Here We Go Again —

Lately, I’ve noticed that just when everything seems to being going well, and I start to relax, boom! I find myself in yet another storm.

I’ve had a rough night. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say, satan knows just who to use to really score a hit on me. And he was mightily successful last night.

As I was sitting this morning, drinking my coffee, I started thinking about Job. I know all the traditional sermons

I know this picture isn’t exactly relevant to my post, but that is downtown Tulsa in the distance….And I wrote this post in Tulsa. I didn’t have any pictures of hills and valleys…

that one hears when lessons from Job are being taught, but when I finally am in heaven, I want to ask Job some different questions. For instance, even though God gave Job more children, did he feel re-payed? How about his wife? Did his wife feel resentment because she lost her children too? Or to Abigail, Bathsheba, or Michel, I would ask how they dealt with the feelings of rejection that had to come from having to share their husband. What about mid-life crisises? Did that particular phenomenon exist back then? Did Abraham get moody and distant?  I find it comforting sometimes to look at the men and the women in the bible that had real problems, real complaints, real pain. It puts my smaller problems in perspective. (No, I didn’t catch my husband cheating or anything…I don’t want to give the impression that it was that big a hurdle!)

I look back over my life, and it seems that as soon as I climb out of one valley of problems, I head down into another one. I guess that makes sense, though. I’ve walked across some hilly fields in Colorado as a child. Going up the hills, or in some cases, mountains, always took a lot longer and took much more effort than when I was heading down into the valleys. And the valleys disappeared quickly as I headed up the next hill. I guess I life is just like that.

I know that God’s got my back through this one, too. Say a little prayer for me today, if you will! I’m heading on down into another valley….

— Cathie


9 responses to “Here We Go Again —”

  1. My Friend, as we all go through valleys and climb mountains do we not reach the top stronger, look back and realize that we’ve learned something amazing about ourselves, our awesome God, and rejoice in our victories? Yes, Yes we do! As you said, life is mountains and valleys, something that just is. The lesson here is how do we choose to move forward and reach the top, do we drag our feet, sit in a pity party and let Satan win? NO! We look to Jesus, we depend on him, he is in control of the situation, he knows what our future holds and if we hang tight to him then it is comforting to know that we WILL again reach the top! ;o) I Love You Girl and you most certainly have my prayers!


  2. Stand tall. Stand tough. Remember Jesus is your Shield and Protector. You are on the WINNING TEAM!! Love and prayers of support coming your way.


  3. I think we can all relate to those hills and valleys. Sometimes you can see things coming but it doesn’t seem all that threatening. Seeming minor events can trigger a cascading effect and can turn into a major situation if you are not ready for it. I had one of those night last night and it carried over into today. Things are better now. But it is very difficult sometimes to stay to course until you’re over the next hill. My prayers are with you Bird.


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