who believe in 24 hour days of Creation often make it a salvation issue, and that if one does not believe it then one is going to hell. I challenged everyone to find a Scripture to back up such a belief. No one could think of anything.

    Have you noticed the more the Holy Spirit guides us into truth the more some people grow uncomfortable with the truth we are shown?


  4. I totally agree with you. How long it took God to create the earth in our terms of understanding time, is a really good example of a good question that the answer shouldn’t matter at all. But sometimes I think people forget that satan has been at his job for a really, really long time, and he is very talented at steering our attention away from the things that really matter to the things that we want to be right about. Do I have a definitive answer with proof from God about bible codes? No. Does my salvation and faith in God depend on the answer? No. It is an interesting question…But too often Christians get derailed off-topic because they lose focus on what is necessary and focus on what isn’t necessary.

    I have noticed that the more mature I grow in Jesus spiritually, the less I seem to know about Him. He is a Great Mystery, and yet His Plan was so simple. It creates in me a kind of reverence and awe for Him, while making me feel smaller, less able to stomach my own pride.

    There are things in the bible that I can’t say I loved, or even understood why God would do or say what He did. But my faith in Him makes me believe that He knew better what was going on than me. I don’t have to know all the answers…

    Bible Codes….the bane of the Christian community in the 90’s….I just have to laugh!


    • I’m not quite sure what you mean..would you mind expanding on that? I agree with your statement, but I’m kind of confused about how it relates to the Bible Codes. Thanks!


  5. You know what the awsome thing is. We don’t need to know the hidden code to understand the greatest message in the Bible. John 15:15 states that we are called as friends, and as friends of Christ he shares knowledge with us. There is no secrete “Gnosis” only the revealed truth of Jesus Christ. Which is far better than the code or any hidden messages. (That is not to say it does not exist).

    I am going to try an experiement when I get the chance to see if the same codes will work in my Neslte Alland Greek NT. I bet it wont.

    I like your conclusions, nevertheless. God is indeed capable.


    • I agree. If you get the chance, study how the Jewish clerics were instructed to write the Torah, and the rules they had to follow. It makes a good argument for the legitimacy of Bible codes. But, I agree. It simply isn’t important!


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