Scumbag Brain

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered, how the hell did this happen? The many twists and turns we make are all driven by our choices, which are the results of choices we made before that developed into a way of thinking. Out brains, though amazing, are truly the d-bags of all organs.

Case in point, a creature of habit, such as myself or my father, will ALWAYS put our keys in the same spot

The brain
The brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

every day. But as with all things, sometimes that won’t happen. We had to have put them down somewhere, right? We remember everything that led up to entering the house with them in our hand… but after that, nothing. So we search all over the place, even places that for not earthly reason they should be. We search and search and search, then finally we run across them in drawer or in the bathroom. Suddenly, our brain remembers putting them there. No. It couldn’t tell you. What your brain was telling you was that you ALWAYS put your keys in the same place.Then it makes you feel like a moron for the next few minutes.

Our brains are designed to multitask. But when we need to focus we have ADD. And when we don’t need to focus we focus on how bored we are. It is the only organ that can simultaneously make you want to do something and then give you a list of reasons why couldn’t, shouldn’t, or won’t. And then, if you don’t do whatever it was you wanted to do, it will go on to make you feel all manner of emotions that make no sense to feel… like guilt. I shouldn’t feel bad for not filling up my car on the trip back. I can always do it tomorrow morning. I know I have enough gas to get there, so why do I feel like a schmuck?

I could go on with this forever, but honestly, there is not enough time in the day. I’ll just leave this little gem here for you. It’s something worth thinking about.


7 responses to “Scumbag Brain”

  1. Two posts within 24 hours! I love that. When I open up our site, and I see something I didn’t write, I feel like it’s Christmas again.

    I love you so much, Bug. And give your poor brain a break…Considering everything you put it through, it’s keeping up with you pretty well. 😉

    — Mom


  2. Here’s your prayer Bird…

    Padre Bueno, Te pido por Bird. Por su vida. Por tu bendición sobre ella. Por tu protección. Por tu consuelo y misericordia. Llenarla con tu luz y tu paz. Que obra tu Espíritu en su corazón. Hágase tu voluntad en la vida de Bird. En el nombre de tu amadísimo Hijo, Jesucristo. Amen.

    Grace to you,


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